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oh...that is fantastic! heh

They are too funny! So cheeky, and so SMART! Kate, in particular, just cracks me up. Not that car-shaped poop isn't funny. :)

So did you call the doctor? hahah

Classic, all of those ... I'm sure my husband relates in particular to Marko's comment to Adam!!

Hahahahaha, I am laughing so much I nearly peed my pants :)

There is just no freaking way they are talking that well. Where has the time gone???

Funny shit, though. :)


WAHAHAHAHA. Oh my word, Kate and Adam are so grown! WAHAHHA

Isn't it amazing now that they can express themselves so well? Calling the doctor at our house got to be such a frequent request ( nurse's children) that we had rules about when to go, so much so that once our hypochondriac daughter used to get quite upset with my unwillingness to traipse off to the doctor. One day our cat was ill and started to throw up some worms. Very disgusting, so I immediately called up the vets to get an appointment. My daughter Megs was battling a snotty nose due to allergies, for which we had already seen the doctor once. She was 4, Kate's age, and unhappy because she thought she should be seen daily at the doctor's office until her allergies went away. Anyway, she heard me make an appointment at the vets for the cat and became very indignant. "Oh, the cat can have an appointment, but I can't?" My response, given without thought or malice has become the family joke about mom's caviler attitude regarding the health of her family. I replied "When you start vomiting worms let me know and I will call and make you an appointment at the vets.
Just wait Tertia, it is coming, some day soon the things that you say to the kids will be used against you. It is the next step in the smart kid language evolution. "But mum, you said...

Bwwaaaa haaa ha! Sounds like fun times at your hosue.

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose kid has picked up words like "asshole." Yesterday, my own darling two-year-old said "What is that bitch doing?!?!" when someone cut us off while driving. Nice.

Reminds me of my household. Am glad I'm not the only one.

lol Man the things we say and what we TEACH our kids to say! ahhahhaha sometimes comes back and bites us

Ha! Our daughter made her first poop in the potty and said, "It looks like a cookie!" We laughed, so then she repeated her comment every day, for a long time. Ugh.

Dear Lord,

Please let me live one day to be a fly on the walls in the home of the Analtyns.


During the first few weeks of potty training with both my children they had to analyze what their poops looked like. Who needs inkblots?

Today driving home from school my son said, "When I'm angry, I say a bad word. I say "Damn" just like you mommy!" (At least it wasn't something worse which both my children have heard me say all too often.)

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