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Apparently it is a self healing problem because today it works fine.

Must have been my super sleuthing after all!

No problems here. I am running IE7.0

Tell them to download a real browser: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/

Posting this via ie. 7 no brobs, upgrading and getting with the times also helps.

http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/ - (just a quick one I found with my 2 second break from working) ...

Have someone with time give it a once over with either an analyzing tool or a keen eye and benchmarking software.

- D

I'm in Cape Town. It's been crashing me for the past few days - at home and at work. Brings my whole internet down! I'm on IE7 on both. Hope that helps...

I thought it was #@$%&! Vista, which I now blame for everything that goes wrong, including if DH fails to take out the trash. I noticed that it was happening when I was on your blog, but never thought of blaming you or it. I'd be curious if others who were crashing on your blog are also running this Gates-of-Hell operating system (get it? Gates? Bill Gates? LOL!).

Use Firefox. End line.

You've been a problem for me (IE), both home and work, since last Thursday. Which made getting the Danae news trying. But, I persevered.

Supply a link to download Firefox? Otherwise, I have no idea.

It crashed me today but now it's better. Don't know what it was!


same here...thought about mentioning it to you....crashed computer at home and in the office. Now it seems fine!

You're site was crashing me over the weekend, I couldn't stay on long enough to leave a comment about it. It hasn't done it since Sunday, tho' so it must be fixed. I was probably on EI, even tho' I do have Firefox, and I keep jumping back and forth!

Yippee - I was being crashed constantly trying to get to Danae's news! I could see the extension-linky but I couldn't get to the extension linky! You should've heard the screams in our house ;-) :-) I think my husband thinks I even swore, with my parents in the house. I have v. religious parents.


I thought it was my computer - everytime I logged onto your blog my whole computer freezed up.

I have been crashing for days. It started with Danae's news. I have not been able to leave comments. I think that it is better now though. Thanks

You did crash my browser yesterday, all seems well today.

Seems to be fixed now, Yipee!Smooches!

yay! Fixed for me too. Was really bugging me but I figured it was my machine, not your blog.

Works for me

Thanks for looking into a fix Tertia! Your blog was crashing my computer on every visit back in spring '07 (well, fall for you). I ended up getting an entirely new machine in November and thought all was fixed until it started crashing on your blog again in the last few weeks. I kept saving yours for last so that I could just read what I could and when it crashed, shut down for the day.

:) The natural photo of the new arrival, taken by Emma Tallulah's dad,

I recommend taking this version of Windows 7 http://file.sh/Windows+7+Build+6956+torrent.html for installation.

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