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Do you have an ingrown toenail? Those can get infected, and they hurt like a beeyatch, even when they're not.

A podiatrist can help...

Hugs to you and yours. The winter blahs are no fun for anyone.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

I recommend regular soaking in warm water, then soak in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. Then wash with soap, making sure you pull the sides of the toe away from the nail to get it nice and clean in there. Then dry it with a towel, apply some antibacterial stuff, and wrap it. Repeat for a couple days and it will get MUCH better.

Also, drink some wine.

You know I love you dearly, but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR TOE AMPUTATED. Go to your doctor, get some antibiotics for the infection you probably have, and you'll be fine. Soaking your foot in a hot water bath with a little bit of bleach will help.

Go to the doctor you silly thing.

Oh, and it's cold and rainy here on this not-glorious summer afternoon. Does that make you feel better? Snark!

Something like that seems so uncomplainable because nobody else can see how much pain you're in. I'd much rather have an infected eye or something because then at least you get sympathy.

You crack me up. I googled what your weather conditions are like, just out of curiosity to know what "freezing" is for a South African. HA! Your temps are in the upper 60s! That's summer for us here in the Pacific Northwest. I wear shorts any time it gets over 60. It's supposed to get close to 90 this weekend, and I am whining because it is so very hot.

GO TO THE DOCTOR. You don't want to die of a pedicure, and you know how nasty that cellulitis can be.

If it's any consolation it's blowing at 120kms per hour here and the rain is coming at us sideways through the catflap! Would swap a winter in Cape Town for a winter in Wellington right about now.

I have had the infected toe problem too, due to cheap spa pedicures. I will NEVER stick my feet into a tub of water at a nail salon again. Ever. The worst and most recent one was actually acquired the day before my wedding, resulting in a honeymoon with me limping around Playa Del Carmen for a week. Good times.

Wish I had some advice, but all I can say is that it hurts like hell for a long time. Mine finally opened and I was able to drain it a bit, which also hurt like hell, then I packed it full of antibiotic ointment. Eventually it healed but then when I thought it was all over, a big chunk of my toe fell off, kind of like a blister does. Nasty. But, no scarring, and I didn't lose the toe.

If it doesn't get better soon or if you see red streaks coming from it, get thee to a doctor quick.

Besides the advice re: cheap pedicures and podiatrist you may have gout. The most common site for gout is the big toe and the symptoms sound very much like an infected to.


You know what I love the most about you? It's the speed at which two posts can come from you, one titled "All's well in the land of Tertia" and the very next one, "I might need to have my toe amputated!"
You are a drama queen par excellence and I wish I knew you personally, you are great fun!
Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day. Now tell Marko to stop coughing and massage your toe, the lazy bugger!!

Go to the doctor with that toe -- just to be safe. A friend recently had the same thing after going for a dodgy pedi -- she ended up with a Staph infection!

T - get that toe checked out and taken care of. So sorry to hear the family isn't well - particularly the hubby as that can truly be a pain!!!

As for the rest of us, yes it is summer here but we aren't all on holiday. And while warm weather may sound nice my nose and my daughter's are dripping like a leaky faucet. Apparently we have allergies to something outside. Argh!

btw - i love your 'forking' freezing. but I'm wondering if the kids are changing your swearing habits or if your just being gentle w/ the tender-hearted Internet folks?

hope everyone is on the mend soon!

My Dear T ~

You don't know what "freezing" is ~ I live in ALASKA! I beat you! :) Come & visit me for a beautiful summer!!

So sorry about the dear little toe. Ouch! Take care. XXOO. T2

Hi, so sorry to hear about your toe - Eina!! Like the others said I would get yourself down to the Dr asap. The sooner you start the antibiotics the sooner you will feel better.

Just wanted to post and say the grass is not always greener on the other side! - I am in Dubai at the moment and it is HOT - I mean f....... hot!! Temp up to 48 during the day! School pick up at 2:00 pm in the 48 degree heat is just madness! When you walk outside your glasses mist up, because it is so hot and humid. So we are holed up at home - not insane enough to venture out. We are arriving in CT in a few days and are looking forward to some lovely rain.

Take care, Cheers Mandy

About that toe.. dont mess around with it. I got MRSA in my toe after a stay at a spa/resort last year. MRSA is the kind of staph infection that resists antibiotics.. long story short.. permanent removal of my toe nail. The woman who does my pedicures now, is nice enough to paint my weird looking stump. they will give you antibiotics,, they might drain the thing, and probably give you some pain medication if that sucker hurts.

Gout is an internal thing - its a build up of uric acids that create a crystal that has very sharp pointy corners that cause irritation and swelling in the ankles and toes and is not something you'd get from a pedicure - it is usually a male thing, and causes insurmountable whinging from the male involved (I've lived with the gout whinging for 15 years).

I would just get to the doctor, get some antibiotics, get soaking it and it will drain.

I'd say off with the toe! You will probably loose about 200grams in the process as well. If it's a big toe, you might even loose more. Just to balance things out, you should have one on the other side amputated as well. Come round - I have a pretty sharp victorinox vegetable knife that will have you sorted out in now time. Why waste money on doctors? Keep them for real emergencies like wrinkles. Good luck with hubby - I'd rather have my toe amputated than play nurse to my sick husband.

We are having lovely weather here in Germany - in the 30's this week - but don't worry we have just had 8 months of cold so we've been waiting for it. I just noticed I too have some foot wrinkles so whilst you are in the cold just remember you are preserving yourself and not adding to your sundamage wrinkle pile. What a bummer about the toe.

I'd give my left toe to be in some freezing weather. We're melting here in Miami.
The palm tree is always greener on the other side (of the ocean).

off with the toe and out with the husband... then maybe all will be well in the land of tersia again! it's forking freezing in johannesburg too. maybe your toe will freeze off and save you some hassle.

There is a very good pediatrist (spelling?) in Durbanville, Granville May - he comes highly recommended. He might make taking of your toe less painfull than required.

Man Flu - this is funny... and true - watch it.

Yes - off with the toe, and since you are there, you may as well get a "foot lift" to rid thee of the foot wrinkles. Definitely the way to go.

Sorry about the winging husband - they really are painful hey? (More painful than an amuputated toe even!)

how do you pronounce "whinge" as in "whinging husband"? Is it like cringe? We crazy Americans say "whining" which sounds exactly like "wining" (as in "wining and dining") and when I read "whinging" I just say wining, but then I started to wonder if it's a spelling difference only or actually a pronunciation difference too.

Just curious. Good luck with the toe and everything else!

I'm off to go see if Hallmark has a card for, I'm sorry about your Elephant Toe....


Recession!? Yes, I hear you but for meeee that means NO pedicure not just budget barbie pedicure. Lucky as you say it IS winter 'cos I'd have people running, screaming at the sight of my feet right now. Hehehe. Toe amputated - you're funny, Barbie.

Oh man, after reading these comments I think that I am definitely going to avoid pedicure tubs for the rest of my life. shudder.

Go to the doc though! With this type of infection it's best to not wait.
:) Becky

A soak in the hottest water you can stand and about a half a cup of epsom salts. This has cured any painful foot issue I've ever had, and I once used it on my cat who had an owie on her foot and it worked perfectly as well. Keep soaking until you can get an appointment, although after the salts, you may not need one!

Meh, enough about the toe. Yes, it is effing freezing in NZ. I was supposed to fly out of Auckland to Gisborne for a weekend away on Friday afternoon, except it seemed that the Armageddon was in full swing with thunder, lightening, hail, torrential rain and wind to knock you off your feet.

AND we had to put an extra blanket on the bed, so it's fluffy sheets, a duvet, a quilt, AND a woolly blanket. Brrrrrr.


Brrr. Brrr.


Thank goodness for pregnancy hormones and a clever little IVF embryo (No.9) for increased body temp. Weee! I'd probably have frozen solid otherwise.

We also thought that the bronchitis was doing the rounds - that was three months ago. It has still not left us, and it turned out to be whooping cough. So count yourself lucky, because apparently there is no remedy for whooping cough and it is very unpleasant.

It seems that this is on the rise again with even adults getting it. Seems that even if you were inoculated this does not prevent you from getting it. Our whole family have the cough and we were all immunised. For a direct report, check out http://vlooi.co.za - if you can read Afrikaans.

Hope the bronchitis passes.

Ps. We contracted the Whooping Cough in the same week we had our flu injections? Coincidence?

Ugh - I had one of those nail infections from the only manicure I've had in the last 3 years (vanity!!). And it passed from the one finger to the one next to it and then back to the original finger. It is gross, but I am here to tell you that it ends, eventually. The fingernail detached and grew out from the nail bed, but a brand new one replaced it (yes, twice on one finger!) and today you would not know anything had ever happened unless you notice that the little half-moon white mark at the nail bed on those two fingers is just a little larger than on the others.

My dermatologist gave me some topical liquid antibiotic, but his real recommendation was to soak the offended digit in white vinegar a few times a day for 15 minutes at a time. Yes, I smelled like a bad salad but eventually it worked, and it actually felt better. (I was pregnant at the time and so didn't even use the antibiotic stuff, and all healed well on just the vinegar.)

Biggest piece of assvice: do not touch the infected toe and then touch the others around the nail bed, to avoid the spread that I apparently caused in my carelessness. THAT was truly a bitch...

Signed, your sister in suffering.

well some people go on bout havin an extra toe aint bad
but it is
i get piked on every daii of my lyf for it
thats y im on dis syt tryin to find a way to get it amputatedd?
if yew no were i can go to get it done
please emails meh on
much appreciated
thanks x

I to have an infected toe, unfortunately after the abscess, went to the emergency. I had chills,sweats, vomiting. turns out i have msrs .if the area u r talking about not been treated, your health is in danger. I received many antibo inj to the hips, 3 weeks of clyndamycin(oral( and topical mupirocin. dont us and wal mart pedicurists. i hope you read this as it can return plump your but in the hospitaland gayle cloyd

I to have an infected toe, unfortunately after the abscess, went to the emergency. I had chills,sweats, vomiting. turns out i have msrs .if the area u r talking about not been treated, your health is in danger. I received many antibo inj to the hips, 3 weeks of clyndamycin(oral( and topical mupirocin. dont us and wal mart pedicurists. i hope you read this as it can return plump your but in the hospitaland gayle cloyd

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