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EIGHT neurofens! Good God! What happened to "Hello Moderation, my name is Tertia"? Surprised you're still alive! Get beta soon! MWAH XX

be honest - did you take anything from the buffet and slip it into your pocket for later...or did have you eyed something in the hotel room and said, "you're coming back with me!"

maybe you're just decompressing (nasally and otherwise) from others making demands from you? might appear to be antisocial, but might be regaining balance. how rare is it that you are alone with no one wanting anything from you?

Enjoy every minute of it. These occasions are so rare!

Isn't it nice to eat without anyone demanding attention, putting their fingers in your food etc? Is there perhaps room for a tired mom of triplets who so badly wants to be antisocial for 2/3 days?

People view me as a social butterfly but truth be told I AM IN MY ELEMENT WHEN I AM ALONE. Sure, I like others company, but my own company rocks! Enjoy it. Savour it and write about it if you can. I can always live vicariously through you....!

OMW that's a crap load of mootie you pumped into your body!
I can quite relate to the early riser thing though, no matter how sick I am I'm up at the crack of dawn.

I love being antisocial! That said, it is so rare that I get to be as DH is from a family of 8 kids and they were never alone. He is totally unable to figure out what to do with himself if he is alone. Me? I have lists a mile long of what I can do when I'm left alone.

oooo, sounds like my kinda holiday! enjoy! you'll look back on it many a time in the next years as one of the best holidays you ever had...

Any news on Naked Ovary that you can share?

What is this "relaxation" and "free time for yourself" thing you speak of? Please blog about it extensively so that I can live vicariously through you. :)

I am the only female among my peers at work, and the men can never quite understand why I am always the one who volunteers first for travel assignments. They just don't get it that even travel where work is involved is a vacation for most of us women. I adore the "me" time, the queen size bed that is all mine, complete dominance of the remote control, etc. Sorry you are feeling bad, but I do hope you are able to enjoy yourself, anyway!

I love my family dearly, but I have always dreamed of vacationing alone.


Been a while since I've been there - send it my love, tell it I don't miss it at all!

OOH - so with you on the "unable to sleep in thing" Don't you hate that?? When I was a teenager, I always wondered WHY my parents got up so damm early, EVEN on the weekends!! Oh - NOW I KNOW!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it!! Long for those student days when I could sleep in until 12!! I even had 3 glasses of wine last night (I hosted a pampered chef evening) - and at 5.30 am - kerching!! My eyes flew open, even though there wasn't a peep from the slumbering babies!!! Grrrrr!!!
Enjoy sinning it in sin city xx

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