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Kissing you with tongue at next meeting

What a wonderful work environment. I can only dream...

PS Just e-mailed you a link to an article about egg donation (or lack thereof) in Israel. Thought it might be of interest to your crew.

and to think i was your first...

Sigh. I used to work at Planned Parenthood and except for one guy in finance and the security guards, we were all women. It was SO NICE. And nice in ways that I am still thinking about, now that it is getting near ten years ago that I started my job there.

Wait, I don't know how to do the math. If you've done a combined 37 IVF cycles, how many babies have you murdered? I'll bet it's a lot. Maybe you could enter an murdering contest as a team and win? But maybe you're not eligible any more. Those contests are for amateurs, and now that you're in the egg business, you've turned pro.

xoxoxo with tongue and gratuitous ass grabbing

Wait, that's wrong. Ass grabbing among women is never gratuitous.

Wow, that's a lot of IVFs! And your business looks awesome! Congrats!

You know how I feel... jealous, a little left out and silly for feeling this way. (Flash backs to when you went to varsity) Horribly proud of you of course but still singing sad songs and pretending not to care.

Your website looks GREAT! Since I am currently bulging with my own twins I am definitly NOT interested in your donor eggs, but am glad you are providing a much needed service to others who are. Oh, and you'd be welcomed into the gay world with open arms should you deside to stray :-)

Love you too even tho you are the Bossy Boss, and very strange at times! Smooches xx

Hey, my friend is pregnant with TWINS after you found her a donor!!!

Well done! Your website looks great - with my 3 I wont be looking for donors and unfortunately (faulty gearbox)cannot donate. I am sure you are going to make many couples dreams of having children come true.

Well done !! Go girls! Have to admit - the world would be better off with out men!
Ever noticed how all our problems start with MEN:
MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown
And then - when the MENstrual equipment breaks down, we have to have a HISterectomy!!!!
You see? Men are the start of all evil....
Can anyone tell that I had a fight with the Husbad this morning????

What a great website! Funny, informative, and heart felt all at the same time. Awesome! I really wish I could be a donor, but at almost 38 I miss the cut off by a few years. I made beautiful eggs and embryos with my last fresh cycle, though, which was 9 months ago. (new baby arriving TOMORROW by doctor demanded C section). We do have 4 beautiful frozen embryos which (knock on wood)we will not be using, though.

Good for you! Love the website.

Gah, I need to come work with you guys atm... I am in the process of donating and the pill is making me all... well FEMALE! *evil cackle*

I am not normally girlie at all... *sniff*

ER, I mean....definitely XXX

Oh, it sounds so lovely!! So glad you are loving it and all is going well.

I do want to help just a smidge by utilizing my 'editor's eye.' There is a small typo on your home page, under point #2, in the first sentence? I think there is a word missing; namely "better," as in "...better than Melany."

Just thought you'd like to know as a web page says a lot about the company it represents and your company is a lovely one, doing wonderful work, so I think your page should be just as fabulous...or, i.e., your cuffs should match your collar, if you will.

Sorry if this comes across as assvice (I sincerely hope not though).

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