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Stafe safe my friend! (What a terrible week for storms - you, the Caribbean... thank goodness we're in the dry season here - all we've got is dust dust dust!)

PS Back in Israel again now, will check with some friends re IF connections.

I'll be thinking of you!

Hope your hatches are all battened now.

Hurricane Gustav is heading to New Orleans in a couple days, and the city is evacuating this weekend. I think I heard that Gustav was dropping 25 inches of rain on Jamaica the other day, which would be about 64 cm. Can you imagine?

By the way, it's a beautiful, sunny, late-summer day in Chicago!

Stay safe!

We are nearish the corner of Devil's Peak here - our neighbour's wall blew down last night. It sounded like a hurricane out there... complete with eerie silence, no wind and no rain as the 'eye' passed at about 3am.

Weather around the world this year is so crazy. We live about an hours north east of Las Vegas and we have been having crazy flash flooding and winds. Very crazy. Anyhow, I hope the storms pass through without taking any lives.

You call that a storm!!???? That's a regular weekend in NZ at the moment. We've had terrible storms this year - massive road slips closing the main highways North and South, houses washed into the sea, lives lost and stock dead in the hundreds. We are absolutely fed up with it.

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