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You are so right - families are made in various forms, sizes, and relationships. The love is what ties us together the tightest. Good of your kids to know that at such a young age.

Awwwww!!! Adam's remarks about Rose made me teary. Big fat smooches to your wonderful family.

Lovely. Just lovely.

I love you and your awesome kids. :)

I love that you are talking to your kids about all the different types of families. My 3.5 year old (who is adopted from China) told me the other day that she lived in my tummy for awhile. I told her a simple story about her birthparents in China and almost as an afterthought I mentioned that many children stay with their birthparents. That part was a little awkward. Next time I will add to her story a few other types of families like you have done with your kids. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

Oh that is just the sweetest thing.

Wonderful post, Tertia!

Yeah, we've had the family talk before. This book, "It's So Amazing," does a good job of adding the technical stuff (your bits, gametes, puberty, etc.) and touches on adoption, fertility treatment, and preemies too. And the cartoon illustrations show families of all colors and relationships.

Beautiful conversation!

wow, you have relayed some gorgeous stuff before, but this post might be the dooziest for a while. sitting here with tears aplenty being thankful for my version of family.
thanks so much for reminding us ever so softly of life's priorities.

Aww, that made me tear up. How lucky you all are to have each other :)

That is so sweet. A beautiful family.

“And then they cried?” Yup, especially reading blog posts like these...

Magic post. Families are made in all sorts of ways - that's how I explained to my daughter why I am surrogating for our friends - I'm just their tummy mummy for now - their mum and dad are waiting for end October to have their family.

Especially your sister, Golly gosh, how lucky you are to have me!

You are doing a terrific job with this mothering gig, Tertia! I felt good just reading your wonderful post!

You have been watching too much Barney!!
"I love you, you love me
We're a happy family .... tra la la etc, etc..."
Ring a bell??

...and some don't have a mommy, just a daddy.

i'm a single father. somehow we get left out of the mix. we're out here.

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