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Agh, I feel for you. My dog did the same thing. He was a holy terror for about the first six months we had him. He was about one and a half when we got him from the pound. With much training and the provision of "appropriate" chew toys and bones, he finally decided to shape up and be a good dog. He hasn't chewed anything up in years. Hang in there!

I got news for ya'. It may never stop. My stupid dog is 9 and still chews shit up. Good luck!

But you are so right - she is SOOOOOO cute!!!

My parents have 2 golden retrievers and they went through bed after bed after bed when they were puppies. My parents were always finding bits of fluff and fabric everywhere. My parents finally quit buying them beds and the dogs grew out of it. She IS really cute!

Oh dear - those eyes! That face! How can you stay cross??
Just wanted to let you know though - I have been told that if a dog eats foam it can cause serious consequences. Let her rip - but make sure she no swallow the stuff!!
('cos I know you needed ass-vice...... ;-))

Well, it does look like she had a good time! If not a good dog, at least a very happy dog.

Can totally relate, only difference is mine has 2 wings, feathers, a beak, lives indoors and back-chats if you try and address her bad habits! She especially loves chewing important documents, laptops and leather or antique furniture, the rest is not quite her taste.

Nothing can match the destructive power of a bored retriever.

Golden retrievers love to chew :) I have two recommendations: First, get chew-proof beds. They have them on lots of pet sites (like Orvis). Even if she chews them, they will replace them for free. Second, get some rawhides. Also, maybe some kongs. You fill them with peanut butter and the dogs get to play and chew. It will help, I promise.

hehehe...my sisters Golden ate her SOFA!!!! at least she is only eating her own bedding.

Oh that face!!!!!!

You know that face is saying, 'It wasn't me, I would never do that to you, I love you, I worship you. It was Adam and Kate'.


She might just be bored, golden retriever puppies have a lot of energy and need a ton of excercise!

Also, be careful with what you put out there with her, my dog ended up needing surgery for an obstruction after eating too much fabric.

They do say that puppies will go through an average of 4 beds while they grow out of being puppies. 'They' didn't mention anything about telephone cords, shoes, clthing, structural damage to kennels, assorted toys, each other (where you have more than one), a fab wallet that I'd spent a fortune on about 2 weeks before, my personal favourite - pulling all the individual bulbs off the Christmas lights and putting them in a nice little pile ... etc etc etc. Thankfully, for my two at least, this stage did pass (although the Border Collie still has a thing about Christmas lights at 4yo). She may be teething - that happens around 6 months or so and I can't remember how old she is and I know ours got worse when they were teething.

I don't get the pulling things out of kennels thing though - seriously, it's winter, it's wet and it's cold, I've just folded the blankets lovingly and crawled into your kennel to put them in because you don't have opposible thumbs - WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR BLANKETS OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN??!!

Awwwe she is so cute. But her behaviour is not. Hahaha. I once had a dog who literally chews on everything: rocks, slippers, plants and loves to scavenge on our garbage can! We honestly don't know how to handle our dog.

The only thing we did is that we've put the trash can somewhere she can't reach---as for the plants...oh well. :(

We have two 3.5 year old labradors, and the girl still chews their kennel... The plants are pretty much safe now, but no nice squishy beds for them, fleacy blankets last a day or two. They get industrial strength carpet instead. At least they can't tear that so easily.

I know exactly what you are going through with Shelly - we have a golden labrador who is about 5 years old and STILL chews things, carries all her blankets out into the rain/mud/slush etc!! So I don't know if they ever grow up or if mine was dropped on her head as a puppy!!!! On the bright side - they are great with kids.....

OMG, you are all making me scared, very scared!!! We are getting a German Shepherd pup in a few weeks and all I can think about is the damage! Our current GS is 11 years old and has not chewed on things for quite a while (though he occasionally digs in the garden).

She sure is a beauty!

Kongs are GREAT! And so are rawhides (but they STINK!!)

Our lab ate four (yes four) rose bushes, dragged our palm across the yard (I could not lift it at all it was that bloody heavy)killed all her blankies and beds etc etc. We got a jack russel and that kept her way to busy to anihilate (sp?) anything else.

You should get her a treat cube! Dunno if they sell them in SA, but I had a dachshund once who was a WRETCHED PAIN IN THE ARSE his entire short life (what, *I* didn't kill him!), and they sell these things that you can put bits of jerky or something delicious-smelling inside and the only way for the treat to get OUT is through a maze, so the dog has to knock the thing all over the place ENDLESSLY to get a morsel, and a full one of those can occupy them for HOURS (the cube itself is made out of the same indestructible material as Kong toys are, and you can stuff a Kong full of treats too but they're much easier to get out since it's a straight-shot and therefore won't last as long). The hard part is showing the dog that food does indeed come OUT (I cheated and placed some just inside the chute, covered it over with my finger, then played with the dog and the cube shouting excitedly and as soon as the dog went at the cube, moved my finger so that VOILA! Instant reward! Actually teaching them to use the thing is a real pisser, but if you are successful it might keep her busy--you might have to stuff several of the things every morning and give her a "light" breakfast *wink wink* the first few days, they could save your garden (and Bruno) from her puppyish energy. Here is a link:

Have you heard of the book "Cesar's Way"? It is a book written by the dog pyscologist Cesar Millan, and I found it extremely helpful in taming my dog.

I love the second picture, where she is sitting comfortably surveying her mess... V Cute!

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