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Do you guys have VICKS vapor rub? if so, rub some on the bottoms of their feet, put a pair of socks on them and put them in bed...I bet it totally helps with the coughing. I swear it works, even though it still makes no sense to me!

We use it at bedtime every single time we have a cold/cough...and it has worked. It did not work for an allergy related cough tho (fwiw).

Hoping everyone is well soon!! and good to hear from you!

Missed you! xoxo

Oh, to have a Rose in my life! Nurture her, spoil her, pamper her. Give her a raise. Buy her some bath salts and let her soak in the bath while you cook her a delicious meal. Here in NZ there is no Rose, and no Betty. Oh, why did I not arrange for Betty to come with us. I'm sick of having to scrub toilets, fold the laundry and ask the neighbour who I barely know, to get my kids to school when it rains. Which is always. I've arranged for a cleaner to look after the house - and clean up after the teenagers - while I fly to SA for 3 weeks. I've found a reliable person - her name is Karen de Vos. Note to self: clean the house before Karen de Vos arrives. Much too embarrasing not to!

Amber is absolutely 100% about the Vicks. I also swear by it, but have no idea why or how it works.

Glad the trip was a success. I cant wait to hear about the accomodation. Drama? With you? I can't believe it!

Glad you are back - hope the kiddies get better soon.

Oh - and Rose! You are one lucky lady!!

Ja Vicks does work! Put on chest and back of necks. Works like bomb. Feeling all smug and stuff as I have insider info on that accomm from Hell. Hehehe.

Oh my, you are so lucky to have Rose! Hope the kiddos start feeling better soon.
:) Becky

I'll agree about the Vicks too! Love the lovely Rose and hope the munchkins feel better soon.

vicks is good. humidifier at night is great.

Your dad has a driver?? Nice... we must move to SA! Then we can hang out with you. Hell we should all work together seeing how my husband and I both work in the IT field - well Im not techy at all... lol

Hi there T.... I normally just lurk here, but I have to put my 2 cents worth in this time. My son (5) also used to get ear infections every time he had a head cold (he also used to snore like a freight-train). I took him to the ENT a few months back and it turned out he had HUGE adenoids, and as such the gunk from the cold was going straight to his ears each time (the throat, nose and ears are all connected).

He booked the little one in to have his adenoids out and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. His ear infections are a thing of the past, and it has even improved his sleeping AND his appetite.

Hello all, this is my first time commenting on this blog. I need a Rose too! I am 5 months pregnant and I don't know what I will do when maternity leave is over and I have to be in 2 places all the time at the same time! I am dreading it.

Too funny of your title Tertia, I was looking through my RSS feeds and thought "hmmm wonder what is new in the land of Tertia" and as the link opened I saw your title! Too funny. Sorry to hear of the sick kids and give Rose some pampering, she sounds like the best!

You've abandoned us again. Tsk! Tsk!

I can't believe you'd put work, sick children, etc. before updating your blog. ;-)

Miss ya!

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