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Wow, I miss reading for a week and you find a new and improved troll. How clever. I am glad that you did not take this loon to heart. It is unfortunately the vocal radicals of the world that get the attention. My IVF-baby-toting Christian heart is with you.

She makes me ashamed to call myself a Christian.

That's the only sentence I could write that didn't involve the phrase "fucking cunt."

Ooops! Guess it slipped out anyway.

Love you, Tertia!

My favorite line from your new troll's new post has to be this: "As someone who will never consider killing my children, especially not in those kind of numbers..."

Another in a long string of lies - she is obviously a publicity whore and treasures every comment. Nevertheless her words hurt me, and don't tell me they shouldn't. They do. I can't wait until we get done even thinking about her, and I wish I'd never heard of her.

I also wish I had never heard of her...

Im still confused - Tertia what do you call Adam that is so awful??!!!

I read your blog all the time, but comment very rarely, but this one has me so steaming mad. As a lesbian who required IVF to get pregnant and as the now mom to two-year-old twins, people like your "friend" here just make so angry. It's not her opinion that has me pissed off, it's the fact that she makes no room for differences of opinion and has no respect for anyone at all. I know people who don't think I should be allowed to marry my partner or have children, but they have open enough minds to have an intelligent discussion. This is just drivel - regurgitated old drivel - and it scares me that people like her exists.

Gosh, she must be a regular reader of your blog - so am I - but even I can't make sense of this "horribly inappropriate term" that you calleth your three-year old? Was it "you silly banana you"?? whaahahahaha (LOL!)
In any caseth aftereth two glasseth of wineth every she writeths sheems really funnieth.
I would've likethed to telleth her just to fucketh offeth.
Just on behalf of all of us ivf monstrelites.

Ugh, I'm so OVER her. She is obviously delighted by getting lots of "clicks" by insulting you.

I'll just repeat what I said earlier, if you want to flag her blog as offensive then:
"click the flag icon in the Blogger navigation bar to note the content."

Ugh. So glad you have good "happy clapppers" in your life.
:) Becky

I was one of the hordes of vulgar monsters who wrote the Zsu Animal to point out the hypocrisy of being a judgmental Christian. She tries to flip that back with a "Ah, but it is YOU who are judging ME" line. Yeah, so? I'm an atheist. The "judge not lest ye blah blah" line doesn't apply to me. I'm no hypocrite, and yes, I sure do judge the ill-informed loudmouth type. In an unhypocritical fashion.

Maybe the bad word for Adam was PITA? Maybe Zsu is also biased against delicious pocket bread.

Firstly I was so upset for your sake and for every IVF mom and actaully for every African woman, but I am over it now, she clearly has no clue what she is talking about. She is just plain sad !!! I actaully had a good laugh about it.

Again those poor poor kids !!!

LOL why is Kate Fifi now ?

It seems to me that in some perverse way Tertia is cherishing the whole contrived controversy.

A previous reader noted on the "mob mentality" factor. Tertia is a master of exploiting this paricular factor.

Clearly, this latest incident is hard to justify. The woman in question is obviously far detached from reality in an unpleasant manner. She is aggressive and non-responsive.

However, Tertia's reaction is not any nobler than hers. Tertia resorts to the same infantile name-calling while avoiding a principled debate. I'm not sure that such a debate is even possible given the specific disparity of opinions and life styles, but Tertia's response is equally primitive and unattractive. It reinforces my opinion of Tertia as a mediocre and rather shallow writer who fails to see beyond the immediately obvious and is unable to instigate a debate which would not use the "fucking cunt" argument. I am invariably surprised to see her blog listed under Julie's and Julia's blogrolls. I may be missing something.

Oh Marta, how I have missed you so, my favourite little blog troll. Where have you been! Its been ages.

Seriously though Marta, why are you STILL reading my blog? You've told me so many times, in so many different ways for at least the past three years that you hate me and that I can't write at all blah blah, and yet you keep coming back for more. You are a persistent little bugger, aren't you.

But I must give credit where it is due, you are nothing if not consistent in your distaste for me. Such dedication to the cause is admirable.

I've considered banning you from this blog, but you do have a certain entertainment value, so I think I will keep you around for a bit longer.

Love you, mean it! Smooches xx

PS For the record, I have never used the C word. I don't like that word at all, so I think perhaps you have me confused with someone else? I'm a little hurt Marta, I thought you knew me better than that. I'm the 'asshole' girl, not the C word girl. Focus, Marta, focus!

Tertia, you are hilarious, Zsusuzzuuu (can't even spell it, what kind of name is that???) and Marta haven't a snowball's chance.
I just popped back to say that you will probably have a further honour as the subject of this Sunday's sermon, lucky you! Would love to be a fly on the wall ...

Oh my - first Zsusie's at it again, and now I see Marta's back? Are you sure it isn't Friday yet?

Who cleans up that long trail of blood that you leave in your wake? I bet it drives Marko NUTS!

This is the type of woman who raises serial killers. Ack!!!

"Its been ages."

It has been ages, indeed and your usage of apostrophes has not improved.

Here's my salute to your unwavering commitment to publicly humiliate the dissenters.


"Tertia is a master of exploiting this paricular factor."
Tsk tsk Marta - You call T on her usage of apostrophes, but my dear - your spelling SUCKS. Now go play on the highway, preferably in the fast lane! Shooooooo...... :-)

What? Christopher Reeve? Mouse cells combined with human embryos? Who is this wack job?

Also, I'm going to hell, apparently. I wonder if my IVF-concieved son will go with me?

Hi Tertia, good that you aren't letting the bitches down!

Marta - Seriously - why are you still here??? Go away already. If Tertia is so shallow and mediocre why do you waste your time reading... surely you must have a life or something to do ( or maybe not). Or go read Zuuushu whatever her name is, she may be more your taste.

Hope that your little one is better soon. Are they removing her adenoids on Monday? my son had that done 2 years ago and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.


"I am so glad that all these babies died so she could leave her 2 living children in the care of a nanny all day and call them terms I would never even call this woman herself."

Um...what? She blasts you for your supposed "murder" of all these babies and then she sez she's "glad" about it?

I just keep thinkin'....as a follower of the big J.C. myself...how on earth do I love this woman? The answer that comes to me is that basically I love her from a distance...a loooooong distance.

um... where are all the negative comments on those two posts? i see 5 on the initial post and only 4 on her response. those 9 total posts don't seem mean, nasty or negative. i'm confused by her close-mindedness.

Good thing she realises we really enjoy killing those babies huh? And here I was concerned that there may be a world-wise misconception (heh) that it was ... you know ... *difficult*.

One is given to wonder however, what sort of mother cannot understand the depth of love amongst other things we feel to go through what we do to have our children. Would she not do anything she had to for her children? Apparently not.

She stands for everything that made me walk away from organised religion.

Marta, is this performance art? Come on, you can tell me.

"However, Tertia's reaction is not any nobler than hers. Tertia resorts to the same infantile name-calling while avoiding a principled debate. I'm not sure that such a debate is even possible given the specific disparity of opinions and life styles, but Tertia's response is equally primitive and unattractive. It reinforces my opinion of Tertia as a mediocre and rather shallow writer who fails to see beyond the immediately obvious and is unable to instigate a debate which would not use the "fucking cunt" argument."

You're bagging on her for name calling, while calling her mediocre and shallow and infantile and primitive aaaaaaaaand unattractive?

Also, knocking her for having commenters who say "fucking cunt"? What if she deleted comments who used language she didn't agree with? Would you, in that case, call her a truly noble creature, or would you instead claim that she was censoring her commenters, OMG, such hypocrisy!?!

I've always been intrigued by the theory that, when insulted, one should immediately flop down like a big fucking doormat and yet simultaneously pretend to be above it all. Fuck that. I'd much rather laugh and say "Christ, what an asshole."

Tertia, I'm glad you took what I said yesterday to heart and that you've discovered -- for yourself -- the seriously misguided stuff they're putting up out there.

I, too, am glad she won't consider killing her children in THOSE kind (sic) of numbers. What kinds of numbers will she consider killing them in? Just cause I am curious, you know.
But nah, I am also totally over her. Hope that someone will leave her kids a lot of money, though-- they will need that for therapy bills one day.

Just a thought but maybe a way to elevate this conversation would be to hear from some of the more reasonable readers of this blog on why they did or did not do IVF, whether they struggled at all with the decision, why they did or did not chose to adopt. Personally, I do not have a problem with IVF but I always like a good debate!

Poor wee Kate. Really thinking about her - she must feel totally miserable.

As for Nutjob Central - obviously as no idea of basic biology, those women lucky enough to be 'normal' only have a 20% chance of conception with an egg every month. Does she really think every egg leads to an embryo? Mental. Obviously too busy shagging the brains out of her husband to get more kids....

Now she has a post up asking someone to point out when, exactly, she said that Africa was "country". And gee, I'm not really a dumbass. I did study geography in Europe. See what homeschool will get you...

So, I responded:

Ummm, not sure where you said that but I will find it and be right back.

You do, however, have Alaska listed as a "country" when it is, in fact, a state. Did you study American geography whilst at homeschool in Europe?

We'll see if I'm one of the lucky few to make it through to her comments.

OK, the lady is a loony, but her husband is so far out there that he is just plain hilarious. That peeing standing up thing??? Pure comedy.

wow...I can not believe how much of a wretched bitch that woman is!

I really want to know what you called your kid(s) now. I'm very confused o.o

yikes! She scares me.

hi tee
thanks for having the discretion to not lump that blogger in with the rest of Christians. Christ gave us a new commandment ... Love one another.. why some Christians insist on focusing on old testament hatred causes so much hurt and confusion.

much love. i've been through the whole grommet experience..send me an email if you want to chat more about it. buy lots of ice cream and jello puddings. xox

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I was reading the Faithful Baptist.. and the bit about male ob/gyns and it being a sin.. it had both myself and my daughter's father(Scott) falling off our chairs in laughter.

Scott in a non practising Baptist. He found alot of fault in what was said.. Adam and Eve were naked and it was completely acceptable, until they ate the apple, then they became shamed.

Perhaps both of them need to actually read the bible as a story rather than lecture - it is a story. Just in old english.

As for peeing standing up sending Scott straight to hell, he wants to know when we leave? ;-)

T - between Marta and Zoopylou, you deserve two glasses of wine tonight.

Scott IS a non practising Baptist - damnit, Mozilla has auto spell check but not auto grammar.

Zsuasana - You are the saviour of the African Continent. You have single-handedly come up with the solution to starvation, poverty and AIDS. Of course the reason that millions of people are starving in Africa is because they are spending all their money on IVF instead of feeding their families. Why has nobody thought of this before?? And of course they would have no families to feed if they would just stop living like animals and give up having sex with anything that moves, hence no more AIDS. What a genius you are..........have you thought about contacting Bob Geldolf and Bono with your revolutionary ideas?? Perhaps you should have been a guest speaker at the G8 meeting.
Call yourself a Christian...............you make me sick

Out of curiosity - do you know about how often she is checking your blog? You are so evil afterall - she has to keep checking back. What a freak...and that's being gentle!

*Sigh* See what can happen when people aren't educated? What is most sad to me is that these freaks have the right to vote.

Also, I love it when people are against stem-cell research, but you KNOW they would accept medical treatment that derived from the advances made by that same research.

My favorite hypocrisy is that these so called "Pro-Lifers" are always Pro-War. Seems that they only care about what happens before one is born.

First of all, sorry to hear about Kate's tonsil troubles and good luck with the surgery on Monday! Second of all I pretty much wanted to vomit when I read what that woman wrote on her blog. She only has time to read half a paragraph of her comments because she has four kids? If she is SO terribly busy, how does she find all that free time to spend condemning others?

Her husband has a sermon on youtube that is ACTUALLY called "Why Billy Graham is Going to Hell."

I am adding this family to my prayer list (for real!). I feel sorry for them, they've somehow missed the boat on the Greatest Commandment.

Okay, so I already felt sorry for this woman because she is so confused and angry. But now I see that she's married to a guy who can do a full-on rant about his right to PISS! ON! A! WALL! (AND he gets to say the word piss WHENEVER he wants to, or is it only pisseth?) There really are no words. Watch out, Germany! He's headed your way! Don't you even think about trying to limit his wall-pissing!

My hat. I just watched that youtube link about men who "pisseth" standing up, will be destroyed. God himself said it, peeps. Don't shoot the messenger.

And now I have a horrid image in my mind, of which I won't discribe for fear of spreading such an ickness image into your mind. Suffice to say it involves a bad hairdo, a pastor and a toilet seat that never goes up. Oops... my bad.

Aaah, MaggieO - I clearly need lessons on how to stay focused when trite is being preached. I did misunderstand him - thought it was the other way round that banished men to hell.

Poor sick woman. Just the way she continues to boast with her four children is most un-Christian as she knows that IFs will read it. Very unkind.

This woman thrives on the attention we all give her. I guess we should stop now, she's getting a real kick out of it.

Somehow, it still surprises me that there are those sorts of people. Poor thing, to be so hate-filled and spiteful.

So, I refrained from posting any comments yesterday because the language I wanted to use was not fit to be heard by even the most hardened sailors...
T, you are the most G&D lady, you are an insperation to so many.
I think I figured out what you called Adam that had that woman in such a knot... "little shit", its the only thing I can think of...

As my final comment on this subject (not your blog Tertia) - I wrote a letter to her husband (I put a copy on your blog yesterday) and below is the email I received this morning back from him:

"My wife is right, and you are wrong, and you are also a murderer.

Here's a sermon I preached about IVF 2 years ago:



Pastor Steven L Anderson
Faithful Word Baptist Church

For Zsusie, who is still reading I am sure:

‘doctors in Africa’ ….’Yet their per-capita rate of STDs is the highest in the country.’

This is inferring you are discussing a country called Africa, as you had not yet qualified a country at all.

(Sorry T, I cannot comment there, as she has only bloggers and some form of aliens allowed to comment).

I am not a chritian, having read this woman's posts, i wonder why i ever want to be one if she and her husband are such examples?

1. That sucks about Kate's ears/nose/throat thing. That sounds truely dreadful. Best of luck for Monday.

2. What is up with the FiFi thing?

And lastly. Nothing for the looney - she is not worth it.


WOW! What planet is she from? After having done 2 IVF's I think I know a little something about the procedure - when do you chuck out any viable embryos? If she actually did some proper research into the procedure she would soon realise that it is ILLEGAL to dispose of any viable embryos, they are either used again in subsequent FET cycles or donated???

Besides why is she raising so many kids - to become clowns in a circus maybe? 5 kids? and her poor sod of a husband has to work 2 jobs whilst she sits at home on Dr Google searching for ammo on IVF?? What a sad, sad life!

And the funniest part - her blog says "The kids and I spend our days learning, working, playing, and putting out all kinds of fires." Yes Fires their sad loud-mouth, obnoxious mom creates.

Tertia - I really hope none of this has upset you, I was so incredibly upset when I read this that I couldnt even post. You are certainly not a monster!

Whats that saying - walk a day in my shoes and then make a judgement - shes so against IVF but she doesnt even understand it and with 5 kids she doesnt need to either.

I feel sad for both of them... her and her husband because they clearly don't know the Christ I do. I am not sarcastic here, I mean this.
I do seriously doubt her salvation and I know for a fact she isn't spirit filled. When the holy spirit presides in you, vicious hate and slander cannot live there too. I feel mostly sorry for Jesus Himself who I know would be deeply saddened that someone would attack someone else as His ambassador. In James it talks about how we cannot use our mouths to curse people and then bless at the same time. I don't agree it is up to us to judge, not me judge her or having her judge my sister and other infertile who long for children and do IVF to get them. So what do I pray here... that God would forgive her and open her eyes. I pray for her salvation.. that she would know the real Christ, for conviction for her actions and the damage she is doing to the body of Christ. I also pray God would give her a taste of the sorrow and longing and desperation that women who cannot get pregnant and have their babies feel. For other people out there, know that she isn't a true representative of Christianity at all and real Christians out there are not like that at all. Love in Him my friends, happy clapping Mel

Wow, that women is sure is a self-righteous ignoramus!!
Yip- she is the reason that I find Christians the scariest
of all species. But she does have one redeeming quality
- she sure is entertaining ( in a wtf? kind of way)

So she thought she'd use guilt and the threat of hell to try and brainwash others into being subservient to her god like she is because she thinks she knows it all - because it is written in some book that this is the way to live your life - or burn in hell forever. so ultimately her actions are supposed to be loving because she is really trying to save all our souls - she really cares about us - I doubt it - more like selfishly trying to get herself into heaven, as if there is a number count regarding how many souls she has saved and this will determine how great god will reward her in heaven. Good luck with your fear filled life and I hope it is true for your sake otherwise what a hellish way to live this life.

O tertia! i cannot believe what was all said!!! i really hope that you are ok and have not been hurt by the untruthful and hurtful things said about you!!

You have been a inspiration to so many woman and helped so many people through this diffiuclt infertile journey!

I am glad you do not believe that all Chrisitians are like this woman/family!

O how i pray God will be with you and your family... and that He will not let even one person believe this womans untruthful statments!

I went to look at the "pastors" web. It's such a laugh!!! Think I must put it on my favorites list for when I'm feeling down!!!

Martha, you to. Having you here is like going to a WWF fight. Such fun. You are a blast!!!!

At a complete loss for words darling Tertia. Wonder how she feels about surragacy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh my Gosh T - I am laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face. This Zsusie woman in a whack-job. I don't even have the heart to be insulted, it is all so hilarious. Seriously, everybody hearts IVF don't they? Must get back to my cute little IVF produced bugger!

Another IVF monster

You go girl.

As always, you're such a good sport. And a laugh.

And a darling.

Cheers love!

Nothing more.

*Sigh* See what can happen when people aren't educated? What is most sad to me is that these freaks have the right to vote.

Also, I love it when people are against stem-cell research, but you KNOW they would accept medical treatment that derived from the advances made by that same research.

My favorite hypocrisy is that these so called "Pro-Lifers" are always Pro-War. Seems that they only care about what happens before one is born.

She made clear how she feels about surro moms. They are prostitutes who sell their bodies for money. Such a nice lady. NOT!

Tertia, I so rarely comment on your blog (although I do read it faithfully). I missed reading for a day or so, and I was just astonished at what I had missed!

I really cannot believe that people like this exist in this day and age. Zsusie is truly frightening to me.

Kudos to you for realizing what a loon she is.

Best wishes to Madam Fifi- she will feel so much better once the tonsils are out and the tubes are in (and I have been through both with my two kids and I promise that it is harder on the parents than the kids).

Aha.... So glad you're not upset by this! I on the other hand, am FUMING mad.

This woman has clearly lost the plot, and is completely, 100%, certifiably mad. My question is, how do these people find each other??????????? I mean what are the chances of a sanctimoneous prick and a self righteous bitch finding eachother, and Lord forbid procreating.

I wish a lived closer, so I could pisseth on their doorstep!

Well, as Christ said, "They will know you by the way you're a righteous asshole."
No, wait, that was actually, "They will know you by your love."
I wish our friend would use a different title than Christian - that, or get on board with His actual teachings.

Wow. Just wow. My jaw just about hit the floor when I read that nutjob's posts. She is about as far from Christ-like as you can possibly get. I guess she must have crossed out all those passages about love, humility and being non-judgmental from her Bible...which doesn't actually leave much, ya know? I am wavering between being angry, laughing at her, and (believe it or not) feeling a little sorry for her. She sounds like she has a lot of rage in her, not a pleasant way to live.

Maybe Marta and Suzuki can get together.....

I hope I don't get called a troll for this, but I think this woman has just as much right to bash you and the things that you have done as you have to bash her and her life choices. I certainly don't agree with her, but she has every right to post what she wishes to post. She didn't use your name or contact info or anything of the sort in her original post (as far as I saw), but you used hers. I think you've given the whole thing far more attention than it deserves.

Good luck with your daughter's surgery. This must be a big deal for a little girl. I hope they give her lots of ice cream afterwards. Best,

I think what amazes me the most - her husband has enough followers who contribute enough money to keep him and her and their 5 kids in a reasonably comfortable life.

that makes me very sad about the future of this country.

Tertia, I don't believe in pure evil (it's one of the cooler things about being an atheist) but I must say I came close to changing my mind when I read the venom spewed by this black-hearted goblin.

This quote, by JM Coetzee, springs to mind: 'Ugliness: what is it but the soul showing through the flesh?'

Good on you for turning the other bum cheek, Tertia - you can be assured that I fart in her general direction and so, judging from the comments, does everyone else. She should feel a warm wind in from Africa tonight.

I find this woman seriously frightening. Never in all my years of being a church-going person have I seen the like. If she disagrees with you, why not just tell you? It isn't like you don't read your comments. I can only assume that she did do it to draw publicity, and not to the issue she disagrees with but to herself. I disagree with many people online and I usually just tell them so, since most of them are mature adults and handle opposing ideas with reasonable aplomb.

BTW, any mother who doesn't at least think bad words about her children on occasion is an abberation. Has she never heard of sarcasm or venting??

Love how she just *has* to throw in the comment about children "cared for by a nanny all day"...

Fuck her.

Sounds to me that Marta is mainly jealous of you being "in" with the cool girls (M'Julie and Julia). Blogging is cheap therapy. Strangers will analyse your personality faults for free. Good value if you can handle it.

Christians (some not all) have their flavour of the month issues and looks like IVF is one. In my day it was "Dungeons and Dragons", backmasking (evil messages when you played a record backwards), in my father's day is was dance halls, playing cards, necking. The victorians found table legs a temptation/turn on.

Oh the entertainment of it all. Really...Marta? Gaan nou huis toe kind. Buite.

I am very sorry someone was so cruel to you. I don't check in on you that often but I used to be a regular years ago when I worked at home and you were on bedrest with the twins. No one who has read what you and Marko went through has any right to judge you, I think your blog is a triumph of your spirit.

Ive never understood this IVF=killing baies mentality. Don't your ovaries mature multiple ovum each month in order to select the best one (or two) to release? How is this any different?

What a crackpot.

And I thought I had called dibs on the c word.

I stumbled across your blog awhile back, linking to it from a stillbirth blog...I have no fertility problems, just problems making babies that are born alive. That said, I think you are wonderful. People like her are ridiculous, and it's great that you linked to her from your site, 'cause people like her need to be called out...then cast out too if I had my way.
I don't think God, in his infinite wisdom would condemn any of us what we do for our children. He would not condemn IVF, single parents, gay parents,interacial parents, anyone else who would love a child unconditionally, or those that would try so hard to become parents. In fact, I wonder if she would love hers unconditionally if they were to announce that they were any of the above....poor kids. I also wonder what she would have done could she not have have bred with a poodle's regularity. Oh well.
The dialogue you opened up is great and valuable, and the "petty posters/repliers" give us all a good laugh. Keep it up, and by the way, you are soooo silly...comments aren't turned off on her blog...she just has to approve them.

I agree with Becky, flag zsssssssu as objectionable content in blogger.

Funny, I thought Christians weren't supposed to be judgmental. At least that's what they've always taught me at church!

I'm sad for her. It's a terrible thing for a pastor's wife -- a supposedly Godly woman -- to be so hate-filled inside that she's lowered herself to slamming strangers over the internet. I strongly suggest she spend more time reading the sections of her Bible that talk about love, compassion and how one ought to treat their neighbors instead of wasting so much time in witch-hunting and hate-mongering.

Sorry you had to deal with someone else's Crazee.

(And, uh, hi. I've been lurking for quite some time but am shy/bad at this whole commenting thing. I could NOT keep my mouth shut on this one though!)

Your "friend" Z-whatever continues her vendetta with a post about selective reduction. I found it entertaining that she either accidentally or intentionally called you "Tortua".

Shocking! All of it. This gives Christianity such a bad image. And ammunition for all the non-believers. Shocking and sad.

I feel so sorry for her kids. To be raised by someone so judgmental and harsh is a hideous fate. She is training them to hate themselves and other people when they get it 'wrong' in the sight of someone who is, after all, only human. How are they ever going to tell her if they break one of "God's" (aka her) laws??? Poor little buggers. That makes for a sad, lonely and very isolated life.

If you really believe God is the judge, why get your knickers in a twist trying to judge others? Surely thats not a job for any human? With that much hatred going on, that woman's lier and kidneys are gonna ROT.

I don't get why people who are so disturbed by you KEEP reading your blog? Although, I remember reading somewhere that criticism is really a sign of poor self-esteem, in that we use it to deflect our own self dislike by pointing out the multitudinous flaws of others. Perhaps they make themselves feel better by comparing themselves against you as the ultimate sinner. Or, maybe she is so harsh on you because she feels so flawed herself and can't face it. Sad.

I LOOOOVE the hilarious responses of your regular readers - those women rock the party.

Hope the teeny weeny ears feel better soon - that stuff sucks. Your beasties are lucky to be so well loved. Thanks again for sharing yourself with us.


P.S. that was meant to be LIVER not LIER . . .

I read a research paper the other day about the differences between the way males and females display competitiveness . . . (this is schoolkids BTW), boys just bash and grab and openly fight for the object or prize, girls create alliances and criticise the person/s they are jealous of or in competition with, focusing on areas of difference - trying to get more girls on 'their' side than on the 'other' person's side.
Marta and the Z troll are just actin' like jealous schoolgirls is all; no different from those name calling girls we all remember from our own schooldays.
I wonder if that's how they see their God acting? Or is He/She bigger than that?

what will she do down the track if one of her then adult children need help in conceiving??

She is absolutely ludicrous. That is all I have to say on the matter!

Hope darling Kate is recovering well.


I might be a bit late.. haven't read for a couple of days... but I'm going to say this:

Unfortunately you get "Christians" like this Z?? woman who thinks that they are God. Very sad cases. I am a believer & cannot condone what this woman has said about the whole matter. At first I wanted to blast her with a couple of very apt Afrikaans swearwords ( I'm FAR from perfect! ) but then I thought that maybe we should just leave these poor & very ignorant little people to carry on living in their bubble like worlds. Like some of you have said... they are craving the attention & we do not want to sink to their level. Tertia, 5 is too mature for her, try snail poop at the bottom of the ocean! Sounds better in Afrikaans...

Anyway.. hope all went well with Kate's op!!! Poor baby, not nice being sick.

wow, this is all so entertaining!! :) almost better than reality tv!!

I've never been baptized, I've taken communion and I am not Catholic (it didn't burn my tongue), I earned my first Bible when I was 7 from memorizing Bible versus, I rode in a car without doors to my Sunday School (it was the 70s in Alaska) because God's hands held me in, I married in the Catholic Church and...I have 2 of the most beautiful children thanks to the medical miracle of IVF.

You have helped SO many people with their fertility struggles and I am so *proud* of you and a big fan of your blog. I remember some of my lowest fertility times and reading your blog made me smile everyday. Keep up the great work.

Wow, your 'fan' is a trip and a half...

I really like that on her husbands webpage:
"Pastor Anderson holds no college degree but has well over 100 chapters of the Bible committed to memory, including almost half of the New Testament." LOL

Wow, where's The Rapture when you need it to beam someone like her the hell up? Won't she be surprised to be turned away at the gates because being a good Christian also includes kindness and empathy for the struggles of others and not just judging things you know nothing about.

does she even know how many "children" are NATURALLY miscarried before implantation within a woman's body?

oh, right. she doesn't "believe" in science. so she can construct whatever reality she wants!

Well, I never did IVF, so I'm going to heaven. I'll wave at you from up there while you're...well...you know where you're going, you mass murderer you.

Really, they let people like you just roam the streets? Shouldn't you be publicly flogged or something?


Buncha fruitcakes out there, is all I gotta say.

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