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The weather in Capetown is said to be changeable, is it? There's a saying in Chicago: "Don't like the weather? Just wait 5 minutes and it'll change." I heard someone on the radio debunking that. His point was that if it was effing cold 5 minutes ago and it's effing cold now, he would bet you a million dollars that it'll still be effing cold 5 minutes from now. (It might change the next day, though.)

We love you, T. sending you kisses and hopes for a quiet weekend. Uncrazy and Awesome X

I wont say I told you so - but Im v. glad you are all getting more sleep!! x

"piss holes in the snow" OMG - you are so funny. And of course your kids are doing well - they have you!

That's so weird that Shelly is acting nicer. That's great. I'm still really sorry for you that Peter died though.

Can I just say you totally crack me up? I love the "busier than a whore at World Cup." I'm totally using that, though I think that since my boyfriend and I were the only people we knew here in L.A. to watch the last World Cup, I don't know if anyone will get it, but who cares. Heh!

Your last couple lines cracked me up ;-)

I thought every day was payday for whores?

You, Tertia darlin', are the ray of sunshine in my day! Thanks for the gift of this blog!

thanks for all the kind and supportive words.

I was a bit concerned when you got sibling puppies because I remember reading that they will bond to each other and not the Masters. So sorry that they got seperated they way they did but seems like Shelly is paying more attention to you now ;)

if you invited us to dinner you would spend the night on the phone ordering our food!
i'll have the red curry, charles wants beef rendang.

we'll bring vino.

Hello Moderation, my name is Tertia. I don’t think we’ve ever met......my mouth tastes like something died in it, but besides that, I am very, very well.
OMG I could have written that today! Too spooky how you can know how I feel miles and miles away! Off to nap now!

You, Tertia darlin', are the ray of sunshine in my day! Thanks for the gift of this blog!

just a thought re puppy humping behaviour. the humping is a domination thing, not sex, even tho it is sexual in its style. long-fixed dogs of both genders will do it if they feel territorial enough. and, as you know, they will do it to anything they wish to overpower.

hee hee, my favorite example of this happened when my puppy oscar humped my EX mother-in-law's foot and lower leg- she was sitting crosslegged and purse-lipped at our table having her usual cup of tea, brimful and spilling over with her disapproval of me, seeing her try to kick the puppy off her foot, which only excited him more so he held on tighter and humped even harder . . . OMG FUUUUUNNNNNYYYYY . . . she was a very prudish lady who criticised me to death, esp after i had two miscarriages in a row (after losing a daughter to cot death) - she used to sit me down and give me lectures about how i was causing the miscarriages because of being too fit, too active etc etc etc - maaaan it hurt, and my dog could bring her down with one quick swish of his furry little hips. he had his own way of bringing about justice in a way peculiarly suited to my ex m.i.l. like he knew how powerless i felt in the presence of her unpleasant speech.
rip ossi. YOU ROCKED.

happy mother's day (in aus and nz) tertia and fellow mother type people. aint it just grand to be a mommy?

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