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OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! I´m soo happy I´m actually crying!! I so remember Danae... oh Danae you have no idea how many of us remember and miss you!!! Congratulations over and over and over again for you! You have no idea who I am but that´s okay, this is the best news in the world and I´ll be exctatic all day after it!!!!

Thank you so much Tertia for letting us know. Danae, please, cme back for a litle blogging, I´d love to hear some more details about your beautiful, incredible, adored baby boy.

Much Love to all the VP, you will always be with me and now that Danae has got here too every time I think of you It will warm my heart.

Oh Danae
Congratulations - I am so excited for you

I felt the same way with my duaghter - throughout the pregnancy I was convinced that if anything went wrong this was it I was never doing it again

But the moment she was born and I had her in my arms I knew I'd do it again in an instant, that everything, all the tears, all the miscarriages, all the injections, everything was worth it and she made everything perfect.

I am beyond happy that you are getting to enjoy this with your little man

Hugest congratulations!

Danae, I remember you! Congratulations!!

I am so happy for you, Danae. I'm not IF (that I know of, just a victim of circumstance) and I don't even know how I got hooked on the VP's blogs, but as time ticked on and you stopped blogging I hoped and hoped your day would come too.

I'm sitting at my desk crying about this. I've never taken Danae off of my bookmarks in hope that some day she would begin posting again! Congratulations Danae! We do remember you! I'm so happy you've got a little one!

Squee!!! Jumping up and down! I'm so, so happy for Danae! When her blog went silent a couple of years ago, I felt incredibly sad for her. I stopped stopping by, but never really forgot. It's awesome to hear happy news after all she's been through!

And thank you, Tertia, for being the bearer of that great news. :)

Congratulations Danae! I am thrilled beyond thrilled for you. We've missed you so much girl.

I hoped against hope it was here. I loved her blog and think of her often. Congratulations Danae!!!!!

DANAE! Congratulations Danae if you're reading this!! I couldn't be happier for you!! PLEASE PLEASE start blogging again - I loved reading your posts and the idea of reading posts where you are happy and talking about your little guy, that sounds awesome! Congratulations on the little one, I truly am very happy for you and thank you for at least letting us know so we could share our joy for you!

I've kept Danae on my blogroll all this time and every once in awhile I'd click in to see if she had posted anything. This is the most fabulous news ever. Congratulations, Danae, on your precious little boy!

Oh Danae! Congratulations lady, I am thrilled for you and your family.

Of course we remember you Danae! I am thrilled for you, such happy news. And do find the "bloody password", as Tertia said, we would love to hear from you again.

And Tertia, that was TERRIBLY mean!

I'm crying as I read this, too. Of course I remember Danae, and the cats in the background of her HPT pix. I could not be happier to hear she is a mother. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What wonderful news!

For Danae,

I am sitting at my computer crying tears of joy. I remember your last posts so well - you were fighting with the insurance company - and I emailed your with some advice, and you were so very gracious in your response. Please know that I have thought about you often, and so hoped that you found the happiness and peace you were seeking, and so very happy that you have. I really hope you remember your password; I have really missed reading your blog.



I remember Danae! I also remember her parting post to us and I can honestly say that is the most amazing news. Maybe one day the blog will be open to us again so we can be readers all over again.

Miss Grrl to bits too

Oh my goodness! That is so so exciting. I'm pretty sure I cried when she ended her blog. Thanks for sharing the good news.

Oh my goodness! That is so so exciting. I'm pretty sure I cried when she ended her blog. Thanks for sharing the good news.

Danae--I kept checking in YEARS after you closed the blog. I am so, so, so thrilled that you got your happy ending. I would LOVE to know more about your beautiful boy and how he got to you :) PLEASE consider doing a longer update !!!!

All the best!!!!

Yay! I was so sad when Danae stopped blogging, and never got that baby! And now she's a mom! I'm beyond thrilled. Find that password, darnit!

That is great news. She was part of why I started blogging.

Wow. Wow.

Danae wouldn't know me from Adam, but I found her blog through yours. I don't think I got to read much of her content, but what I did see -- oh, I felt for her and was mad at the universe on her behalf.

I am so, so, so happy to read this. Many congratulations, Danae!

Congrats to Danae! I read her blog for a long time and was sorry when she was gone from the blogosphere. The news that she is finally a mom after so much is FANTASTIC!

Oh I'm so very very very happy that it's Danae. That is truly the best news I have heard in a very long time. Wish her all the best from all of us.


I was guessing Danae in the middle of the night, mid bout of insomnia, because I realized that she had password protected her blog and thought that might have been why--that she had resumed blogging but didn't want to go totally public with her life...great news!

Oh My Goodness. What amazing news!

That is really so wonderful. I've thought about Danae often over the years. I'm thrilled to hear her news.

I'm beyond thrilled! Danae won't have any idea who I am, as I am a 98% Lurker, but I did read her blog and was so sad when she went offline.

What a wonderful completion of your circle. Please do give her our very best.

Hallelujah! I was literally just thinking about Danae the other day and wondering how she was. This is really glorious news. The thing about you folks from the VP was always much more about the eloquence coming out of your mouths than anything from the ass! Congratulations and all best wishes to D.


That is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news! I always hoped she would get the happy ending she wanted, one way or another. What a long and winding road, all worth it I'm sure. Congrats Danae, husband and welcome to the world baby boy!!!!

Oh, Danae! Couldn't be better news. I'm jubilant!!!!

We miss you!

another longtime lurker coming out to say Congratulations!!!

So fantastically happy for Danae! Send along congrats from the internets!

THRILLED to hear this news!!! THRILLED!!! I was so sad when Danae stopped blogging. Thanks for sharing the news with us Tertia.

So so so thrilled. What wonderful news.

Aw, congratulations Danae!!!

Yessssss! I guessed it yesterday, and I can't express how happy I am that I was right!
Congratulations, Danae! I am so so so happy for you.

Apparently she found her password, because the blog is accessible again. Yay! Now we must all clamor for an UPDATE! Being sleep-deprived is not an excuse, nope, not at all!

ok, now that made me teary.

Congratulations Danae, I am so very very happy for you. I never forgot you, and now I can remember you happy not sad.


I miss Danae so much!!

Oh danae is way much better then Karen (I mean I hope for Karen it won't be long and all ) but wow Dnae ia mom.. Didn't realise I read if blogs for that long

Danae! Thrilled....this is wonderful news! Miss her.

Danae!!!! Hooray! Oh my goodness gracious congratulations! And Karen's pregnant?!?! Wow. Congratulations.

I am so happy for Danae and her bouncing baby boy. I would also love an update on Getupgrrl.

Yay Danae!

I am so happy for Danae, I remember her so well. I can't believe that 3 years have passed since her last post.

Enjoy every second of it, Danae! So so happy for you! And welcome to the world little one!

Thank you Tertia for posting the news,


Oh, I'm sooo happy to hear that. I really enjoyed her blog back in the day, and I thought that she'd given up.

Could we ever get an update on Grrl? Her blog was amazing, and I was so sad when she went away.


A million congrats to all three of them!

Congrats to Danae!!! I hope she starts blogging again too; I miss her.

Has anyone HEARD from getupgrrl? Is she doing well?

YAY!!!! Congratulations Danae - I'm so stoked :)

OMG, congratulations Danae!!! I totally remember you - I'd been following your blog for a long time, along with many others in the group - and I remember how sad I was for you whenever I would check back hoping to read something new and encouraging on your blog. I'm so thrilled to hear you have your baby boy now. I too received my long-awaited little one after years of trying and loss (he's a boy also) and all I can say is you so deserve all the amazing moments you'll be having with your baby. Enjoy!

Ditto on the getupgrrl question. Anyone know anything about her?

I remember her and I am so happy that she has a new son. Her blog ended on such a sad note. I'm glad she had a happy ending.

DANAE!!!!!!!!! Hooray! That made my day!

Look -- an entire sentence that rhymes. I am that excited. :)

Congratulations to Danae and family!


Aaargh! Yay! That is the greatest news ever. I've thought of her so often & wondered. She was super cool to me when I had a miscarriage in 2005. THIS ROCKS. Big love to her.

I hope Danae is reading these comments. I have never EVER forgotten her. Every time I heard of a mistreated or unwanted baby, Danae came to mind. Danae if you are reading this, my heart could BURST with happiness for you. Congratulations!!!!

Congrats to Danae and ALL the VP!!! I am so happy for you all :))

as i just posted over on a little pregnant - i was heart broken when i read Hardscrabble's (Danae's) last posting and actually go over there and re-read it time to time...i strated to read her over on live jounral and follwed her over to type pad...i would LOVE it if she came back and wrote...there was always something just beautiful in the way she put things...

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