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You know, the jail thing is a pretty good idea! I wish they would find out the cause. That is what is killing me.
Thank you for making us think about autistic kids all over the world-
mom to cale, age 4, classic autism.

Hi Tertia - can't believe you posted this without mailing me first. You know I have Asperger's. Please read my blog post before you promote this martyr/heroship of a man who knows absolutely nothing about autism and needs an excuse to institutionalise his common law wive's child so that he doesn't have to deal with her.


Not sure if I mis-understood the message, but I read it as that is how someone with autism may feel, frustrtated at the chaos going on around them, not that they are "trapped" or cut off from society.

Hi Tertia
Thanks for writing this so beautifully. You have painted a very vivid picture of the situation in SA, and what families go through. It adds to raising the awareness, which is what this whole campaign is also about.

Mom to Cale - shew, it's so hard. I have 2 friends whose children have autism, and my foster-son has asperger's. Have you investigated the possibility of having a urine test done to check Cale's heavy metals? I know of some people who have found high levels, and are treating that, and the child seems calmer and more focused.

Adi - you seem so angry. Gerhard has decided to raise awareness and funds - based on his own experience. He lives with a child with autism, so I am not sure how you can say he knows nothing about autism. The nature of his relationship with his partner is surely irrelevant? I think he is awesomely brave to have done this, and I think we should all grant each other a place in the sun.

Oh for god's sake, another aspie functional enough to have a blog who can't stand to see parents advocating for their truly disabled children.

Tertia, great post.

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