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i'm not complicated, and while it has been said that i am a pointless waste of time, i've **never**ever**ever** been accused of having a small willy.

just so you know.

Hi Tertia --

I'm exactly where you are with the social media. Loving blogging, well warmed up to Facebook and dipping my toe into Twitter. I've just been following your blog for about a month. In my most recent career incarnation I hired and managed bloggers. Now that I've moved on I'm still struggling to figure out how my personal stuff fits in (or doesn't) with what I do professionally.

I did add you to my friends list on Facebook, but it didn't give me the opportunity to attach a note. If you can connect this comment to the request, then "Hi!" If you can't then my feelings won't be hurt if you don't confirm me.

I recently started following you on Twitter (gosh, that sounds sort of stalkery, doesn't it). Anyway, I'm izaguirres over there - I'm probably one of the boring ones since I'm still getting the hang of it.

I sent some money for Harrison and won a raffle basket so I feel like I know you a bit even though I rarely comment. It comes with having a 3 year old and a three month old - lots of time ti read but never time to type.

See twictionary for a small start on cataloging the language of Twitter.

I haven't bitten the twitter hook yet - but am in the "totally addicted to FB stage" and have just started my own blog! Go and have a look - but I REALLY hope you don't categorise me into the "bloody awful boring blogs" I'm just a beginner, and my main motivation for starting is so that friends and family can keep in touch with us as we move continents! Go and have a look if you have a free nano second! (It will stop idle hands reaching for forbidden food for at least 2 minutes!!) Once I get bored of checking my blog stats every 2 seconds, I might find time to check out how twitter works!

I enjoy Twitter, I only signed up a few weeks ago but I'm already hooked!
As for FB, I'm not addicted to it at all anymore.

it is always so much fun to catch up on your blog!
girfriend you should be a standup comedian!!

I hate Twitter. I don't understand Facebook.

Hi Tertia,

For those who don't understand what Twitter is, here is a brilliant video where they describe Twitter in plain english. I heard that this has made many non tech savvy people understand it well.


They have other vidoes like Podcasting in plain english, blogging in plain english, etc.

Brilliant resource to use to help explain all these call social media stuff to your grandparents.

wow... all that stuff... and you work too... and you have kids... and a husband???? serious??!!! wow...

ok just to let you know that i have you on twitter, how that happened i have no idea... :)

Hello Tertia,

Thanks a ton for linking and referring some of your readers towards my blog. It's nice to hear that your experimenting a lot with new services. Anyone that slightly uses the internet should be up to date with everything revolving around him and trying out anything new, that look interesting, on the web is always a neat idea. Love,


I am now a twitterer thanks to you. Like I need another damn thing to keep me in front of the computer! My divorce will be all... your... fault. ;)

I'm following you... look for dani3boyz.

I've only been on Twitter for a few days, but love it!

Interesting article....


If you want to join ASW and add to your list - let me know...

Some quick tips for new twitter people - once you sign up, you can use the search box to find people, or you can simply add a known user name to the www.twitter.com (so, Tertia would be www.twitter.com/tertia).

When you are on her site, you can see who she is "following" by clicking on the link in the right column, and then if you see a name that is interesting you can "follow" them as well. You can also see who is a "follower" of Tertia's by clicking that link.

Love twitter! (www.twitter.com/bboulderr)

Damn, I never thought reading your blog would not only help me as I begin (Gasp, I am admitting it...shut up, shut up before people realize that you are the not-so-proud owner of a 'lying bitch of a uterus!') my road down infertility, give me a good laugh and teach me how to be a cool person on the internetz! You rock Tertia :) Gotta go check it out...

I am a new twitter, a twit -- whatever -- now too, and I really like it. And I used to be totally addicted to facebook, but now notsomuch. I still like it though, just have turned my current obsessions to twitter!

Right now I just don't get it but I'm going to print out your article and go home tonight after work and start playing with it. Thanks for the info

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