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love this! my kid would be in those mud puddles so fast!

this is the great thing about the Internet - I always forget it's winter on your side of the globe...

Beautiful picture!

Beautiful photo. The kids are getting quite tall! They are leaving toddlerhood and becoming pre-schoolers!

What a great picture!


Looks like great fun!!

Oh, I bet they loved those puddles!
:) Becky

Wet and great weekend! :)

I'd love to run on those field if it weren't wet.

I love the full steam ahead into the puddles picture.
BTW, you did a great job with "photoshop" adding boots to the picture so you wouldn't get any "where are the shoes??" comments ;-)

Looks like great fun!

Ah man - how beautiful.

Just to annoy the shit out of you - we went away this weekend (I am in KZN). South Coast of Durban - 27 degrees - AT LEAST, swimming in the sea, fishing (sardines made an appearance) and put SUN TAN LOTION on the babes - winter on the East Coast sucks. wa ha ha ha

Sorry. Just had to say that. I will leave now - for a while - in case you chuck something at me.

Tertia where did you get the Wellington Boots from? My girls are the same age (RSA toddler size 10) and I can't find any anywhere.

very nice photo. good fun for those kids

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