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Why wait for heaven - I have a feeling she'll be rewarded with a lovely collection of comments right here on earth.

I know you have a thicker skin than to be too worried by a post like that, even though it is so unkind and you really are sensitive. My heart hurts that someone would attack a person they don't know in such a hateful manner -- I am sorry you are the target. My heart hurts a little for her too, that she is filled with such hate and anger. I just don't know what to say.

Wow. I don't know what to say. I know things are about to get really ugly over here so I'm just going to feel sorry for this person for #1 the hate in her heart #2 the fact that she has no idea how lucky she is #3 her obvious confusion, lack of knowlege and ability to form an entire hurtful, hateful monologue based upon them.

God, the things she said hurt my feelings and I am not IF. So wrong.

I'm just going to try to be opposite. I'm going to try to have compassion for this person while still believing that she is so totally totally wrong. What she could have done for you.


I wonder what she'd be saying if she wasn't popping out babies left and right and perhaps had the tiniest inkling of what the hell she's talking about instead.

I hope you aren't taking this asshat too seriously, Tertia. This lady is wrong on so many, many levels

I find people like that incredibly scary. And the idea that she has produced/is producing at least 5 children who she has a strong influence over is even more scary. Really depressing.


If I may state the obvious for a moment: What this woman said about you is NOT TRUE. You are not a monster and you DID NOT kill 76 babies. I know that you know this, but I also know how I let bad feedback hurt me, so I think you need to hear, loud and clear (it rhymes!) that this idiot is the one in the wrong not you.

Love you.


i'd comment on her post ON HER SITE, except i can't think of anything to say. and how does one articulate vomiting in blog format?

i'm sorry she thinks you're a monster. imo, she's a thing that goes bump in the night. (pregnant with her 5th, obviously bumps often.)

wow - she needs to have a shot of Vodka with her Hatorade.

Judge not.... guess she missed that Sunday school lesson.

Holy smokes! That woman is just batshit crazy!

It really seems like it takes a lot of effort and work to be that mean and nasty. She makes me glad to be an atheist.

Just blow off her comments. She has no clue what she is talking about.

Hugs & Smooches

Where to begin? The judgmental attitude, the unbelievable racism, the total misinformation...it's sad that people think like this. (Oh, and re:"unsafe deliveries," an obstetric fistula, I would imagine, sure as hell affects fertility.)

A monster, inappropriate, vulgar and a psycho? Huh???? Reading her post, these words seem much more appropriate for someone else...

I'm glad you laugh about it. There is really nothing else to do with a poor intellectual and emotional microbe(no insult to microbes intended!).

PS: She reminds me of the "helmets????" garbage you had here once. The same type of idiot. She must be frantically deleting comments :-P

Type this on her blog page, not sure whether she will publish this or not, but hey, at least you know how I feel :-)

"My name is Chris and I happen to be a very good friend of the lady involved. Being a Christian I was taught from a very early age not to judge others, and to reap what you sow, etc. You have no idea what she is all about, neither have you any idea of the joy, heartache and pain she has endured. She writes what we consider in South Africa to be a very witty tongue and cheek blog with most commentary taken with a glass of wine and a pinch of salt. She writes about her experiences, joys and pain, and best of all, she does not sit behind her laptop judging others, especially those she has never met or for that matter, are sitting 8000miles away on another continent.

I for one consider her to be more of a Christian that others, mainly because she practices what she preaches, is absolutely upfront about everything and has a heart of gold.

Being a Christian myself I will not sit here and judge you for your harsh words. However I will say that any child conceived, whether it be natural or through modern day practices, all count as miracles of God. She had to endure more pain than yourself who had the gift of natural conception and child birth. You were not around when God took her first souls, neither are you there to enjoy her two miracles playing at home today.

I would suggest you use your blog for something more constructive than what you are doing now. Here is hoping you take this to heart and you wake up tomorrow morning with a more positive view on all your neighbours.


PS, I do hope you publish this, since America is all about free speech and all"

Wow, that woman is sick! I just left a comment on her blog but since she moderates her comments to probably only present one point of view, I doubt it will be published. She proclaims to be Christian, but, sorry, what she wrote is decidedly un-Christian.

OOOh. That gets me so steamed up that I'm hardly coherent. That bizatch is not just ignorant, she's intentionally narrow minded and hateful. Like my daddy used to say, ignorance is curable, stupidity is terminal. And oh, does she have a terminal case.

Tertia, don't forget that 99% of the people that read your blog understand that she is/was wrong on so many levels. Much love and support to and for you, Tertia, from my little corner of the U.S.

Not going over there. I think my BP is already through the roof just reading this here dribble. Funny how all her "facts" are wrong. I think I can pretty much guess where she gets them from. My favorite? That our tax dollars are paying for abortions. Hahahahaha. The very first thing our twit of a president signed upon taking office was a GAG ORDER. Our tax dollars can't even go to charities that council women in a way that may result in them having an abortion. To the detriment of health of tens if not hundreds of thousands of women.
Also? Does she know how many "babies" she killed? You know-- her body, her G-d? Cause if only about 50% of embryos implant, she did off about 5 herself, and if all her sex is unprotected, probably more.
Ok, need to back away from the computer. Slowly...

Sorry, T, that this twit has chosen you and the memory of your pain and your heartbreak for this crass display of ignorance and cruelty. I am really sorry.

I am so mad I don't even know what to say. It took every bit of self control I had not to leave a comment on her blog. I could have really gone off on her, but I doubt it would change her way of thinking.

I left her a comment, but she's got moderation turned on so I'm pretty confident my comment won't appear on her blog.

I did give her a link to background information from the Fistula Hospital folks, explaining that "unsafe deliveries" are often the home births she praises. I challenge her to safely deliver a breech baby by herself at home, with no access to a skilled midwife or nearby hospital.

Zsuzsanna's so full of shit! And of course she's home-schooling her kids, because heaven forbid they learn, you know, science or different perspectives.

Holy crap, she's an idiot. STDs are passed down to babies through IVF? Wow. I've NEVER heard of that happening, not once.

And she says "obviously she doesn't love kids" about any woman who's ever had an abortion? Again, I call bullshit. A friend of mine terminated at around 18 weeks, after an ultrasound showed anatomical defects inconsistent with life. She loves her son and wants another child, and her goal was to preserve her reproductive health so that she could try again.

I feel I must point out that Zsuzsanna has been "killing babies" too. A fairly high percentage of fertilized eggs don't implant, and are shed in menstruation without the woman ever knowing the egg had been fertilized. If she's never used birth control, she's probably killed more "babies" this way than the average woman who uses birth control!

I just flagged her blog as objectionable, because really, doesn't racism and hate mongering content qualify?

(Cross-posted with JuliaKB, who made the same point about Zsuzsanna's rampant baby-killing!)

At least she's ugly. You can look in the mirror and see a wonderful G&D human being, she sees a monster, inside and out.

I just love that she thinks Africa is a country. Priceless.

That is so unbelievably ignorant I can't even think of anything to say. These kinds of people embarrass me. I really hope other countries don't think Americans are all so rude and assholish.

Where are her sources? Anything you pull out of your ass is not a source.

I just love that she thinks Africa is a country. Priceless.

I'm delurking just to say this --
I hope that you don't think all Christians think of you this way, Tertia. I've been reading for a while, and I've read all the archives from your pregnancy with Adam and Kate, and I don't think you're a monster at all. I don't agree with you on everything, but I admire and respect the love you had for all of your children, even before they were born, that you would go through such a trial to hold them in your arms. It's just mindboggling to me that from what I can see on her blog, this woman and I have the same background and such different perspectives on who you are. Please let people like me and your sister show you what Christianity is really like, and don't listen to people like that.

She just posted a comment in her comment section on that blog post saying she wouldn't be posting any of the negative comments she got on it.

i think i'm going to be sick... that was so awful and just full of ignorance and hate... how is that at all christian?

She just posted a comment in her comment section on that blog post saying she wouldn't be posting any of the negative comments she got on it.

I am a Christian and absolutely mortified. I posted a long rant of a comment that she won't publish. I flagged it as "objectionable" due to hate speech and encourage everyone to do the same.

She is an absolute idiot. And she is so crazy that she is scary. The worst part is that she seems articulate enough for some people to read and even believe.
Tertia, do not, under any circumstances, let her get to you. Just ignore her!

So much ignorance in her post! Wow. Just blows my mind how there can be so much ignorance in one person.

wow, that woman is clearly delusional. she obviously has no idea about the real state of affairs in this country and how things actually work here... she hasnt even bothered to check her facts and now i see i cant even comment on her blog... comments blocked by admin. cowardly i tell you! anyway, i think you have a great blog, and admire what you have been through... i dont know if i could have done the same. have a good week and keep the faith!

By the way, I flagged his blog too. Questionable and hateful contents. No doubt.

She is a prime candidate for the bumper sticker I saw a while back:

"The Christian Right is Neither."

That is exactly the type of woman that makes me hate organized religion. She has so much anger and hate in her life. I pity her. Then again, if I had to stay at home with 5 kids, and was a virgin when I got married, and had to attend a very conservative church, I'd be a bitter old prune too, trying to justify my own "wonderful life" by tearing down others.

As we say in the south - "Oh, isn't she precious? God love her. Bless her sweet heart."

Dearest Tertia -- I just wanted to add that I am an American, Christian woman who loves you, loves your blog and disavows every word of this hate-filled rant. I am so glad you saw her post for the ridiculous BS it is and laughed it off. As I said to my friend Joy, it has given me a glimpse into some of the unenviable minefields infertile women must navigate as they make their reproductive choices. Blessing to you and your lovely family. xxxx Dina

So, every month she has her period and loses an egg, she must be murdering poor, innocent children.

Honestly, that was the most ignorant, hate mongering thing I have read in a long, long time. I feel sorry for her and embarassed that she is an American.

A true Christian holds her faith in her heart and does not feel the need to judge others. Like another person said she probably home schools in order to shelter her children from the horrors of us "sinners". I just hope her children are always her sheep and never stray because if they do, I feel very sorry for them.

The woman is very obviously sick in the head. How could you be killing scores and scores of babies? What babies? I didn't see any babies! oooh, that's because there weren't any babies. That was the problem. And due to your dedication, love and hard work now there are babies. And they are friggin' adorable. I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Um, You are a wonderful person and I think that person is a crazy. Yes, I'm judging, too.

I have a feeling that is going to be one very surprised woman when the time comes for her to "go to heaven". Her attitude is so far from the message that Christ taught, you gotta' wonder how she can even call herself a Christian.

I have never commented on your blog but I read it all the time. This readers comments were mind blowing. All I have to say is what a psycho!!! Obviously this woman is not very educated & has no idea what it feels like to not be able to get pregnant or have a child/children. Secondly if she is so offended by you why does she read your blog? Keep doing what your doing ~ I'm sure a lot of woman apprecitate & respect you.

I am absolutely stunned by her lack of compassion, and rather sick to my stomach.

Dear Tertia - (((Hugs))) you are so NOT a monster, and I'm so sorry you wound up in Zsuzanna's cross hairs.

P.S. I love Chris's response posted earlier in comments!

*this* is the kind of person i refer to when i talk about bible-thumping jesus-freaks who were brain-damaged at rebirth.

of course, hon, you *are* psycho. just not because of this.

Wow. My mouth is hanging open. I try to pretend that people like this blogger don't really exist, but WOW. That is just crazy.

I haven't commented here before but have read for a while. Just had to say this is sickening and I am sorry. Really gross and ignorant and appalling. And did I mention ignorant? So. So. Stupid.

Honestly, I had no idea people felt this way. How in the world could someone be so closed minded about things?

I just almost wrote that she made me feel bad about myself but you know what, she hasn't. I fought like hell for my kids and I stand behind all my actions.

Ignorance is depressing.

Well, but obviously there is a COMPLETE difference between an unfertilized egg and a fertilized egg--the fertilized one has a soul, doncha know! (rolling eyes).

Actually, in one of the science classes I took in college, I found out that in the case of identical twins (where one fertilized egg separates completely and grows into two babies), it often takes a few days after fertilization for the separation to happen. My question to those who believe that a fertilized egg gains its soul at the moment of fertilization is, how do you explain what happens in the case of identical twins? Are there "two souls" wrapped up in one egg that that somehow split apart? Or does one twin get to keep the "original" soul and the other one gets a new one? No answers, of course, but a damn interesting question.

Other than that, all I can say is, oy.

I just had to comment again to add that she closed comments which was really frustrating to me. I started an email and then decided that I didn't want her to have my email address because people like that scare me and I don't want my family at risk. She'd have a field day with me.

But again, I am sorry someone wrote those things about you, no matter how well you are able to take it. You have been through too much for that shit.

I continually miss things in the Bible, like where Jesus berated the infertile people and told his disciples to go call people monsters.

Nice, Shandra! :-)

Close comments, Tertia. Those of us who know you understand, and get your point. I'm glad you posted it, but the comment thing will backfire (seeking love and approval, you attention whore you), and I'm glad you copied her post here, cause I HATE clicking on something that will just up her page count, and I would hate to read any comments of her lovefest following. But I'm glad to know what kind of person she is, and only hope she losing a huge amount of readership for it. Altho, I can't imagine she having very many. For me, the Internet and women bloggers have really ruined my faith in the world. It's one thing to know one or two evil people in my world, but to know there are thousands has really kinda ruined blogging for me.

Um wow. I don't have any other words. wow.

Did anyone happen to notice she shows a picture of her phone number posted in the "New Pets" entry?

I'm just sayin.....


What a loon :)

If you ever stop being innapropriate, vulgar and psycho, I will stop reading your blog. So there!

Oh wow. She embarrasses me, not just as a Christian, but as a HUMAN BEING. That's just awful. Know that this is NOT any sort of representation of how we feel about you over here across the pond, Tertia.


I just had to laugh at myself. "One or two evil people in my world"? Who am I kidding? I used to work in the child abuse prevention field, and so I'm known more than one or two evil people. But the kind of posts that person just wrote? Just as evil as being a child molester.

Shame on her for spreading hate under the disguise of her religious beliefs. Not only is she full of hate but her statements are just factually wrong. It scares me to think about what she is teaching her children.

I have to agree with KES -- Not all Christians are like that crazy bitch. It's really too bad she's turned off her comments because I would have an earful for that woman.

T, she's the psycho, as are the people whose comments she published. Shame, imagine having that Stepford bunch of sons all in their matching suits - I'd also turn a little psycho.

I am just ..... stunned that people like that actually exist! Really and truly, I thought that completely blind prejudice no longer was tolerated and I am deeply hurt that it lives. The whole feeling about IVF thing aside (because after 3 of them myself I'm not lovin' it either), I cannot fathom the braindead hatred in someone's heart that would entice them to put into print their pathetically unGodly (since she seems to be in a religious zealot disguise) and uncompassionate thoughts about Africans and children/birth. I'm quite sure she has never been past the US border, never seen those that live hand to mouth without the benefit of being able to hide from the world on such a high and mighty throne. It slices at my soul to know that such closeminded people walk the earth with the rest of us. I so hope she does not pass on her racist/hatred filled muck to her children.

Wow, talk about psycho!

Scroll through her posts if you want to witness some breathtaking hatred.

One of my favorites - raving about Starbucks as long as a "queer" isn't making her drink. Hope none of her children grow up to be "queer".

I'm so upset for you right now Tertia. I guess she didn't get that "judge not" part in the Bible. As a Christian, I hope you know we aren't all judgmental, self-righteous wackos.

I would leave a comment on this woman's blog about the point that Orange makes (that many fertilized eggs do not implant and therefore abort so she is also a 'baby-killer'), but I am sure she would not let it be posted.

hehe...sometimes you've just gotta laugh...

First time commenting (I think, I've commented so many times in my head!).

Yikes - I am so sorry that someone would post like that about something they know nothing about. Heaven forbid any of her friends or relatives ever find themselves in your situation, she would probably disown them.

She is obviously clueless and has no idea what she is talking about. Don't take anything she said to heart, you know deep inside that you are none of the things that she said you are, and we all know it too.

Take care and give the kiddos lots of extra hugs and smooches today, that will make it feel better.

Just wanted to send you 1838439 smooches.

Holy shit. I read your blog faithfully, but don't often post. And, all that comes to mind is holy shit.

I don't know that I have ever read a post from such an ignorant person before. I am just amazed at her words.

I know you know that she is totally full of bs and that none of what she wrote is accurate, but I'm still sorry you had to read those words. I was going to post on her blog, but I'm not going to give her the satisfaction.


I am so pissed on your behalf I can barely see to type. What the hell? That was pure poison. I'm sorry you had to read such crap about you. Just so so sorry.

How do you go about flagging a blog? The out and out racism on this one is sickening. Those poor kids (hers).

< delurking >

holy shit! what a delusional ass! fortunately, we all know better.


< /delurking >

OMG, I am so sickened reading her hateful, judgemental rant. She considers being judgmental a compliment? Did someone die and make her God? Certainly not! The TRUE nature of God is unconditional love, which she clearly does not get. Doesn't it get tired to condemn others? I guess not for her. How very sad.

I am a Christian, Tertia (but not a HC), and I love you! Bless you and your family. Be well. And please try to ignore those who have not yet learned that to be judgemental is not something one should aspire to.

Have a fabulous day!

Hi tertia, sorry about that woman's terrible post.
I responded to her on one of her prevoius posts because she has silenced posts on that particularly nasty one. mine has to be approved by her in order to be posted, I presume it will not but at least she may read it.
I wrote something along the lines of: I hope she finds some peace with the anger she has inside her and that she endeavours to raise her children to be tolerant, kind, and to show forgiveness. Her hate seething as it is, there must be some terrible sadness in her life.
Sorry you had to bear the brunt of her.

How did I guess that idiot was some Baptist from the Bible Belt in the good ol'USA.
She HAS shut down her comment section.

Oh. My. Gosh. I don't even know what to say. Unbelievable. Heartless, cold, and horrible. Sometimes I get so upset and riled up by stuff - but this - this is ridiculous. Halfway through the article I had to start over, to make sure this wasn't a joke that I just didn't get.

This woman is a FREAK. She is obviously unbalanced.

whoa. bri sent me here.
the thing that stuns me most ~ i could have been a woman just like this. and that is something that scares the bejesus out of my soul.

i am sorry for her hateful words.
i dont know what else to say. christians like this scare me.

sending you monstrous, inappropriate, vulgar and psycho love!!! ;)

Whoa. I can't stop thinking about this woman — having a hard time getting any work done, in fact.

I did a little more digging on her blog and saw her husband is the pastor of the Baptist church they attend. I can only imagine what's said from the pulpit there.

Oh ick! I read her post and now I have crazy all over me! Get it off, get it OFF!!!!

Wow. I thought a christian way of thinking was to live and let live. When I read your IVF history, I think, "Wow, look at all she's gone through to bring a child into this world." And then through reading your blog I am reminded almost daily of the love you have for those children and that you are teaching them to grow up to be strong individuals. And like you said, the person I am sad for is her. Not only her, but the children she is raising to have the same simple-minded judgemental attitude that she so clearly demonstrates. I still can't believe she actually accused you of "killing 76 babies..." You have to laugh at it, or else we followers of So Close might hunt her down and show her the scorn of an infertile woman!

She's the monster. How can someone be so ignorant in this day in age? Of course she closed her comments, she must have already had some coming and couldn't handle being judged. She's absolutely sickening.

I am very, very sorry that such people exist. I always ask people like this "If you were in a burning building, with a tank of frozen embryos on your left and a baby on your right, and you could only carry out one, whom would you choose?" There is a lot of ignorance and racism in her words and probably in her works as well. I guess she doesn't know that PCOS is not linked to STDs.

Some people are vile, just vile. You know that you are not a monster, this woman is clearly such an idiot, she knows nothing. It's an evil thing to say, but then I'm not a good christian like she is, I hope one day she has some very hard choices to make. Our lives do not all pan out the way we want and sometimes tough decisions have to be made perhaps one day she might learn that.

I'm really happy I'm an atheist tonight, if she's one of the chosen ones, I'm glad not to be on her team.

Love to you and your family

OFFS, maybe she should investigate her facts before she wrote that!!
Since when has "her" govt paid for African IVF's. It's just laughable! Stupid cow.

I wonder if this woman realises just how many reasons there are that make IVF a necessity for some women? And how many millions across the entire world try to conceive by IVF every day, not just in Africa? The ignorance is astounding!
But, let's not give her the attention she so obviously craves!!!!!

Wow, is [link=http://www.faithfulwordbaptist.org/page2.html]she[/link] hateful.

I am almost speechless.

Ah, yes. Being a judgemental and hateful gasbag and being nasty towards those whose children have died. Jesus would totally support that, right? Right??

Oh, wait. Jesus, by all accounts, was a pretty nice guy. Shit! I guess the woman with the terminally puckered ass over yonder is actually a REALLY SHITTY CHRISTIAN. Big surprise.

It's a shame there's not a way to flag that. "Click here to let her God know that this person is flogging his name around and being an ass."


I often stop by here and don't often comment (!!) ... but I am outraged by this horrible woman, and I am VERY Glad you linked to her blog, although I see she has protected herself by closing her comments, which I think is rather cowardly. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to proclaim her Christianity and then slate you with her judgements?? Wow.
I'm really sorry she did this to you!

oh, this woman got me good and riled. I went STRAIGHT to her blog and sent her a piece of my mind. But, as she moderates her comments, we won't see anything but the 3 supportive comments she allowed through.

I am floored that this woman is so judgemental. Does being a pastor's wife entitle you to pass judgement on everyone who does not live according to your rigid requirements?

Tertia, you are a stronger woman than me, because I would not have been able to take this woman with the level-headedness that you did. I really admire the fact that you dealt with this in the mature way that you did. I would have been booking my flight and sharpening my nails...

Anyway, just remember that your children are God's beautiful creation. And they were born according to his plan.

Tertia, what is it you call Adam that is so awful??

"This woman herself proves how heartless she is when she refers to her young son with a term that is so vulgar I cannot repeat on here. I don't remember calling anyone that since I became a Christian, let alone one of my kids, and yet she refers to her son by that term"

I cant think of anything and I have been reading here for over 3 years.....

Religion causes wars because some people are so militant and judgemental - and lean on their "faith" as a reason to spout rubbish. I;ve always been taught to interpret the bible etc in my own way - aparently everything can be interpretted differently depending on your beliefs etc - but sadly this woman seems to come from a very narrow minded church group.

She is factually incorrect, and by moderating the comments shows that she knows that.

anyway, you know you're not a monster. just wanted you to hear support from me too xx

Maybe her husband needs a little email that he needs to reign in his wife. Right from his church site is his email addy if anyone is interested.

just re-read that quote I posted - she "became" a christian. shes a born again - like an ex-smoker they are the worst kind ;-)

hey, your sister is the best christian i can think of - she makes the happy clappy stuff seem worthwhile, unlike this woman ;-)

After reading through a few of her posts, I am even more sickened than I was when I commented earlier. This women who condemns birth control usage and abortion, this women who claims to have such a love for children, in a different post refers to a child born to a single mother as an "illegitimate bastard". Wow, way to be a loving Christian!!! I am glad she home schools, I would not want my children exposed to her children.

She is a coward. She closed comments on her post. A closed minded coward. She calls herself a christian! That is laughable. I am embarassed for her. Real Christians are not so judgemental. Real Christians have some compassion. I cannot believe how she talks about the people of Africa! Shameful really. I am sorry I increased her traffic.

I wish I wouldn't have looked at her blog, but of course I did and now I'm so mad... of course, she has disabled any more comments, probably from all the negative feedback she's gotten. It amazes me when so called "Christians" have such a narrow, narrow view of the world and are so unaccepting of other point of views (on a myriad of topics, not just IVF). (and I can appreciate that not that all "Christians" are like this woman, as a previous poster said).

I agree with you though - it is SO over the top that I had to kind of laugh and almost feel sorry for her...must get lonely being so judgmental unless you're surrounded by nuns!! I wonder what she would've done if she tried for years and years to get pregnant like so many of us... probably just prayed a lot until God graced her with the child she deserved (because that always works). If she's reading YOUR comments, I hope she sees this and realizes that there are millions of women that would give anything, absolutely anything, to be pregnant with one child, let alone on #5. Her comments don't hurt me, being in cyberspace and all, but I feel very sorry for anyone in her "real" life who has infertility issues!

If you're "a monster, inappropriate, vulgar and a psycho" can I be that too please, because you're rather awesome;-)

I am so sorry that people like this exist. She has no right to judge you or what you do with your life. Its people like her that give Christianity a bad name. Keep continuing to encourage other people in their TTC journey, you are doing a wonderful job, you are an inspiration to many ladies.

If I were a Christian I'd pray for her. Luckily I'm not.

Good for you for laughing. Personally, I have a harder time shaking off such comments. If they came from someone who was not from a religious group, maybe I would get it. But what about "judge not" and "god is love" and all that.
I really really wish someone might explain. I am Christian myself. Not born again, but raised Christian so that is my tradition. And while I understand that Zsuzsanna does not reflect the views of all Christians, I find that sadly, there are a ton of supposedly good Christian people out there who spend way too much time passing judgment and condemning others. Could someone please explain this phenomenon to me as I just do not get it. At all.

Please know that this ignorant, hate-filled woman does NOT speak for conservative Christians! Most of us Happy Clappers are really quite kind and loving :))))

I'm wondering what the newspapers in Tempe, Arizona would think of some of her hate-filled, racist ramblings? How about the Baptist Sunday School Board?

Oh and p.s. this woman hates dogs to. She blogged about wanting to shoot a stray on her street. (Not as in "It was annoying me so much I felt like shooting it," but rather. "The humane society warned me that if I did shoot it I'd go to jail." (Followed by a rant on those stupid humane laws.
She's a nut.

Holy shit, Tertia! I don't even know what to say except you know the truth and this woman is a joke. Oh, and a coward. She's disabled comments. Too bad, too, because I really wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed screwing Hagar and how wonderful my little Brat is, even though I can't handle him. I mean seriously...what the fuck?

Guess I'll have to send my comments to her through her husband. At his church...


I'm so going to have fun with this.

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