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My 6 year old daughter is the same way! ... She would choose her brother's dinos over Barbies any day of the week, and does! *lol* Sometimes my youngest daughter will talk her into playing dolls, but usually she plays with her brothers instead.

She is too cute! I just know she will grow up to be an award winning physicist or biologist or something.

Either that or a Cryptozoologist.

My 3-yo dd is the same! She loves dinosaurs and big scary animals that roar. She insisted on buying the boys' dinosaur pajamas instead of the girls' frilly pajamas. I love it!

I think I would freak out if I woke up in the middle of the night and saw something like that on my bedside table. Your three-year-old is clearly more brave than I.

Ooooh! I love her!!
Go girl!!

Oh, you just got to love her! My daughter was exactly the same. She never asked for a doll, couldn't be bothered with Barbie. Whenever we visited a toy store she went straight to the boy's section, for the dinosaurs. One day in class, the teacher asked all the little ones if they had a wish: the little girls wished for stuff like a birdie in a cage, to be a dolphin, little rabbits, to be a fairy, to go on holiday for years etc. When it came to my little darling this is what she wished for "that I had horns that never can fall off" !!! Today she is 14, and a ballerina who believes that she is actually a horse.

She is cute! My boys like things like that and so do my daugter (2year-old). She often play with dinos or robots.
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Oh my word - how cute! She's like Ross from Friends :)

How cute...I love that she isn't a girly girl.

I think in this picture she has your eyes. :)

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