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Sweet. I love (sometimes) the way kids just want to touch you. They don't need much else, just the feel of your warmth. :)

Oh my goodness, that is just adorable! My mom has a little dog (a 9 pound toy poodle) that likes to sit in her lap when she works from home. I have to imagine it would be distracting, but not nearly so much as two children!

:) Becky

That looks so familiar! Good thing we women can multi-task otherwise we'd never get anything done!

Love the pic! Just wait. There will be a time that they don't want to be near you anymore and you'll beg for a snuggle. My eight year old daughter is always too busy to be around the 'ol mom anymore. Last night we did have a good snuggle with a movie just the two of us. It was nice.

Oh my gosh how sweet. Now, before some "why-aren't-they-wearing-helmets" wacko says something about why your work is more important that paying attention to your children (or "why-is-your-son-still-using-a-paci" or "why-is-your-daughter-barefoot-in-public" wacko) let ME say this is the most adorable picture. I love how my kids will squeeze themselves into the tiniest spot possible just to be near me or their dad. The time goes by so fast.

And I am very appreciative lately of the moms who put themselves "out there" on their blogs. Life in our house is hard right now, and the time I spend checking in with other moms who are just doing their thing make me feel like I'm doing okay too.

Wow. That was kind of sappy. Is 12:45 too early for a glass of wine?

hahahaha... I worked from home for years and I know exactly how that goes. Little buggers! But isn't it nice to have them right there and still get to work? For a little while, anyhow.

Ahh, that is so cute!

Priceless. :)

Oh poor Kate! She looks so sad! I hope she's feeling better soon. Hang in there, Mama.

Aw, I NEVER comment, just lurk, but I have to say that this is the sweetest photo ever. I know it's exhausting right now, but your kiddos are so lucky to have you for a mom.

I love that pic! I work from home full time and spend the majority of my time in coffee shops. When I tell people I "work" at a coffee shop many times they think I am a waitress there and I have to explain no I get free wifi, coffee and quiet!

Good luck multitasking! Hope Kate feels better soon.

That is adorable. My two-year-old insists on jumping up onto my lap and banging on the keyboard of my Macbook. Oh the pain.

Oh that's sweet!

Priceless:) I must comment that I’m glad to see Adam has his 'binky'. My son and A&K are real close in ages, like weeks I believe. I swear our son will be 8 and still have it. He only gets it at night and my endless attempts to stop it have been horribly unsuccessful. No binky= no nap for sure!
I am glad to see you are all on the mend and i hope Kate gets back to normal real soon. You've all/YOU been thru the mill.

LOL, I'd like to know how much work you actually got done!

So sweet. Adam looks so content just to BE with you,holding his truck. And Kate, all snuggled into a nook...


cutest. ticks. ever.

You wanted kids. Now you have them!

ahhhhhh so sweet the way they are both snuggled into you.

Same in our house!

Precious moments! Poor Kate.E.E really does look down. I am so glad she can be on your lap, becuase that really is the only place that will make her feel better.

:-) Well done you! That cannot be easy.

I love this photo. It epitomises everything I love about you T.

You're a mommy first and a worker after, and sometimes you have to mix the two. That's okay

And if ANY whacko cans you for A having a binkie, K being barefoot and/or you HEAVEN FORBID EXPOSING YOUR CHILDREN TO GAMMA RAYS FROM YOUR LAPTOP or any such crap, just know that your friends on the other side of that computer... think you're bloody marvellous.


I'll second Cath! Hear! Hear!

Poor Kate looks a mite peaky.

ha ha - at cath's comment! I didn't spot the crystals on either side of your laptop to counter -act those gamma rays!! where are they??? ha ha
gamma schmamma ...
now - what I did notice was some -one (hint: it's a
woman) multi tasking!! Do you think Marko (or any man) could do that...

I'm a long time lurker who likes kids but doesn't want any of my own, but I swear, when I saw that photo, my heart grew 2 sizes. Oh, the warm fuzzies. :) I hope that when you look at that picture, you see how blessed you are, and never see a negative bit at all.

That is precious!! What a good mommy you are.

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