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This is why us with older children had to smile when we read about the anxiety you felt when you had to send them to school!!!

Mijk - WaHaHaHa.

Tertia - I thought you were going to say Marko. Shame man - you could have at least added him in there at the end. ;-)

LOL! We have **9** weeks here (5 still to go!), but at least we have good weather in the northern hemisphere, and during winter there's good ol' Pere Noel (Father X) to liven things up a touch. Always felt sorry for my cousins in Australia for the same reason.

i second that! today is the first week of our 6 1/2 weeks off between camp and the start of school and i don't know how i'll make it - even tho i'm home only 2 days a week and work the rest.... its just stretching out before us... i've been making playdates like crazy.

My kids have 10 weeks in the summer....and I send them to daycamp to avoid having them turn into wolves and attack each other.

4 weeks only seems like a dream...I have often wanted to hug my kids teachers as well.

My son is on holiday from preschool for 8 weeks. EIGHT. WEEKS. I feel your pain.... ;)

Oh man, I get it! My Little Man has been on summer break for about the same amount of time, and it feels like FOR E VER!!! Who invented summer break, anyway??

oh man! I so do get that. Mine are older but the sentiment is exactly the same. By the last week I thought if I heard a monotonous voice complaining about being bored one more time, I just did not know what I would do.

Amen Sista!

My kids have been out of school since 5/23/08 and all I can say is THANK GOD school starts in August 11th! I am feeling your pain!!!

ahem! Rewind back about 7 months??? Are you not the same crazy psycho woman who was having panic attacks about sending the kids to school at all??? No?? Oh sorry - must have stopped by the wrong blog then...xx

Only 2 weeks until my little one starts...I can hardly wait!

That's quite a switch from when they first went to school and you didn't want to leave them. :) School is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

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