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Is this witch-hunt really necessary? The woman is pregnant; I really think she should be given the benefit of the doubt. Else you guys are just as judgemental as she is. What makes it okay for you to dump all over her and call her horrible things? Just because she has strong opinions about T's decisions, does that justify doing the same to her? And to send gay porn to a pregnant woman, as one of the commenters suggested or wanting to punch her, is just plain sick, regardless of what the pregnant woman did. Gosh, did you never say/do irrational things when you were pregnant or had PMS?

People need to realize that people have different opinions and that it is really not necessary for half of the world to agree with yours to justify how you feel. Live and let live. If someone makes the mistake of speaking out too harshly, what are we teaching them by reacting twice as aggressively? Why don't we rather teach by example?

I read this woman's blog and while I don't agree with everything she said, she's also not the monster you make her out to be. I don't always agree with everything T says either, but so what? Maybe this woman has just not developed the great sense of finesse needed to not put forth her opinions so bluntly and offensively. We all have a lot to learn in life and you are really not helping her by spewing forth your own brand of hatred. Educate her, don't hate her.

OMG, I can't even comment. Well, I can, or I tried but she disabled it. I am a Christian, I did IVF. I feel God gave me by babies.

But wow, WOW. I'm at a loss for words, this is incredible.

Maybe she needs to go back to WWJD. I know He wouldn't act like her. I think she threw the first stone, but clearly she wasn't without sin.

I am so deeply hurt by this stupid womans post - Tertia, I can't believe that you are taking it so well, you are amazing. I actaully wanted to email her and tell her that it's a pity that no one aborted her - but I haven't got the strength to stoop to her level.

I have emailed the following to her husband - this is his email info@faithfulwordbaptist.org. I am still very, very angry.

"I think as a pastor and especially as a Christian you need to speak to your wife about her outspokenness and hurtful views. I refer to her latest comment on her Blog about IVF and people from Africa. I think she should do her research more before she makes such uninformed and hurtful statements – or if she wants to make such hurtful comments she should at least then have the courage to display comments from people who do not agree with her.

I am a Christian and I am from Africa, South Africa. I am APPALLED about her views on African people and I think it would be wise for you to ask her not to generalize about people. I live in a modern sophisticated society were views like hers are not taken lightly, and I can assure you she has offended many, many people as her latest Blog is spreading all over the world like wildfire.

Not only am I a Christian but I am also a parent as a result of IVF, which means that I fall into her category of murderer, etc…….

I don’t think you have any idea of the amount of faith in God that is required from two people who desperately want to become parents. I mean isn’t becoming parents Gods gift to us? I wonder if your wife has any idea of how much emotional and spiritual pain people must endure to be able to put themselves, time and again, through treatment to become parents? And not cheap treatment like your wife suggests. I suppose not, God only gives to those what they can bear, if he thought your wife’s faith was strong enough he would have had her have to go through the trails of infertility – but obviously he did not think her strong enough to bear such a burden.

ALL children are God Given! Regardless of how the come to this earth – they are pure innocent souls – and NOBODY has the right to judge them or any person who had to go through much pain to have them.

I prayed more than you can imagine to have my children, don’t tell me that the doctors who helped me did not receive their wisdom/talent from God!

Your wife is NOT God and she has NO right to judge!!!! Only God has that right!

I hope you have the courage to discuss this with your wife – I think she needs to put an apology on her blog to all those millions of people she has so rudely offended.


Christian, IVF, African Mother"

Tertia, that is soooo harsh, I can't believe that somebody could be so judgemental and critical without even so much as an inkling of what or who you are.

So besides the fact that I know you personally I can attest to the fact that you are no monster, only occasionally inappropriate, mildly vulgar and border line psycho....no seriously, this is just another prime example of someone who needs to trash another human being to satisfy her own superiority.

Does she have kids at all? I'm also wondering if she has even been to Africa....I'm starting to really feel left out here, cos if we're all sleeping around....Why isn't there a host of young hunks banging on my door????

Fine, you take the 'forgive and forget i'm not hurt' approach and I will say this:

That bitch needs to be tested for eating a bowl of stupidity for breakfast.

How utterly insensitive of her.

Honestly. I'm shocked.

I see on her blog site that she has a map of all the places she has visited - funny that Africa is not one of them. This really surprises me; she seems to be such an authority on what should and shouldn't happen in this continent (not country, dahling). I think her own nose is so far up her (rude word) that she has a case of tunnel vision. Mind you, if you see her list of "fun" activities to do instead of watching TV, no wonder she's such a bundle of joy... balance your checkbook... whoopee, what fun! She also doesn't seem to know the first thing about the Bible and God's teachings about love. Well God has blessed YOU, Tertia! Shame is all I can say.

I really need to stop looking at her blog. The woman is an absolute trainwreck and I just can't drag myself away. Apparently all male ob/gyns are perverts, there is no such thing as evolution, she is excited about becoming a US citizen because it allows her to apply for a CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT (I kid you not) and she abused a couple for daring to ask her in the carpark of the church if the church provided assistance to families (we only help people who COME to this church (how very Christian) and since when is a fornicating couple (not sure what this was based on) a family anyway?). Still can't decide on my favourite little nugget though, it is a dead heat between the negatives of the mai-tai baby carrier (it gives you an "ethnic" look), and the classic quote "Given the terrible persecution of homeschoolers in Germany". Ah yes, those poor homeschoolers!!

It's terrifying that this nut will soon be raising 5 children, who will have to grow up surrounded by her hatefulness, and may never know there is another way of thinking.

The bitchy side of me wants to comment on how creepy her little boys look, like mini-evangelists, but I won't... :)

Tertia- All I can say is that you are incredibly graceful in the face of such reckless, insensitive hate. Yay you, boo her. I totally heart your blog, btw.

Here's what I hate: her continous reference to "Africa" as a COUNTRY and not a CONTINENT with many different countries, all with different populations, languages, culture, history... I find this maddening. And I must agree with the above, I cannot imagine a kind, loving Jesus that would feel anything but pity for someone so intolerant and judgemental. Those poor kids.

People like this woman should not be allowed near a keyboard until they are sitting there without blinkers on.

Jesus loves you Tertia! Don't let people who pervert what Christianity is poison you to who Christ is, please. Not all 'happy clappers' are crazy, mean and vitriolic. Ugh, reading her post made me sick, it was so filled with hate. God is all about love, I wish more Christians knew it.

Ok, she closed comments cos she cant take the heat BUT I did email her. I wasnt nasty, I just feel she is spewing nonsense in the name of christianity. As a christian I felt a bit antsy about that!

I cant believe how angry I feel about the selfish comments that woman made.Is it surprising that comments to her blog are closed....she is pathetic!I skimmed over her comments so didnt read it properly but if she is claiming to be a christian I would like to say (and hope she reads this) that I think she is a very POOR example of a christian.She is so bloody self righteous.I am absolutely livid.I think I am incredibly fortunate that I never had fertility problems and she can be damned grateful she obviously never had any either.Poor lady must be so bored and have such self loathing to attack someone they dont even know so viciously.She tries to throw the bible in our faces as proof that God gave children to those who deserve them...I think she should read that bible a little longer to find out what it says about judging others.I want to smack her in her face!

WOW Tertia, that is a bit harsh.

I did link to her blog and read up on her and I am really dissapointed as a true Christian that she has chosen to single you out and publically humiliate and castrate you, that, I am afraid is not the Christian way at all. God is the only one who has the right to judge us.

Stand your ground and hold your chin up, you have two beautiful God Given kids who are really great. I must admit that judging by her comments of us all sleeping around with the next person we bump into, I think her ideas of Africa are a little prehistoric and uniformed to say the least!

I think the world would be a better place if she ran it. Women would get married at sixteen and continue to produce babies until their uteri fell out. Men would be so busy FORNICATING (oh wait, that's what it is when you're not married, right?) that there'd be no war.

Welcome to Stepford!

In case anyone is wondering, here are the directions on how to flag a blog as objectionable:

"you believe the text would offend many, click the flag icon in the Blogger navigation bar to note the content."

"The Blogger staff will keep track of the number of times a blog has been flagged and will act accordingly."

"Flagging a blog as objectionable will alert the Blogger staff about the content and, if there are enough complaints, the blog will be unlisted from the Blogger directory."

Ignorance is deadly, but a little information and a very twisted perspective is far more dangerous. Initially I felt angry and revolted about her post and now, I think I feel sorry for this woman and those around her. She lives with so much hatred and toxic thinking (under the self righteous veil of "Christianity." )

I believe in God. A loving God who lives in each of us and does not play puppet master with people and their lives.(Reading Marcus J Borg's book, 'the heart of Christianity' might make God a more approachable and acceptable concept for people who on an intellectual level need to have that scientific aspect satisfied ..more than to just "believe" and not question.)

Don't let this woman's poisen impact your world please.
I've read your blog for years, and I will continue to do so because I relate to your issues, and I love your sense of humour.



Haven't seen that word used outside of holy rollers and animal husbandry for quite some time.

Stupidity such as herself is easy to laugh off. In fact, she begs for it.

First, Auburn pointed out what I was ready to say. Hah, ignorant cow "The country of Africa".

Boy is she self righteous. You have thicker skin than I. Funny too that she closed her comments section. Hmmm, ready to spill it out but not listen to others. Her right I suppose. It's obvious by her blog entry and others that she is very close minded. Must be nice to be that self assured that she is always right. No confliting opinions needed!! And where does she get her "facts"?

Ahhhh, to be fertile and stupid...

I think the funniest part is where she says "artificial you-know-what." I guess she considers the word "insemination" to be vulgar. Such a sensitive soul. Too bad she's going to Hell.

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some people can be - so many things were wrong with what's her names post I don't even know where to begin. Except to say - my two beautiful girls were given to me by God via IVF as were your children and countless others. Thankfully Drs. Steptoe and Edwards saw beyond this narrow-minded claptrap.

what a big flippin cow, I woud personally like to rip her head off, bitch

But you're my favorite monstrous, inappropriate, vulgar, psycho.

Sorry that you're such a magnet for the nuts.

I keep deleting my temp files so I can go back and flag her blog again and again.
What an idiot.

I see she's closed comments. Hmm.
You do know there's an email link in her profile.
Just sayin'.

mmm she is some naive and ignorant women who comes from a one horse town. How can someone who has 5 kids ever know what it is like to be infertile, man she pisses me off no end....

Some of those comments are just downright STUPID. She's an IDIOT!

I have read every one of her blogs and those listed under her favorites. Also, if you can stand it, read the essays and listen to some of her husband's sermons. It all gives you an idea of the mindset of a very particular type of "christian". It's VERY interesting. I continue to read them everytime there's a new one -- it's like a trainwreck -- I can't stop looking and reading. Look under YouTube and listen to her husband's sermons about pissing standing up -- it's priceless.

They really are a bunch of crazies!!!
I just found this video. Apparently they are not just against IVF but also against men standing to piss!!!!
Check them out, nut jobs I tell ya!

Also, go to the church's website and listen to such classics as "Billy Graham is going to hell".

I'm so proud of you!

You handled that very well, what a complete heartless bitch!

Of course it is only fair that because you had to reduce you should be punished with dying children, how could we not see that?

Geez, and people wonder why at times it's embarrassing to self-identify as a Christian.

I noticed that zSusanna doesn't even allow comments on her blog, if she doesn't agree with them. It's so nice to meet people such open minds, eh?

I'm glad you can take this lightly, because, really, what else can you do?

(Plus her reasoning was so off to be laughable as well - STDs are caused by condoms. NYC passes out condoms, NYC has higher rates of STDs. To that I say, "ice cream causes murder. In the summer, more people eat ice cream and their are more murders! Burn the ice cream shops! Save society!)

Can't comment on hers now at all. But sheesh! If she is going to make statements like she has, she should expect that some people might not agree with her. If she feels as strongly as she says she does, she should be prepared to discuss it. Condemming someone is not very Christian.

She also isnt fully educated in the difference between harvested eggs and fertilized eggs and of course miscarrage. None of the fertilized eggs were 'tossed out'. Unless she feels that any pregnancy that ends prematurly is murder, then she is showing her ignorance.

To skip over the really crazy shite and just comment on her merely very stupid shite, it's too bad you haven't yet gotten clean water or covered your dirt floors. Living in the wild the way you do, what with being in backwater Africa and all, we are all so impressed you can hotwire tin cans together to make the crude machine on which you blog.

Okay, and also? Why are some people who proclaim themselves "Christian!!!" the most loudly often the least likely to actually approach topics at all like Christ? I do think He'd be most disappointed by her dark, dark heart.

Everyone should visit that site and flag it as objectionable. Blogger will then investigate and probably find her other comments which include racism, homophobia, etc.

It's people like her that really hurt my head. Without having drank any wine. PSYCHO.

Un-flippin-believable.. not sure what else to say.. too annoyed at her comments to write something constructive..

OMG!OMG!OMG! Stupidity in the hands of the ignorant. I always said I would never wish IF on anyone, but I'm reconsidering... Of course she's monitoring her comments.

Wow, wow. I bet she is reading all of your comments - she wants to appear in control but there is no way that someone that crazy isn't completely obsessed with her own self-rightousness. ((waving))

What hate she has, what contempt - how wonderfully Christian!

After suffering a painful miscarriage yesterday, I can honestly say I am so happy she can go and play with her "4 wondeful children". Good for her, good for everyone that ZSUZSANNA is happy and doing everything right, if only we could be more like her.

Her site is such wonderful entertainment for me today! These are some more gems from her comments:

Talking about gay couples going to Rick Warren's church:
"The reason why sodomites don't come to our church is because we make no secret out of the fact that they are not welcome. If a gay couple showed up at our church, they would not make it past the front door. Did you actually think they are allowed to attend the services - because they are not. To host someone means to put them up. Rick Warren KNEW that these people were coming, and didn't try to stop them. The sodomites picked his church to go to because they KNEW that he would not stand up to them."

On judging others:
"Where does it say that it is wrong to judge? You are revealing your ignorance of the Bible.

If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times: God does not love everybody. You must have never read the Bible. We are commanded to love our enemies, but not God's enemies. Sodomites are haters of God and have been rejected by God. They will never get saved.

Go ahead and love them all you want, have them in your church, and do whatever else you want. Just don't visit my blog and tell my why I should do the same. This is one place where gays are not welcome, in fact, they are HATED."

About her son's internet usage:
"It's always very amusing to me to read Solomon's blog as it offers a view into his little mind. He does everything by himself, usually while I take my nap and he has to play silently. (He is only allowed to go to his website or mine on the internet, so he's not just on the computer surfing the net.)"

Her son's blog post:
"Most scientists belive in something called,evolution.It belives that 4billion years ago, all this
matter was jammed into a marble.Then the marble started spinning and went,bam!!!!Then one of the blocks turned into earth.There was NEVER a big bang."

(I see she is doing a wonderful job with that homeschooling - especially the grammar and punctuation parts, not to mention the science.)

I am left speechless by the stupidity. You are way better than me. I would have probably had a stroke from screaming so loud. I haven't been able to visit her blog because it might cause me to come unhinged on your behalf.

Enough. This woman may be mad as a hatter, but some of the commenters here don't appear to be wound too tight, either. Contacting someone in real life or trying to get their blog shut down because you don't like their opinions is nuts, sorry. Unless she's doing something illegal, she's entitled to her own opinions on her own blog. Close comments already, you've made your point. The mob mentality is quite unattractive and by leaving comments open, you are passively encouraging spiteful, crazy behavior on your behalf. This whole mess could have been dealt with privately instead of making it public and allowing it to into a circus. Tertia, you should have known better.

My friend, if you were ever looking for an answer to your previous post - do children make you stoopid - there is your answer. I shudder to think that she's raising five of them. Thats life for you. She's a fuckwit. Whats more to say. Not representative of the majority, or even the minority, of true Christians - thank God!!

Whoa!! Over the top is RIGHT. Ignorance, hate, and more unbelievable ignorance all in one post...wrapped in the guise of Christianity and moral uprightness. It doesn't get any "better" than that. Where do you find these people? How do they find you? I would be pissed if her errors on EVERYthing weren't so numerous and just plain...for lack of a better word....stupid. And no, I don't believe for a minute that most Christians feel this way. I certainly believe that most Christians are at least aware that Africa is a CONTINENT.

Tertia...I love your blog. I think you're a great person (aka an asshole-baby killer) who I would love to share a glass of wine with. I hope that you're laughing at this woman's post right now and not taking any of it personally.


That woman is the psycho if she goes on like that. As a regular blog reader I think someone who goes through all these IVFs is to be admired, not spoken about in that way.

And to say that someone is a monster because they've gone through IVF is ridiculous. A woman who's gone through IVF is someone who wants children but can't get pregnant on her own - would these supposed good christians rather people with PCOS and other women's issues had to lose out on having kids?

Crap on a cracker!

I don't even know what to say to that, apart from the fact that there clearly are some people out there living in their own little whacked out world! Firkin freaky...

Surely this disease must have a name...

wow! i turn my back on you for a few days, and return to find you in a hornet's nest! again!

i'm so sad that there are such judgemental people out there. i am a christian, and i could NOT believe her generalizations and misconceptions! it seems she should come and visit us here in africa. she's got a lot to learn...

you go girl! i'm proud of the way you are handling it. good luck for the storm ahead!

Hi Tertia
Aaah so! We Africans, "those people" should just pop our babies out next to the lions in the bush and carry on grinding our corn! So unsophisticated - unlike "The Other People" who kill innocent Iraqis and Afghanistanis and others without a qualm. Bless her for she knows little of life beyond Disneyland.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. That there is such ignorance in the world scares me but I've got to say, it explains a lot about the shit that goes on. And the worst thing is that there are four, soon-to-be-five new innocent people on this planet that will be indoctrinated with her narrow-minded filth. Poor, poor souls.
Tertia, I hope you mean it when you say you're not upset by this crazy woman. She really doesn't deserve this webspace at all.

LOVE me some Maria!

wow - she needs to have a shot of Vodka with her Hatorade.

Judge not.... guess she missed that Sunday school lesson.

I am speechless after reading that rant. What a narrow-minded, judge-mental, bitch! I think you are amazing that you kept going after all that heartache. It took me four IUI's and four IVF's to have my beautiful angel. I tell anyone else that is trying to keep trying because if I can do it, anyone can.

Hi Tertia - I am a "Happy Clapper" like your sister. A born again believer and am absolutely horrified that another Christian can speak in such a way and distort the Word of God in the manner that she has. It literally took the breath out of my lungs and broke my heart. I feel more for the fact that she spoke of MY God who is loving, merciful and full of Grace - the same God who loves you too Tertia as much as He loves me - with not an iota of preference. A God who implores us to be non judgemental, but to love each other as He loves us. It troubles me greatly when you get Christians who take it upon themselves to cast judgement on others. They have this "holier than thou attitude" of hate as opposed to the true words of Christ himself. If you do not have love - you have NOTHING! That means to LOVE EVERYONE regardless of what the do or don't do with their lives.

I read my bible too T and maybe this mother of 5 (I notice that she is very quick to also rub in that fact - gloating??? Is this something her husband preaches in his church as well?).

Noah was a drunk
Jacob was a liar
Moses had a stuttering problem
Gideon was afraid
Samson was a womaniser
Rahab was a prostitute
David had an affair and was a murderer
Elijah was suicidal
Isaiah preached naked
Jonah ran from God
Peter denied Christ
The Disciples fell asleep whilst praying
The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once
Zaccheus was too small,
Paul previously murdered Christians
Timothy had an ulcer
and Lazarus was dead

They were ALL loved by God and precious to Jesus. Perfect examples, I think of LOVE and if us as Christians cannot continue that walk of love, then it is a sad day indeed.

My love to YOU Tertia and God bless xx

This woman is a moron. She's the wife of a pastor of a fundamentalist church, she's a homeschooler instilling this kind of stupidity and hatred in her children, and she doesn't even know that South Africa is a modern country with EXCELLENT doctors and hospitals. What do you want to bet she's never been out of the southern US?

This is a sad, judgemental bitch. She's uneducated in basic biology (killing babies...wtf?) and doesn't even know that a follicle does not mean a baby. Nor does an emby.

Additionally, she is obviously completely unschooled in ART and has just made her own personal and moronic decision that it's just like abortion. Now, does that make even the slightest bit of sense? Nope.

If you look at her sidebar, the only blogs she links to are blogs that are fundamentalists. She has separated herself from even the most remotely mainstream Americans because she's stupid and she probably thinks she's better than they are. She goes around quoting about Christianity without knowing enough about it to realize that Judgemental beings are not Christian. They're just assholes.

You know to ignore people like this. They're miserable bitter people that have to belittle others in order to build up their own self esteem. She's a nobody, a nothing, an ant amoungst women. She's just not worth the effort.

Im glad i live in Africa - i dont want to be too close to this woman when God strikes her down with a bolt of lightning... I hate those holier than thou arseholes

Im glad i live in Africa - i dont want to be too close to this woman when God strikes her down with a bolt of lightning... I hate those holier than thou arseholes

Well, this really gets my blood boiling and I'm not an 'infertile' but a friend of many 'infertiles'.
I'll say this to Little Miss Perfect Christian who ultimately is preaching under a veil of sin herself..."I fear you have not read the Bible properly and missed these quotes "Do not judge others lest ye be judged yourself. Let he with no sin cast the first stone" AND there is my favorite - Matthew 7:3 - Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?
My Aunt once told me when I was really little - "The walls, floors, ceilings and the pathway of hell are paved with the heads of the likes of Priests and preachers because they should know better yet they do worst."....so if all these women who seek the help in becoming parents are going to hell more than likely they'll be stepping on your and your husband's faces."

What a nut-job! I beg of all women and men on the road to seeking parenthood to excuse the utter filth this woman and her husband spew under the veil of religion.

Please don't let one wacko poison you against Christians. We are not all like that, and it seems to me that her position is very very distantly related to doctrine.

Love from a pastor's daughter and a fan of your blog.

I'd just like to let you know that SHE doesn't represent ALL christians.
I am a christian, and I read your blog/subscribe on my google reader in fact!
And I don't think I've ever ONCE thought of you as a "monster".
You do have the ability to be crass, I'll give you that! LOL
But I am of the belief that as Christians we are to LOVE others to the Lord, not shame them to the Lord, because that doesn't work!!!
So, please do not let HER ruin your ideas of christianity!
I promise we are NOT all like her!!
She obviously has some baggage that she is working thru......and is dealing with it in a vindictive, hateful, non christian manner, and is twisting scripture to say what she wants it to!!

My first instinct was to comment on this woman's blog telling her what a monster she is but I know she wouldn't listen. Instead I want to tell you how I appreciate your blog, how it was a comfort during my struggles to conceive and how clear it is that you love your children.

If this individual were a dog, she would be foaming at the mouth.

I am glad you are not taking her obviously disturbed ravings to heart. Your ability to forgive such filth as ignorance shows your goodness and humanity.

You are one incredibly cool chick. Sharing your experiences with others is a generous gift for which all us decent people are grateful.

Is she really so ignorant that she thinks all of those 'babies' would have survived if not for you?

Also, if she really believes they have souls, aren't they in heaven now instead of nowhere? How bad would that be?

She's obviously mentally unstable, proclaiming superiority over an entire continent and most especially you, dear Tertia. You're right to laugh it off.

By the way, I wonder how much of HER money she really thinks has been sent to those heathens in Africa to get them pregnant (by 'fornicating' with everyone or not). I strongly suspect she's counting other people's money and trying to take the credit for it. ('WE already send money for...')

She's an idiot. I tried to comment on her stupid site but she disabled comments. I just wish I could bitch slap her.
I freaking LOVE your blog!!!!!

Hahaha. This woman is a fucktard but her post really is quite fantastic. I mean, wow Tertia, you totally killed 76 babies. Everyone knows that the second your ovary plumps up with eggs they're already talking and probably close to potty trained. And you just killed them? Hahahahaa. Its kinda scary that there are people that really think like this, but at least they give a little hilarity once in a while.

BTW, I've killed 43 babies according to fucktard's math.

What an asshole that lady is. Her cheesy ass family picture is nauseating. If I met her in person, I'd surely tell her to fuck off, and I'm a Christian.

I did not go to her blog and am not going to. I also did not read the other comments. I am confused why she believes you killed 76 babies. Huh? Onlu God can give life. She should know that. God has decided for some reason not to use all those embrios to give you children. I do not know why God decided not to save your other 2 babies. Maybe He will explain it to you one day. I just can not see where the evil is in IVF. If you have cancer you do not just pray about it. You go for treatment. ANd it may or may not work, depending on what God decides. The same you if you have fertility problems you do not have to just pray about it. IF you can afford it you should seek treatment. I believe your other babies are in Heaven T, with all my heart. God loves you. Sad for me that people can be so cruel.

Not all Christians are as extreme as that woman. I am so sorry that she has cast such hard and inappropriate judgements on you and strewn your personal details out and painted a picture of you that just isn't right.

If she understood what being a Christian meant she would realize she would need to be "Christ-like" which is nothing close to what she's done to you.

I am a Christian. I am so glad you've been able to have children. You are not the baby killing monster she has portrayed. I am glad we have medical advancements in this day and age to help women who wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy motherhood.

I'd hate to be one of her kids, let alone her dog.

There are so many nuts out there Tertia - don't let them get to you. You are NONE of the things she accuses you of and clearly she skipped that page in her Bible where we are told not judge lest we be judged!!

Even better, she likes to dish it out, but can't take it and immediately closes comments when everyone doesn't agree with her. Nice.

Wow. Apart from the huge personal attack on you (what happened to "love thy neighbour", lady) it is very xenophobic. I'm quite...shocked. And not much shock me these days.

I have called this woman out for her blatant anti-semitism and homophobia. She has said that it is O.K. to judge and since Jews (like myself) don't know the bible that I would know that if I read it. She has also said that God hates "sodomites" and that Christianity is not about love and that she is allowed to hate others. All I have to say is that she would never understand anyones struggles with infertility because, clearly, she spends the bulk of her time pregnant. We will never change her mind and she will never change ours. My parents struggled with IF for 10 years before I was born (and adopted my brother and sister) and I am very sensitive to it. I wish you all the best. Don't let these fanatical strangers ruin the beauty of your family.

this is exactly the type of hateful, judgment-filled, anti-intellectualist, "the moon is made of green cheese" idiots who are RUINING our country right now. i wish i could say not all americans are like this...but unfortunately there's a strong minority who are.

T, I admire you for being able to not take this twit too seriously and applaud you for allowing us to mock her. What an asshat.

Thank goodness you didn't take this bullshit seriously T. I love your blog, you make me piss myself laughing almost always. My heart aches for your losses. Can't believe that rant was from a christian! Best wishes to you.


What a nutjob - she makes Dr. Laura look like Nancy Pelosi.

Did you happen to check out her list of suggestions for what to do instead of watching tv? She forgot to add, "Condemn strangers for personal choices you know nothing about and make racist comments about the citizens of an entire CONTINENT."

Hi Tertia,

I've come to your blog a few times through others and will come more often --I'd just like to say that this woman represents the worst of America. Truly. I'm so sorry her vitriol brushed up against you.

Best wishes,


I heard about this through Tobacco Brunette's blog, and I got to say, she is a piece of work. It's too bad she is so judgemental, being a supposed Christian and all. Ugh, makes me sick to think that people like this are representing Jesus.

Did you notice the boiling water her pastor husband is in? Of course, it's not his fault. What a tool.

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