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OMG is it Julie??????? TELL TELL!

Julie or Karen?

On second thought, could be too soon for Julie. How about the Karem with a not so Naked Ovary, C'mon You're killing me!!!


Karen. It must be Karen. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

Okay - but Karen updated yesterday that all was well and Julie has not updated for a few days. Hmmmmm - COME. ON. ALREADY!!


I want a prize.


*I* am guessing gettupgrrl with #2.

No change my mind it is Julie, she has had the baby early.

Still want a prize.

must be Karen but would'nt getupgrrl be great! Oh this is mean!!!

I do love it when you tease us so.

Now spill it.

Huh I reckon there is a new little baby in the world with the nickname of Rocky.

My prize can be chocolate, if you were to stay with me for a week we would drink far too much good Australian wine.

Karen posted yesterday and she didn't sound ready to pop yet. So I'm guessing it would be getupgrrl. Only I didn't even know she was pregnant. I miss her.

I miss both Grrl and Danae so much...

Maybe a lame guess, but first thing that popped into my mind....you got a new puppy.

OK, I should have read it closely...I am such a loser. Completely off base by miles, I am...just ignore me.


I'm guessing Karen. Reminds me of the day I went into labour. About 2 hours before my waters broke I texted my friend - "nothing happening, still here, still bored". And then - bang!

Anyway I hope it's Karen - 38 weeks is "good enough". I want Julie to go longer!!!

I hope it's Vanessa...

I think it is The Naked Ovary girl... Now maybe she'll tell us Rocky's real name.

Well, I immediately thought "KAREN" of naked ovary fame (blame it on T because she sent me back there after K got a bfp). Then I thought "Julie" (love the whole quilt thing), Please let it be DANEA, & then I read the comments & thought"oh, f@$%, I've been around so long I remember getupgrrl". SO SORRY GIRL! I'm just old & infertile & I can't spell anymore...booo hooo!

OK ~ I'm on my second...third (I confess) glass of wine & now I've turned on spell check ...hee, hee!

OK ~ I'm hooked & T you are a bad, bad, girl...PLEASE, say it with the Austin Powers accent! I'll be back tomorrow to see who gave birth.

OK ~ I just looked at the time of my post & just to set the record straight girls ~ I am in ALASKA on ALAKSA time & it is 1:04 in the morning~ not 11:01 Tertia Time. I am justified in my 2 ~ OK 3 glasses of wine! And, heres to the new baby!! Cheers!

Congratulations! (I wish it was me :0) )

Waaa hhhaaa haaa Tam. Dont LIE! Bet you are here in Sunny SA, glugging back a nice Nederberg. ;-)

Definitely Karen! Read her post yesterday: shortening cervix, 38wks.... mmm!

Don't know who it is, but want to refer to your twitter comment. IE: your dream! Did you perhraps dream of a baby?? Is that not saying something? If you KNOW you are done, then I am happy for you! But - if you don't know you are done, then I say this: YOU WILL NEVER REGRET HAVING A BABY. A THIRD WILL GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM.And even if it doesn't, because you are so bloody old (ha ha), by the time no.3 is born, you will be too old to even contemplate another, so that will be you - done!If I am way off base, and your dream had nothing to do with small people, then just ignore me! Comment? Wnat comment? I didn't say anything..

Must be Karen, Julie is only 31 weeks isn't she? Is it Karen? Come on T, tell us, you big meanie!

Long shot, but I'd have liked it to be Danae. In a month or so the VP will have enough children to form complete sports teams. If there is such a thing as "turns" in this Universe (which I know there's not), I'd want it to be her turn.

It must be Danae...her blog went password protected...boo! but yay!

I hope it's not Julie...it's too early for her little boy.

Totally Karen.

Soper?? She was waiting to hear about an adoption.

I am guessing it's not Karen or Julie, since you would not have announced it before them (unless they told you to...like Julie did with Charlie...hmm...but with Julie, it wouldn't be excitement, she's too early). So maybe it's one of the others people have mentioned! Or Karen, possibly! But since last night it was no change, I am guessing not.

is it someone that gave natural brith or is it maybe someone who got there brand spanking new baby via adoption? come on give us a clue

Spill. It.

It was me!! Wait a second. No. I'm infertile. It was Julie then!! (I do not want any prize; thank you)

GAH! So few women in active labor are into blogging. That makes it hard for the rest of us to check on the teasers!

Tell tell tell! Karen? Julie? Getupgrrl?


You are cruel and unusual.

I'm really pulling for Danae - say it is!

My bet is on Karen.

Eek! I hope it isn't Julie, her baby still has a lot of cooking to do.

The suspense is KILLING ME.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

How long are you going to keep us in suspense??? (I was the kid who always snooped before Christmas so this is KILLING me!)

It is.....Julie?
She hasn't updated in a few......but it's still early!
I will gladly accept 3rd prize hahaha

OK, older than you is messing me up, because Julie isn't and I didn't think Karen was, either. But that could make it Grrl or Danae, maybe. Or Julianna? Wouldn't it be great if she got a baby?

Oh, babies for everyone who wants one. Babies all around!

I hope it's Karen!!!!

Karen. I hope! *crosses fingers*

I bet it is Karen. Go Karen! Can't wait to here all about the labor and delivery and new baby girl Rocky!

I'm thinking Karen...ooohhh I hope it is Karen!

Danae? Danae??? Grrl? Sigh. Miss them so.

hmm...im thinking the chick who helped you with arranging julies babyshower

It's not Karen. She just posted on her blog that it is not her. I can't even imagine. I hope that if it is Julie that everythign is OK!

I wondered about Karen after her last post....but I hope it is not Julie, since I think she needs more time...

TERTIA! You're killing us!

Karen says she's still pregnant, but both she and Julie are younger than T anyhow.

Wishful thinking has me hoping its either Danae, Boulder, or Grrl. I've been lurking since 2004, and I would be over the moon for all of the original VP to be parents.


Please, please, PLEASE post just one little tiny baby picture for us, no matter who it is -- pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee?

Either Karen or Julie, has to be one of them right?


If I lived closer I'd come and throttle you for that--IT IS JUST NOT RIGHT TO SCREW WITH US LIKE THAT!

I'm thinking unkind thoughts about you right now.

Julie is right...you're an asshole ;)

Oh, please let it be Danae! pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

I'm actually hoping it isn't Julie. I wanted her to go more full term than this.

But whoever it is, how long will you keep us in suspense??

My guess is Karen since her blood pressure wasn't playing pretty.

Karen? you can come stay in my big house in Miami

Sure would hope it is Karen rather than Julie. Rocky is more well done than is Robin.

Tertia, you're mean! This isn't fair! I don't think it's Julie for various reasons... come on, tell us! Please? Pretty please?

Not Karen, and if it's Julie she's about 31 1/2 weeks, so that's early (though not as early as she's seen) and for that reason I'm hoping not her.

But she seems likely, and the one you most often call asshole.

Well, I, too, am hoping for a member of the VP. Karen says it's not her (and she should know), and I have to think that for Julie to have popped this early would be a somewhat mixed blessing (though hopefully only short-term, of course, with long-term blessings galore).

So??? C'mon Tertia...!

SPILL WOMAN I'm going to get fired for frantically running around the internet looking for some sort of announcement!!!

You're killing me here. Please, please, spill those beans.

Let it be Danae, she so deserve it.

If not her, getupgrrl?

Boulder? Please!!!!

My guess is Julie... do tell...

Well, it ain't Karen, who was the most obvious guess. My other guesses (hopes) are Boulder and Danae.

You're killing me, by the way. Cough up the news before we band together and strangle it out of you! (I mean that in the nicest possible way. Heh.)

Damn you! I have better things to do than to click around refreshing all the blogs I read, trying to figure out who it is. But now that's what I'm going to be doing all afternoon. Spill it!

But it shouldn't be Julie, she was expecting a boy.

It's not Julie because you wouldn't be so happy about her being delivered at 31 weeks. It's not Karen because she just disclosed that it's not. getupgrrl?

oops, nevermind, I swore I read somewhere today that the new baby was a girl... I guess it still could be Julie then. I went back to reread and it does say the new baby was a girl anywhere.

No Fair - I am new to your blog. How can you keep a newbie out in the cold like that????

it turns out you can keep a little secret. Its rude tho.

I would guess Julie, but hopefully not b/c it's still a little early.

Would like to say that after this post, NO ONE is a bigger asshole than you. (said with love, of course).

You freaking went to bed without telling us, didn't you? I hope you have a charley horse tonight!

She DID go to bed without telling us. If there is a God, Adam will wake screaming every 45 minutes tonight and Kate will promptly join in the fun every time and Tertia will think twice before messing with us again.

You're KILLING us!

Hello. Get out of bed and TELL US. RIGHT NOW.

Please :)

You are evil and must be destroyed.
I hope your next glass of wine is full of sediment.

You. are. KILLING. me.

i'm guessing getupgrrl. I loved her. Her blog got me through some very dark times. I hope little Gelfite has a new brother or sister!

You are CRUEL! Evil, evil, woman! ;)

My guess is Boulder.

I was thinking of your friend who is named after a fruit. But not sure how that works out timing wise.

Is it grrl? Danae? Oh, I hope it's Danae. Please tell us.

Wait, it's not Julie, is it? Oh, crap -- you're in bed aren't you. How terribly mean.

NOBODY has a new baby because NOBODY is a bigger asshole than Tertia at this point! OK. I want a prize now.

Tell me it's grrl!! Or Emily!!! Danae?! Gah, tell!!!

I'm going with Soper (Uterine Wars).

I thought all of the "we're in the cool kids club" stuff was over with. I guess not.

Not Boulder, she has posted that it wasn't her.

Oh, I was so hoping it would be Danae! Of course I remember her! I am so, so thrilled for her and her wonderful family!

I noticed her password protection and had been secretly hoping that was why. SO many tears here - my heart always went out to her as she was the last of the VP without children. This is WONDERFUL news.

My oh my, oh my!

How truly, truly wonderful. I think I last checked Danae's blog about 6 months ago, always always hoping that there would be a happy ending for her.

Go Danae! Congratulations both to you and Mr Danae xoxo It's been a long time and we've missed you, but we're all cheering in our separate corners of the world.

I'm so glad that bitter babble is past, or at least healing courtesy of a special, special child.

(Tertia you are a complete asshole. The assholeiest asshole of them all in fact. xoxo Thank you for bringing us such wonderful news xo)

How wonderful! Congratulations Danae!

I wasn't around when she was blogging (or I may have been, but never read her blog). That said, I am always ELATED to hear when someone to wants a baby with every fibre of their being (and more), gets one. Makes me all teary and pathetic.

Congratulations Danae - from a very long way away. XXX

OMG I was totally wishing it was Danae! That is so awesome! I've been thinking about her and hoping for a happy ending for her ever since her last post on her old blog, what was it, like three years ago? Yay! Congrats Danae!

Of course we remember Danae!!!! I'm thrilled for her!!!!!!!! :D What wonderful news!

Wish Danae all the best! Also, you need to change the "retired" label on your Vagina Posse list to commemorate the event! I have often thought of her since she stopped blogging.

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