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Shweeeet of you to give the goblin a kiss, Tertia, but personally I wouldn't want to smooch anyone with a forked tongue. Be sure to rinse your mouth out after, okay?

See now this is why I heart you so much! Wonderful attitude! I sent her an email last night and I've checked a few times to see if whe responded, but you know what...screw her...it's just going to be more stupid vile crap spewing forth so...I'm going to forget that I even know that she existed in the first place. Let her and her whack-job husand pisseth off!

Love it. You have the best attitude about this whole thing. This Zsusie is such the nut job!!

Usually I find every last word on your blog to be amusing and fascinating. I couldn't finish reading the stuff from the crazy person, so please, no more quoting her. 'Tis boring.

i'm so glad you found a lesbian lover with such radical views.

I totally love you sweetie.... even if you are a Monster!!!!


I think I must piss u of, so that I can also get some airplay hahah

no seriously, You have a great attitude about all this T !! And she really not the hits worth ;)

I love you even more now, you sexy beast you!


haha! sexy beast, indeed! love the attitude you've taken towards her -- she's so not worth your mental energy.

I think you are right on, Tertia! We press on to better and surely brighter discussions....like our childrens poop for example, much prefer poop talk then give air time for this negatively charged lady!!!

I might die laughing. I have never seen such sumptuous and rich troll-feeding in my life.

Oh, Tertia. I think I fell in love with you all over again. *sigh* ;)

LMAO off the first commenter "I really wouldn't want to kiss anyone with a forked tongue" too funny.

Thanks for giving the blogger the attention she deserves from now on Tertia - none.
:) Becky

Yeah...It may be time to remove the links to her site. Her flavor of hate doesn't deserve air time.

I tend to agree with Camille - you might want to remove all links to her site, since you're going to be sending her traffic for quite some time now.

I've been thinking about this woman ever since you started posting about her, and I read a few of her blog entries. I feel so terribly sad for her poor children. I've been trying to think of some comment I could leave, without being cruel or petty or immature, not to tell her that she is wrong or a terrible person, but just to subtley hint that a more compassionate approach might serve her better.I thought and thought about it all day, and it occured to me that she is just so darn convinced she is right that god himself coulnd't change her mind.

Crazy evangelicals aside, I think you are an awesome person, Tertia. You have done a lot for South Africa, and infertiles, and babies, and even me personally when I was waiting for my little boy to (finally) arrive. I really admire you.

I am just a little pissed after reading your stats. 118 eggs? Shit. Poor fucking me has only ever managed a mere 41 murders before the two children that I haven't yet killed. Well, by those standards, perhaps I am just a dabbler. I find these people UTTERLY FASCINATING - no sarcasm intended. I would love to see a study of brain mapping minds such as these. If psychopaths have such massive frontal lobes, I can only imagine the one this divine nut case is lugging through life. I just LOVE that she finishes her posts with 'must play with my 4 wonderful children now'. Shows me again that God has nothing to do with fertility.

Yes, Tertia. It's a total lesbian obsession. She dreams of your shapely bosom.

After reading these last posts, links and comments I get a strange image in my head. It's a big medieval square in Global Village with thousands of women screaming names at each other, mixed with out-of-context bible fragments and lies presented as medical 'facts'. In the sky above the square I see little white clouds with hundreds and thousands of tiny wriggly baby angels, the ones that have never made it out of the tube.

I wish we had a time machine and we could transfer women like M and Z back to where they came from and where they would feel much more at home than in our time, The Dark Ages.

Bwahaha. I think you nailed it. Poor little sexually frustrated Zusee...

I hope Zsusie checked out your post today and threw up in her mouth a little when she read it. Kind of the same reaction I get when I read HER blog.

OMG don't make me start baiting you on MY blog! Fuck the hits, I want some of the LOVE! LOL! She prolly IS pretty sexually-frustrated since she is apparently uber-fertile and probably only believes in procreative sex, which means that the Mister can't have gotten very good at it yet (as I'm sure they both marched up the aisle virgins). Probably she's already needlepointed a screenshot of this post onto her SPECIAL body-pillow. Bwahahaaaa...

These people are sick. I started to watch the pastor's video clip on IVF but couldn't bear it. So God doesn't want us to use IVF, because it is against nature. But God invented You Tube huh? I just don't get these people.

Well I am still very sad about it all. The damage she has done to the body of Christ is huge. As a clapper, I can only pray for her enlightenment and consequent salvation. As your sister, I do want to punch her on her nose a little, quite hard. xxx

You know what...I want to know how many babies who are retarded, handicapped, hindered, fetal alcohol syndrome, drug addicted, abused that the christian right adopts every day on top of the multiple babies they have every year?

Hey..I murdered 8 babies...the baby I lost from M/C happened b/c GOD's plan was that w/ trisomy 18, I SHOULDN"T HAVE SURVIVED...and didn't....THANK GOD!

-the hen

Damnit Tertia.. I've been waiting for a smooch for nearly two years and you give it up to crazy people before your friends? *sigh* soooooooo disappointed.

I must admit I thought she was quite sexy too- I have always had a thing for FROCKS,
sensible sandals, hair tied with a ribbon and suits and ties on kids.
good on ya Tertia!

hi there

i have not been on the blog for awhile and just shocked at WHAT that women has said about you.. all said and done i must also be a monster, been through alot of heartache and pain when it comes to miscarriages and fertility treatments. you are the reason i keep going on with the fertility treatments as you got your happy ending, maybe im being selfish also wanting a family with children. it just pains me to hear people say things like that when they have never been through it themselves also im sure she concieved with no help at all, so why are we not allowed help?? i think you are wonderfull person who as a heart of gold, even though i dont know you, you have and you family have crepted into my heart and i enjoy reading your blog as it makes me laugh.. keep up the good work!! cats

I heart sister Mel.

Oh come on Tertia - you can do MUCH better than her!! She is a hound!!! Now - you could have ....ME!!!!! Not that I'm into the lesbian love etc, But for you... I'd try it!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
NOW SEND SOME BLOG HITS MY WAY! (Some shameless sucking up here, in case you hadn't noticed! It is rather subtle, I know!)

Yeah, she just wants attention. Bad breath is better than no breath and all that. Sounds like she has a raging case of halitosis.

Okay, I just went and skimmed her page because I hadn't seen it yet, and I just have to say - as someone who suffered four years of infertility before I was blessed with the opportunity to become a mother, it is so easy for people who have never been there to say things like that. But it is preaching hate and there's nothing more to say about it.

The man who led my religion before he recently passed away was speaking at a conference about a year ago and he said that when asked how he responds to people who are negative toward the religion or him, he said that he doesn't. That he is too busy spending his time and energy on all positive things he needs to do that he doesn't have time or inclination to give any of his energy to those kinds of things.

Having come from a place of not being able to get pregnant for a long time and then having children, I empathize with you. Nothing brings out my claws more than a person inferring that I am a bad mother. And to infer that simply for the process in which you brought them into the world is very, very small on her part.

You are a great mother. And you have an understanding of what a miracle your children are BECAUSE of the way you had to bring them into the world. That perspective is unique and comes from a place that most people can't touch. Your children are blessed to have that quality in their mother.

I truly hope that women can find a happier place to exist in in this world. I really do. And other than that, her words don't deserve anymore consideration.

Oh I think you nailed it right on the head. According to her I'm quite the prostetute, so you know she already has S.E.X. on the brain... Come on, Tersh, give her a wee little booble shot to tide her over, will ya?

*note to self, install spell check*

The part that gets to me is the title of her blog ("are they all yours"). As if 4 is a lot of children. I mean, you eat that many for breakfast.

Ok elizabeth, i laughed so hard i snorted a little bit on your comment.

mmmmm...girl kissez... ;P
its your inappropriateness that makes you so HAWT you know...
and i agree with the writer to said *stop quoting* her. her stuff drones on and on.

your writing is much better.
you banana head, you! ;P
(i loved that post about cursing kid-style)

gypsy ~ a new reader via unwellness.com

Ditto what Sister Mel said!

HAHAHH. Apparently your name is now 'Tortua' as well. Wow. She really is a total gem!!

apparently, her and her dear husband are well known in the states as being total fruit-loops!! She lives about 20kms from one of my family members, would you like me to send them round with some eggs and TP?

You are right, you are right, what more can I say? PS, what do I have to do to get the smooch too?


PPS, I am in CT weekend of 19th September, you can deliver then!!

Hahahahahahahaha, fantastic!

Longtime lurker...just wanted to let you know I am praying for Kate as she goes through surgery and recovers. I hope all goes well and your little girl is back safe in your arms.

By the way, I love your blog and think you are an amazing mother. I have 2 kids of my own, a 15yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter, trying for one more. I just want you to know you have some wonderful parenting adventures ahead of you.

Oh my goodness. Tertia, I love you.

How about we start a religion?? No - really! It's a great business! 10% from some crazy asshats - obviously some people will follow ANYONE... Plus you are much better looking and a lot more amusing.

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