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Jewelry is irritating.

There is a special place in hell reserved for clothing manufacturers who trick you by printing the label inside the collar rather than sewing one in there—but then sneak a label in the side seam at your waist, and have it sewn such that removing the tag would leave a hole in your shirt. I am wearing such a shirt right now. Do you know what the side label says? It's crucial information for the consumer: 493055001 300782 HOL'07. Well! I surely wouldn't know how to care for this apparel without that tag.

I don't know if they do that in SA, but in the US a lot of clothing stores I go to have tagless clothes, undies. I love them, my kids love them. I can't stand labels poking on my neck/back.

LOL, I've never heard of anyone wearing the undies inside out on purpose, but I can understand it. Have you tried the seamless ones from Woolies?

pokey things? get a hood piercing. that would be fun to watch. clothes too scratchy? go naked. is what i do.

Right there with you, sistah. I'm the most sensitive person in the world. I barely wear clothes at all. No bras unless I have to, cotton underwear only, jeans drive me batty, don't wear shoes. I don't care if people don't get it. I get it and I have to be comfy or I go insane. And I'm pretty weird about the collar on our cat, too. I check it every freaking day.

Funny story:) It must be very irritating to feel all these things all the time but I'm sure you've got used to it!

I am not ultra-sensitive but I also do not like scratchy labels!

Oddly enough, the other day I bought some jeans-style pants from Foschini. I discovered that the care label was down on the inside seam of the right leg, about ankle height! WTF is with that? Unless you turn them inside out and NOTICE the label, you wouldn't think to look down there! It said 'Made in Indonesia' though, so maybe Indonesians are big into ankle-level care labels on their clothes....

You are just super sensitive cos you are SO uber gorg and divine - simple as that ;)

I am so with you. I cut the tags out of everything and wear tank tops inside out to sleep in because anything that hits me below the butt area twists around me too much for me to get any sleep. And we have that "line" down the bed too. Anyone crossing over into my territory gets a vicious pillow jab to the eye.

I thought of you and your kids the other day when my 2 1/2 year old son was walking around yanking on his shirt and telling me it was tickling him. I cut out the tag, but it still tickled. I was thinking, Oh no, could he be sensory defensive?? And then I finally took off the shirt and figured out that the child-laborers in whatever impoverished country had manufactured it had done something wrong, and there was a rough seam in the shoulder. Threw the damn shirt away with great relief.

You know, it took me until this past year to realize that I've got some sensitivies that are not the norm. I can NOT wear shoes without socks. OMG, torture. Turtlenecks or even tshirts that have the regular collar (vs a V, U or similar shape) make me feel as if I am choking. hair in the ponytail because I can't stand the way it feels in my face/on my neck? check. brutal.

The collar thing makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Oh dear, I got such a laugh from this because I know exactly what you mean! For years, I couldn't stand those socks that have a seam at the end, I would go ballistic if I could feel it. What a relief when I discovered the ones that have the seam on top, where I can't feel it. My pet peeve now is the tag near the bottom of the shirt...it is completely useless and horribly scratchy! I mean really, why even put those in there? I'm not so stupid that I can't figure out what cycle to wash a cotton tank top on. My other pet peeve doesn't have to do with touch, but it's the noise that people make when they chew on silverware....it makes my teeth hurt...I know it sounds crazy, but people do it all the time without noticing it!

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