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That woman is ignorant. I was livid reading her blog. I was more livid that she disabled comments for that post. So, not only is she ignorant, but she is also a coward. How nice for her. Disgusting.

that woman is crazy.
no WAY is God picking this gal for team sports.

*cough* Husband is an awefully talented virus detector ( creator, spreader, etc.) when he wants to be. Ahh, the things a degree will teach you....*cough*

Do you think she'd like gay porn?

Did I say that out loud???? la de da.. don't mind me...

Christian here too and I can honestly say that I think this woman is a freaking fruitcake. I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with her brain but I suspect that it has something to do with a major superiority complex and a marked lack of oxygen-supplied brain cells.

Of course this woman is ridiculous and maybe has some mental health problems but it can't have been anything but painful to be the target of such nonsense.

You are a treasure Tertia. Women living with infertility are lucky to have your site as a place to read and feel less alone. Thanks for putting up with the dark side of the internet for our sakes.

Dear Tertia.

Thanks for this post. Reading these women's blogs provided me with a few minutes of real entertainment! Please take the time to look at one of TSUZANNA's friends' blogs. She describes her children as her 4 arrows. This probably means these nutjobs belong to quiverful families. This explains a lot! Please read about these people, you'll see why women in these families might get a bit nutty. Anyway, I better go now, I need to give an extra boost to my Planned Parenthood contribution! cheers

I know you are tough and won't be worried by this. but seriously. really cruel.


Wow I am speechless....scary thing about this woman is that there are probably many more just like her at her church - and they are all having children and being homeschooled Sigh.......

Un-fucking-believable. Wait...was that vulgar/inappropriate/psycho?

You know what scares me about that lady's rant? How much of myself I see in it. When I get all outraged or worked up about something I can go on & on like that. In fact, I did so in the comments section of this very blog, on the topic of keeping dogs outside the house.

The reality is, I'm not a dog trainer. Even if I were, I wouldn't know what dogs think or feel or really need to be happy with humans. Yet my ignorance didn't stop me from pouring forth an opinionated rant on the topic.

I actually have a little bit of sympathy for that ranter Tertia quotes here today. Yes, she's ignorant and rude, but -- ok go ahead and flame me now -- I sort of know what made her behave in such an inappropriate fashion: like me, she got all indignant about the perceived "injury" done to "living" beings who can't speak for themselves and she was frustrated that she couldn't save them.

I'm well-educated, and usually polite (I hope), but I too can lose my grasp on appropriate behavior when those emotions are triggered in me.

Of course I don't agree with her opinions (I think she's a flaming nutjob) but there's a part of me that knows what it's like to get so indignant that you forget your manners.

It was helpful for me to see how ugly this behavior is. Thank you for posting, Tertia.

That level of ignorance, combined with self-righteousness is just mindblowing. It makes my head spin to think she's serious.

Apon review of this womans blog, I am reasonably sure that she is mentally ill. Diagnosis, CB for crazy bitch. Lets hope she gets the help she needs before her kids turn out the same way.
She closed the comments on that post.. haha go figure.

Victoria - no flaming here, because I agree with you! If I believe fiercely in something, I will defend it with all the ammo I can get. I hope I have never sounded like this lady, though. I don't go to church and I don't read the Bible like I should, but I do believe in God and Jesus and the books of the Bible. My brother-in-law pastors a church, and I just can't believe that many people would show up if he condemned everyone different from him the way this sad woman does. Would Jesus pass by me because I am infertile and will do what it takes to have a family? I truly don't think so. I guess for me it goes back to the fact that if God doesn't want me to be a mother, then IVF won't work either. Or I will miscarry any babies I manage to conceive. But if God doesn't want me to be a mother, why did he give me such a longing for it and such a strong maternal instinct? Life is hard already - I guess I don't understand why people like her have to make it harder. T - I don't comment much here, and I don't always agree with things you do/say, but I would never tell you that you're doing it wrong. It's your life to live, and I can see the love you have for your family and friends, and even the "internets" - I think that in the end that is what God sees, too.

That sounds like a rant you'd hear someone spouting off in a gas station bathroom -- something so crazy you have to stand there and listen to it, slack-jawed. Because... all of it is so insane. The weirdest part is that she writes pretty well and is able to spell. Aside from believing Africa to be a country, the other ridiculous notion is that she assumes "abortion" always means termination, and not miscarriage. But the truly best part is: "...any other woman who would knowingly kill their offspring because they just have to have a baby so bad."

Knowingly kill their what? Offspring? Because your OFFSPRING are living in your house right now. Neither God nor medical science give any guarantees about a fertilized embryo -- many of us can prove that by our "natural" (ugh) pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. I assure you, I didn't knowingly kill those embryos, would have done anything to save them, and obviously they never became offspring.

I feel like people who write things like that are people who have never had anything bad happen to them. It's easy to have strong opinions about something of which you understand so little.

Oh Tertia. :(

That woman gives the rest of us a bad name. You are not a monster and just because she disagrees with your choices in your long and difficult effort to become a mother, doesn't give her the right to call you names or pronounce judgment on you. You do have a thick skin. I don't have to agree with everything you say or do to love you and that is where that woman goes so tragically wrong. It isn't up to us to judge here on earth, and using hate to point out a perceived sin is so contrary to everything Christ stood for and Christians believe. I'm not perfect and I'm not a perfect Christian but it makes me sad that someone is so mean for no good reason other than to pat herself on the back like the hypocrite praying in the synogogue. "These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

Um, wow.

Not in a good way.

People really think like that?

Wonder what she'd make of my choice to abort my was-never-going-to-survive-birth baby rather than go through the hellish motions and risk all sorts of nasty complications.

Bet that makes me a monster, too. Especially with that naughty IVF involved.



I love how she calls herself a "true Christian."

"True Christian"= TOTAL BITCH?!

Who knew.

i did a little reading on the church website. this only made me giggle:

"Pastor A. holds no college degree but has well over 100 chapters of the Bible committed to memory, including almost half of the New Testament."

TRULY. that qualifies him and his wife to spew such judgemental hatred.

Chris - click on the flag at the top left to report it.

Gillian - not all Baptists are like that. I looked at his church site and it's way out there. Doesn't fall under any type of baptist I can think of - not southern, fundamental, anabaptist. None of them.


I am a strong, Bible-believing Christian. I follow God's Word, and work to live it in my every day life. While I may not agree with some of your choices, I am sure you also do not agree with some of mine. The Bible says that the only way to God is through Jesus - and I wholeheartedly believe that, and do not believe I am ignorant in doing so.


That woman is not delivering a Christian-like attitude. She is being a pharisee. And, as a Christian, I want you to know I am INCREDIBLY sorry there are people who plaster the title of Christian on their sleeve and then walk around and treat people like dirt.

We are not all like that, and those of us who realize that are ashamed of those who are. Unfortunately, it seems every group - whether religious, hobby-oriented, educational, etc. - has their extremists, and you were quite unfairly attacked by one.

P.S. As a fellow infertile I have no doubt she'd categorize me in the "monster" department right along with you.

FUCK HER, Tertia. I'm not going to even try to be eloquent...she's a self-absorbed, naieve, submissive LOSER. We should feel sorry for the oppressed, biased children she is raising...not her.

There's really only 1 thing to say and I'll bet it is already up there in those 120 comments that came before mine. I'm going to say it anyhow


What is wrong with that woman?

Ha! I just commented there and nearly said the same thing that Chris did...

"I find it very ironic, for someone that claims Christian values and morals would judge someone when you have not walked a mile in their shoes.
I also find it very ironic that you feel you must moderate comments on your blog - yet you so clearly feel compelled to use your right to freedom of speech to trash someone's life but will quash any rebuttal to same.

Might I suggest that you spend some time with your husband discussing judgment and how the Lord does not judge anyone.

Tertia is far from a monster or a psycho - and you have chosen to just post your opinion (which you are entitled to) however you obviously must have been curious enough to read half of her story, perhaps you ought to read it all before passing any further comment."

I also doubt it will get published, but hopefully she will read it. Doubt anything anyone says will have any effect.. but ..

I have been reading your blog for a LONG time but normally don't post comments. Your posts usually have me laughing hysterically, but this one....holy cow... Apparently she needs to find something to do with her time. She's obviously not busy enough raising her 4 kids that she needs to be so concerned about what everyone else is doing! Like someone else said so "eloquently"..she needs some vodka with her hatorade..haha! She doesn't have to agree with your lifestyle and you don't have to admire hers...but for the love of God (or not!)she doesn't have to be so darn hateful does she?

Tertia, did you see this?

"I've been thinking over your last post all morning (sorry, I know it's cheating to comment on that post via this one, but I am not here to berate you, I promise).

What I've been wondering is - is it possible that God may be working, in His very mysterious way, through this woman who had so many IVFs? From her blog she does not seem to be a Christian (I think her sister is), but I do know that God may work through anyone, whether they follow His Word and will or not.

I know that there were many many embryos/babies that died as she tried to have the living children she has. I just have to wonder if somehow, one or both of her living children are destined by God to do great things for Him. Obviously He allowed them to be born despite the method used to get them here.

I am rambling, I know. I just feel that somehow God has laid it in my heart to try to see His will being done in this as in all things, while it often seems so hidden, it is worth the struggle to understand.



July 9, 2008 3:45 PM


You may very well be right in that her children could grow up and do great things for God as much as any other person. God can take a bad situation and turn it around for the better. But that doesn't mean that people should purposefully chose the wrong. I am not saying that her two children should never have lived. I am saying it's a shame that they didn't all get a fair chance to live.

The goal of my post was to stop others from undergoing IVF by showing how many babies die in the process, not to tell the woman why I think she is wrong. If I would have wanted to do that I could have just commented on her blog. As an unbeliever, I don't expect her to believe that "conceiving seed" is equal in the Bible to "being with child". I don't expect her to "marry, bear children, and guide the house" as opposed to living in fornication, pursuing a career, and getting married late. We will never know if she could have a child naturally because she only tried for a few months before undergoing years of radical treatment with artificial hormones. It seems that God's plan for her life may have been not to have children. If I went out and had my 6-month old baby aborted, I could not legitimately claim that it must have been God's will because He didn't supernaturally intercede. I am sure that He would forgive me and help me to move on in spite of my grievous fault, but that doesn't mean it was His will to begin with.

Thank you for your comment."

Hateful, ignorant coward.

so glad you are able to blow her off -- seriously, not worth an entry, your time or anything -- I actually have never read your history and for me, reading it was heartbreaking. I am so thrilled you have your two beautiful children -- its awful what you endured to get them.

Hey Tertia,

Isn't the info on your blog copywrite protected? Check with your publisher? Maybe you could call in a favor with their lawyers and have her immediately remove anything she posted from your website.

You may not be able to shut her up but the fear of a big, fat lawsuit for violating US and international copywrite laws may make her think twice before such a cowardly, bullshit stunt again.

I am seriously considering going down to Tempe (well, hey, my boyfriend lives in Tucson, same state and all), sitting her down, and then tell her (in all truth and love) that she's SO lucky that I'm not God, because if I were she'd be out of the Book of Life like THAT. I am quite honestly ashamed to have her be considered my sister in Christ (I don't know where her heart is, but let me tell you, she is NOT showing the fruit of the Spirit by any means), and I believe that she is the embodiment of why many people reject Christianity. I am a Christian (born again, theologically conservative, went to a Christian school and go to a Christian college now), and I DON'T want her or anyone like her spewing their hatred and tarnishing the name of Christ and the witness of other believers.

It's also kind of obvious that she didn't do any research whatsoever and has clearly never bothered to even try to understand the very important concepts that she trashes. Closed minds think not at all. (Oh, and by the way, she's right that the barren women in the Bible were all granted children. However, it's probably safe to say that there were many women, just as faithful and God-fearing as Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth, who never got their own children of promise, and were looked down upon because of it until the day the died. Also that some formerly barren women were probably granted children who didn't grow up to do something really really important in the Bible, and so it wasn't recorded. But again, UGH.)

holy f*ck. i'm stunned. what a disgusting woman. i'm sorry you have to deal with this tertia.

And the evangelicals wonder why they haven't been able to convert me...

I had to come back and yell some more. Apparently IVF is this couple's pet peeve. He has a whole series of sermons/lessons on it: http://www.faithfulwordbaptist.org/page13.html

I guess they felt like those other groups of nutbags who call themselves Christians and go around gay-bashing and protesting at women's clinics have that nutbaggery covered, so they decided to concentrate their own nutbaggery on people who use IVF?

Nothing makes me choke worse than self-righteous and confused people who call themselves Christians. I almost went blind when I saw the smug statement on their website about how they are "King James" ONLY. Hell, yeah! Because King James was such a great Christian he rewrote the entire Bible to conform to the egomaniacal rules he set up in the church HE FOUNDED. Christ was about humility, grace and selfless generosity. Over and over and over again He instructs Christians to help the poor and needy -- by which He means both the financially and the emotionally poor and needy. Repeatedly he condemns the self-righteous and the judgmental. That lady is to be pitied, and I'm impressed, Tertia, that you can let it roll off your shoulders.

wow.. As a member of the IVF club 3 times and a 'baby killer' of 40 or so babies according to her (since I had about that many eggs fertilized in the three tries).. strange how a fertilized egg that doesn't make it past the 1 or 2 or even 3 day stage is a baby?? What education does this woman have? Regardless - what a sheltered life this poor 'Christian' has lead.. damn shame for sure.. Teria - I love your spirit!!

Wow. I especially love that she doesn't even have the guts to keep the comments open after posting such filth. Sent her an email anyway, just couldn't resist. "Christian" my arse.

what a complete fucktard. Anyone who says they are Religious and yet speaks with such hatred and verve about something she knows nothing about is sickening.

Makes me glad MY God is a forgiving, loving person who would never judge anyone for their choices, but love them, forgive them (if required) and nuture them to be better people.

Maybe I should introduce her to my God? eh ...

Tertia I'd probably just think this is one crackpot (said kindly) that you don't need to worry about ..she and her church and beliefs are not worth the paper they are written on .

btw, I guess I'll have to pray for her, hopefully my God, being a woman and all forgives and brings her piece.


as an added boot.. I did have an abortion at the age of 17.. when the first time I had sex, I got pregnant. I am now 38 and had a beautiful son from the three IVF's that we had done. That doesn't mean that I 'dont love babies'.. that means that I went on after the age of 17 to graduate college, go into the Peace Corps and become an Architect - all by choice! I am SO thankful for IVF for helping me get to that ultimate goal. That chick pisses me off so badly!

What a horrible blog post by that woman. Nothing Christian about it. It makes me mad!

Her use of the word 'fornication' is just so funny!

I'm a linguist, I'd love to do a discourse analysis of her post!!

Hi Tertia,
I am a long time lurker but I just had to post to this. I am so sickened by the blog that you linked to. I cannot believe there are people in the world that think this way. I am a born-again Christian who went through three years of infertility and five rounds of IVF/ICSI to have two children (I was surprised with a third child 2 yrs ago). I agonized over my decision to do IVF and whether it was the right thing. Dr's told us that we would never conceive without it. We were very blessed that each time we did IVF, we did not have many left over embryos and did not have to make tough decisions regarding what to do with them. We were very blessed to never have a HOM pregnancy although we did risk it. That woman is completely ignorant in her knowledge of what IVF is, what it involves, and the emotional agony that infertile people go thorough. I'm sure she would sing a much different tune if she had ever had to experience it. I love your blog, I think it is an awesome humorous look at the trials of IF and raising young children. Keep it up, and know that not all of us Christians are total whackadoos.

Ok - I think she is nuts! First of all - who brags about a church and all of her kids and then goes and says things like that? Plus - why does she care? What effect does this have on her life? I had to laugh that she closed the comments. That, in itself, is PRICELESS! I guess she can't handle the truth! Too funny!
Furthermore - I love how you find out about this stuff! You are amazing with your resources!

Tertia, I'm one of your sister's friends and run a large ministry for girls in the US. I don't have time to read through all these comments, so someone else may have already mentioned this, but if they didn't: the woman who wrote this is well known in Christian circles over here for being ridiculous. I can't tell you how many things both she and her husband have written, published, etc. that are considered cult-like to the general Christian population here. If you do any research on her and her husband, you'll see what I mean. They tend to go after big-name people (such as you, since you have a large blog) and then attack them -- all to get publicity. Trust me, you are only one in a very long list of people they've done this type of thing to. On behalf of the OTHER Christians in the US, please ignore her. Seriously.

Tertia, I've been reading your blog for a while, but have only commented a few times. I felt like I had to today. I am so bothered by what this woman wrote that I am actually in tears. It makes me so sad that someone can be so judgemental and hateful toward something and someone she knows nothing about. My heart actually hurts for you.

I truly believe that you reap what you sow, and in her case, she has a whole lot of nastiness coming her way. I know I shouldn't say this, but what an mean, evil, nasty hateful bitch. I'd like to ask her if she kisses her kids with the same mouth that such nastiness comes from. She should be ashamed.

OK I am seriously fascinated by this freakoid!!! She is mentally ill probably paranoid terrified of any govt .. doctors and hospitals..she didnt take her kid to the er after smacking his head probably needed stitches BUTTTT took herself to a chiro for a bad back..hahahaha..she just became a USA citizen..home schools those poor kids. God help them all...hopefully they will escape her soon before she turns them into serial killers.
OK I am done
oh and Stephanie..I know all Baptists arent like this but I just figured she was either Mormon or Baptist.

So, she closed her comments. God-girl doesn't like to be disputed in her ignorance. What a little gem she is.

Just because you post it on a website Zsuzanna, does not make it fact.

Also delurking to comment - that woman is UNBELIEVABLE!! Nice how she won't allow blog comments that express a different (aka sane) point of view. Gimme a "C", gimme an "R", gimme an "AZY"... I feel sorry for her kids.

She's closed comments. But, might I say that as a Christian, she is an embarassment. Judge not, lest ye be judged, eh? But I guess that makes me judgmental as well for saying that. She does seem to be in need of some serious love in her heart.

I feel rather sorry for this woman. She seems incredibly unhappy and angry. {Why else would she launch such a vicious attack?} I'm a Christian and I have to say that I agree w/ other Christians who have commented here that this is just the stuff that gives us a bad name and reputation.

And I don't want her to give Americans a bad rep either--she just got citizenship here!! We're not all bad!

My prayer is that she softens. I share some of the same values she has, it appears from the quick blog skim I did, but am neither angry nor hateful...I don't understand it. I really don't.

Go smooch your little ones...we all know you do love them to pieces. Forget what this sad woman has said.

Oh my goodness. I just looked a bit further on the website, and this lady is married to a pastor! How sad.

'Well, our taxes are paying for condoms, vaccines, abortions, and now IVF.'

Now what about VACCINES??? It's not a Christian thing to do to vaccinate against polio?
ZSUZSANNA, if you are reading this post (come on, we know you are reading this...and you know lying is a SIN...), what's wrong with vaccines?

Sad, sad, sad. Now let's just think about what Jesus would do, because that's what we Christians are supposed to do, right?

I don't think Jesus would lash out at others like this. Didn't Jesus befriend criminals and whores? Didn't he tell us to love everyone and treat others as we would like to be treated? And what about leaving judgement to God? I just can't picture Jesus calling people monsters. I think if he didn't like what someone was doing, he would sit down and talk to them. Not start calling names. It would have seemed much kinder for her to have a dialogue with you about what she feels is right.

Let's all pray for this lady. She sounds like she is stuck in some kind of misery since she spends her time lashing out at others. She must be suffering. I hope she finds her balance and can view others with kindness and charity again.

Ugh. What an uneducated pathetic low life! I hope you haven't wasted any more time dwelling on this. definitely not worth the 2 secs you've probably already used up. I am so sorry ...
words fail me.

p.s. my first thought was I'm glad Tertia's kids and her kids do not go to the same school!
And my second thought was I'm glad my kids won't be going to the same school as her kids (as we live in a different state)!

I am appalled at that...that...that...

******* *********** *****

(Sorry, can't type all those curse words ~)

A million and one lashes with a wet noodle for that crazy *****, and two million {{{hugs}}} for you. I'm so sorry you have to deal with the truly misguided.

Why is it that people like THAT can procreate easily, while more normal people are IF? It just sucks. Same way that it sucks that crack babies are born every day to mothers who don't want them, and I can't get pg again ~ even WITH IVF ~ no matter what! UGH!

You aren't the monster in this post, she is, and I am truly angry with her on behalf of every woman who has ever gone through IF, miscarriages, and pain in the attempt to have a living child on this earth. She gives Christians a bad name.

What a total jackass! I'd love to give her a piece of my mind, but she closed the comments for that post (already).

Tertia - I read your blog on a daily basis and have read your book. I have wanted to post comments on previous occasions - but just haven't. Now however, this simpleton has boiled my blood enough for me to post and shout! This woman has NO RIGHT calling herself a Christian for passing such a harsh judgement on you, Tertia!!! Unless of course, she has been appointed God in the meantime...?? I think she may be somewhat loose in the brain and she's an ignorant old fart!!!

HOW FUCKING DARE SHE? I am seething with anger here. Must go drink copious amounts of wine to reduce boiling rage.


How incredibly IGNORANT. I cannot believe some woman, who has not even visited our continent feels so sure that her opinion is fact - and talk about judgmental! How ironic.

I mean really, I thought that the days of people thinking that "African people ride elephants to work" were long over what with technology making the world so much smaller.

Tertia, I have never commented before. But after reading such trite I couldn't help but put my 2c in.

How dare anyone judge you for the path you took in order to experience motherhood. How anyone can call you a monster for that? Well, that is clearly their problem.

I'm not surprised...she's a Baptist and I put up with the same shit from my BIL and SIL. They also home school, preach creationism etc. Hypocritical, judgemental idiots.

Well, I'm speechless. As an IVF mom myself AND a Christian - for once in my life I really don't know what to say. She is obviously demented, and has OBVIOUSLY never not been able to have children. Didn't know there were still people in this world who thought like that. We should actually pitty her - I don't think her Lord is smiling at her right now.

Nasty piece of work - but is obviously motivated by a sense of superiority and self righteousness. I can't believe the guy jumped in to say she is a lovely person with a heart of gold - doesn't seem like it and only to a select few I bet who she deems to be as god loving as herself, according to her perspective - conditional love in the extreme no doubt. and as for tongue in cheek - its more likely head in arse humour cos nobody here is laughing.

This is truly unbelievable. To critize somebody that just wants a family.... This lady (and i'm using this term loosely) has serious isues with herself! Tertia, u did NOTHING wrong but as the other ladies said you know that.

I hope this 'lady' has not upset you too much Tertia. She is uninformed and I hope she now goes out and buys your book and sheds the tears that everyone has over your losses.

I wish for you the strength to deal with this without taking her critism to heart, she has not been in your shoes and does not understand where you come from.

I am very sad for her.

I need to comment again - and be mean. Did you see the dress she was wearing in the family portrait - and her husbands hair - OMG, it is so funny.

All I can say is that I hope her husband can sell her a Fire Alarm big enough for the Hell she is going to.

Tertia, please do not allow this women to upset you. I'm sorry, but she clearly is a poorly educated morone. The woman does not have a clue. When I first read her blog it got my back up, as an African and an Infertile, but the more I read the more I started to laugh. This woman's clear lack of intelligence and education makes her post absoltuely HILARIOUS!
And the best part, she wants to make such strong judgements and post such a controversial post, but she can't deal with the people that object so she doesn't post there comments. She only posts the comments of people who have the same narrow minded lack of education moronic intelect. I'd bet she gets more comments objecting to her post than those supporting, surely the world is not SO FULL of morons.
Sheesh, and they say we're racists!

There is nothing you can say to a woman like this - she is judgemental and has a closed mind. She's a true coward to take out of someone's blog like she did and not ask permission. If your blog is copywrited I'd send her an email saying she's breaching copywrite and had 24 hours to remove any plagerised text.

The "Sanderson's" do not belong to any denomination or association which other Baptist Churches or any other Church belong to, they are INDEPENDENT and stand on their own. That is why they have such a one sided opinion and have no idea as to what goes on in the world. They do not in anyway represent what billions of Christian's believe and what we are taught.

How do you punch someone in the face over the internet? I'll send my pet lion to go feast on her... ghrrrrr!!!!!

Do you think it may have occured to the self-righteous, sanctimonious, intellectually-challenged fuckwit of a woman that her bogoted narrow-minded opinions are EXACT opposite of what 'good christians' should be propogating???

If I were to descend to her level, I might also note that its clear from her website that she has neither friends nor personality - which you (and me ha ha ha) have in abundance!! BUt because we're way better than that here in our little third world country, I'll leave that part out!

She's an arsehole Tercia - You, Marko and the kids are awesome. Fuck her -she IS the joke!!

oops - typo 'bigoted'!
My bad!

What a sad, sad lady who lives her life with blinkers on.
She clearly as nothing better to do than judge others - or go searching on the net for someone to judge. If only we all had so much free time...
Please don't let this lady get to you, no need to waste your energy!

I could not believe what I was reading on her blog. It is unfathomable that someone can be so smug, stupid, uneducated, gullible, selfish, mean and opinionated. I loathe her so much.

I have just gotten my third IVF BFN, I am not a monster, just someone who wants a child of their own and would do anything to keep my embryo's alive.

Can you do anything legally about her copying your info from your blog? Can we arrange a hacker to tamper with her website?

Sorry that this person did this to you, it is horrible and I wish there was something we could do.


... living in fornication Ha ha ha - bet she's a missionary position type only who doesn't do blow jobs..

Oh sweet! Another blog to put into my "batshit crazy" bookmarks to read when I want to get myself all worked up!

BTW, The highest STD rates in America are different for every type of STD. Hilariously some of the highest rates are in the middle of white-bread, God-fearing, small town Indiana. Kids ain't got nothing to do but schlup each other in the barn all Kevin-Bacon-in-Footloose-style!

She doesn't even have that many kids, she need to procreate WAY more to impress me.

The saddest thing is that she cannot take the critism. She's closed her comments. As an IF I take serious offense to what she has said. Perhaps with little eduction, a lot of knowledge of what actually happens on this side of the world and a little tolerance she could be what she proclaims to be.... Christian.

Oh Tertia. You have done it again. Stirred up a huge hornets nest.

What ARE we going to do with you?


P.S. Love your work!!

PS: She's a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, man, this woman is so self-righteous it's just not funny! Bloody hell! I see she has now closed her comments section, so she must have been taking a lot of flak from all Tertia's buddies. Coward!

Hi Tertia,
I am lost for words and have this to say to you - please don't judge all Christians based on this "ladies" rant and rave because clearly she is speaking of someone she doesn't know. I feel incredibly sorry for her, she has the whole perception of Africa totally wrong, she actually comes across as one of those dazed and confused people who think we walk amongst the lions. I feel sorry for her. You need to take the good and throw away the bad. What she has said is really bad, ignore her.
As a fellow reader of your blog, we all know your struggles and it is evident that you are a good mother to your children who you so desperately wanted. Carry on with what you are doing, I think you are beautiful, talented, a good wife and mother.
Lots of love

Thankfully, the shit that infertility dealt us in hurt is much worse than anything this opinionated, small minded woman could ever write.

So, there is one thing IF gave us: thick skin.

I didn't need her to point out the obvious: you are pyscho, but I kind of like my friends that way, the vulgar just adds to the fun, and the inappropriateness? Makes me laugh every time.

that woman is defintely not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I can't believe this woman!! In plain good old Afrikaans - what a "doos". There is no other word for her. An ignorant, tunnel visioned, prescriptive, hypocritical "doos"!!!!!!!

I can only imagine how vile it felt to even read the names of your beloved children in this poisonous piece of trash.

Horrible that you and they were singled out, but really darling, she is beneath contempt. I envisage her mind - and her soul - to look like this:


(Don't go there if you have a squeamish disposition - it's Julie's link to a naked mole rat.)

This is so, so sad! Yes, the point of being a Christian is to love God with your whole being and others as you love yourself. But her self-love is obscuring this truth. Has she ever walked one baby step in our shoes? Clearly not. We are busy with a DE-IVF cycle which are costing us a minimum of USD7500. We have to pay it out of our own pockets - sorry no sponsors for us poor South Africans! And this is not a unique situation - medical insurance in South Africa (and I believe worldwide?) does not pay for infertility treatment. Wow, she will have a field day with me - killing the donor's babies!

Now you know I dont condone violence but just give me the word and I'm taking my earrings off and showing her how we 'animals' take care of crazy psycho (CENSORED) like her.

I just want to KLAP the sense into her! LOL!!!

The definition of idiot. Complete ignorance at its best.

Happy family, happy life, happy photos. Happy happy happy.

Although believing strongly in something has its advantages. That is far over the top.
"Hate", "monster".. these are such a strong words. Words of fear.

I can only imagine the look on her face one day if she accidentally finds her son playing with himself. "Abomination of God". Whose this God anyway? This nice, cheerful, passionate, all loving God?

I despise religion already. I think we can all live happily without it. But this.. this is something else. This is pride. Overbearing pride.

Disturbing post.

She is a scarey freak - people like that scare me! Even more scarey is the fact she is raising another generation.

Hmmmm.... Methinks the woman has issues....

I would like to say that ignorance is bliss - but I think this woman is beyond ignorance.
Hugs to you, Tertia!

I cant believe this woman.... all the things she says about you Tertia are in her. She just needs to llok in the mirror and see how ignorant she is about Africa. Her statistics knowlendg also scares me. Jerez!

And God let's stupid people like her have babies?????? Please - let me leave this life before the earth is populated by any more of her.

Apologies in advance, but my husband decided he had to respond to her posting, he knows I am an avid reader/supporter of your blog Tertia, and he also knows how much your book and blog means to me.. He posted this on her blog, under one of the topics that was still open for comment, it remains to be seen whether she will actually post it..... here goes :

Very Interesting..

I feel I need to respond to your post about IVF. You have closed the comments on that post never giving any people that have to go through this time to respond. I hope you have the God given strength to post this.

Let me start of by saying I live in Africa, South Africa to be exact. IVF does not cost us less that $200 it’s a lot closer to $5000. You keep on telling people of all the babies killed, as you consider every egg as a baby. With that view I take it you try to avoid your natural God given cycle by getting pregnant on ever possible occasion if not you are also killing countless eggs every month.

If you consider every egg a baby I take it you consider every sperm a baby as well, you cannot give more value to eggs as apposed to sperm, you see God created both for the same purpose. Seeing your beautiful family portraits, we can safely assume that you have been trying to conceive on every possible occasion. We can only assume then that you and your husband have killed millions and millions of babies thru the sperm and eggs you fruitlessly spent each month. This is just taking into account the months you were unable to conceive, and all the countless times you had sex for pleasure, and not as a conception tool.

God’s will, do YOU really know what God’s will is? I am a quadruplegic (Do you even know what it is?) due to a car accident 18years ago, I was dead for 90seconds, my question is this? Was it God’s will to take me away because I fulfilled my duty here on earth ? Or was it Satan’s very lame attempt as God was able to intervene by giving mankind the tools/knowledge to save my life?
Personally I think, God stopped killing his own children to prove a point the day His son died on the cross for us.

Do you not think that IVF is a medical procedure with the knowledge given to man by God? We had to go thru similar procedures killing countless of eggs and sperm in the process.

I know this, IF God does not want me to have children, He will NOT provide me with the funds to do so, and He will not give us the courage to endure injections and treatments on a monthly basis, and most of all He will break our spirit when we loose an unborn child.

Amazingly, He gives us the strength and funds, hope and Faith to continue with IVF or other treatments offered to infertiles. You have no idea how much strength and faith you need to undergo this type of treatment, and the only place to find the strength and faith IS from God. Bottom line if God does not WANT me, or anyone to have children I will NOT have them whether through natural conception or countless IVF’s.

Consider this, you are anti-IVF which means if you did not conceive your children naturally, you would not have had the faith or strength to undergo an IVF procedure. Because God knows that you are not capable of passing a test of Faith thru IVF and or child loss.

I have no problem if you do not agree with IVF, but telling people they are killers and monsters when acting on a God given natural instinct, of procreating and becoming a parent, is saying there is a flaw in God’s creation of mankind.

P.s Neither me nor my wife or any of our friends or family member living in Africa has had any STD’s or abortions. So please do not generalize!

Hi Tertia

I can't think of anything to say, I am absolutely horrified that there are people like this out there! How on earth can she say those things? AND call herself a Christian? I'm expecting twin boys conceived through IVF after years of infertility and miscarriages and I pray my children will never ever have to be exposed to her kind of evil.

Fuck yes! Yes! yes! lets throw some judgement around! Will i go to heaven still if i call the woman who wrote this a fucking moron? Oops, not? Damn.

Sorry, T. You are always so brave and so compassionate, and it opens the doors for people to slate you like this.

Never fear, you know in your heart and your life, you are the queen of the world.

You are not a monster, nor vulgar, nor psycho nor anything she calls you.

we love you. X

You psyco, you! This idiotic post really got me fuming, but, as a fellow infertile, I will not let 'murdering babies' get to me! - or you! I can go on and on and on with my opinion of her post, but who really cares. Unimportant idiots like this does not deserve our comments, time or even our fuming mad thoughts!

Ouch! She's a bit of a psycho herself, isn't she?! She really doesn't have a clue what she's talking about in reference to your situation. You are gorgeous and divine! Ignore the crazies!

dont you just wish that a closed mind came with a closed mouth?

Shame this woman is crazy obviously she has absolutely no clue what she is talking about, she has probably never left the State that she lives in. She also has no concept of what its like to go through this terrible curse of not popping out babies around every corner. Tersia just ignore the ignorant cow. I always believe the things people spew is not because of you but because of the terrible things that they have to deal with. xxx

Had to look at her blog, explains it all, the woman is a product of a limited gene pool, shame.

Tertia - if you ever have the (dis)pleasure of driving past her - remember to wind down your window and say something obscene - such as: "You're a very stupid banana!"
I, on the other hand - have not potty -trained my mouth, so on your behalf, to Szussana, I say this:
"May your earholes turn to arseholes so that you SHIT all over your shoulders!" (Might match the shit she is spewing from her mouth!! Ha Ha - remind her to wear brown clothes!!

lol I love how she disabled comments. Probably scared someone proves her wrong or doesn't agree. She's extremely judgemental for a Christian. Actually not just as a Christian but as a person. Someone who apparently cares. Also...easy for her to say, since she has 4,5 kids.

I did not know people like this are still around, she is more to be pitied, than scolded, I can asure you! I feel her children. Pray for them! the future is dim.

Don't you just love the fact that this nutbag hillbilly's husband is a Pastor, but at the same time runs a fire arm business, which could be responsible for killing people? Something looks a bit off to me here...why would a christian even have any interest in firearms?

I'm so sorry about what that wench said about you Tertia, she unfortunately seems to be more uninformed than us Africans...

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