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Jeeze you crack me up! Good luck with the new project - sounds daunting - er, I mean, exciting.

I'm living in Germany (but not from there - from NZ) and there seems to be a mixed bunch of people. Some are so serious its not funny whilst others are great and a good laugh. You can never really generalise with people as everyone is different and you'lll get all types everywhere. I guess with the Germans they'll have to understand exactly what you mean (language diffs cultural diffs etc) before they can laugh at it.

I would love to work from home. You are lucky you managed to pull that off.

I do believe that I am a potential candidate for road range this winter. Capetonians seem to be driving worse than normal in the mornings and its driving me bonkers

I think you would be a BLAST to work with. Nothing makes work a place to look forward to going to more than an office filled with levity, humor and the occasional tasteless practical joke.

I work on the creative end in an ad agency and we have a major global client headquartered in Germany, so I feel your pain in regard to being sensitive to other sensibilities than ours. Sometimes you just have to show some restraint lest a joke be misinterpreted.

Well, if you run into any Canadians, we're easy. If you take half of what Americans find funny and slap another half of what Brits find funny, you'll do just fine.

I have limited exposure to German and Swiss people, but there is that one family at my son's school who have lived in both of those countries. When the school had a reading night for the kids and everyone was encouraged to wear pajamas, that family was horrified—aghast!—that not only did many parents allow their children out of the house in pajamas, but the teachers also wore pajamas. To a professional function! (The American families, on the other hand, enjoyed the pajama party.)

But then there's the German friend-of-a-friend who's a single mom in Hamburg. She's funny and smart and laid-back.

In Chicago, the tourists I've seen wandering around the business district on weekends with architecture maps look German.

So, my advice for you, Tertia: Plenty of respectful jokes about tall buildings, but minimal nightwear-related humor.

Well, I'm Swiss, and unfortunately, I don't posses any humor at all. So there you have it, be careful, really really careful!

I have a gay, English friend who has a Swiss-German boyfriend. The boyfriend's English is much better than my 95% forgotten German, although not much better than functional. He once, however, managed a joke and he was very pleased with it: he said, while ordering dinner at a restaurant, "I do like a nice English sausage".

A single example of northern European humour, to be fair, but it does illustrate that not all Swiss and/or German people are devoid of the ability to appreciate a good solid innuendo.

Tertia, you crack me up! I'm a lot like that at work too. They think I'm a nut case too, but a loveable nut case.

There's a joke:
In heaven,
The British are the police officers
The Swiss are the administrators
The Germans are the mechanics
The French are the cooks
and the Italians are the lovers

in Hell,
The Germans are the police officers
The Italians are the adminstrators
The French are the mechanics
The British are the cooks
and the Swiss are the lovers.

hee hee

Hey! I'm offended. No! Wait! I'm amused.

Crap. Being American ain't easy.

LOL - I am an employee of the same company, but in the US, and I can tell you from experience when I was flown to NYC a few years ago to be on TV that they take a dim view of the mention of their name and the words "donor sperm" in the same sentance as well.

I agree with you a whole lot about using sense of humour to different races. :D I'm also pretty careful dealing with this, sometimes I am hesitant to use my own dose of humour.

This is a very refreshing entry. :D! *bookmarks your bloggie*

having just left the employ of a large swiss company (think three keys), i can attest to the lack of humor possessed by some (most?) swiss businessmen. it was never a fun week when they would come to visit us in the US, yet oddly, they love to drink. it always struck me as so odd, the uptightness except for when it comes to drinking!

*lol* i'm totally cracking up now. i'm swiss. i'm funny. lots of people say so. now i've realized that maybe i'm just funny because all the other swiss people aren't??? haha. however, it is true that swiss ple like to dissect their personal life from their business life. so, no funnies at work, i guess. or pj's, seriously... :) other than that, i also know of one swiss comedian that thinks german and swiss humour is very different. germans apparently need their humour to be obvious, while swiss like word-games and subtle jokes. i know lots of swiss enjoy sarcasm, but again, probably not at work.

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