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I do not like you very much right now!!!!

Sounds blissful. Truely blissful.

How did Marko cope with the kids? How did they react when you got home. They must have missed you like crazy? How did they go to bed while you were away - like angels I bet!!!

Well done...now you are SPOILED and gorgeous and divine.

I hate you! Just when I am having THE day from hell with my 3 ankle biters, I have to read your post! FINE - in 2 weeks time,DH and I are off to Chamonix (France) for a wedding - sans enfant!!! I am going to write a post when I get back - and you had better read it after a lousy day! Ha ha!
Glad you had a good time

Am v. jealous.

i want some TOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

well actually, i am getting some next weekend - with the huge difference - i am paying for it:
3 day of unspoilt mama-only time away shopping, pampering myself at a dermatologist's, and doing girls'-nights-out...
i've deserved it SO!

yours is better, i admit, but this one is quite a treat too... (albeit a costly one ;-)

Oh, God. This is Mommy Porn. You deserved it!

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

You have entered a new stage of motherhood; now you enjoy leaving the kids with your husband, go away for a couple of days to recharge, then come home refreshed and very happy. The best way to make this a repeating episode is to make sure that the babies are happy- many exciting gifts upon return, and then to make Marko very happy, if you get my drift. And because you have been gone and are feeling rested, gorgeous and divine it is definitely not a chore. Because if the homecoming is happy for everybody then the trip away wasn't so bad! I am very bad aren't I? But what ever works, is what I say!
I used to travel quite a bit and it was so lovely to end the day in the hotel room where there was no laundry, no dirty dishes etc that it always felt like a retreat. Your days sound especially nice and after your busy schedule,I am glad you got a much needed break.

Sounds fantastic, so glad you enjoyed yourself! Food prepared for me by someone else and copious amounts of alone time with my computer are what I crave as well!

That sounds just wonderful. Interestingly, it also sounds a lot like the way I spent most weekends before I had a kid. Sigh.

I can't wait until the day I can leave the husband in charge and go away alone for a few days... Sounds like bliss and I'm glad you got a good taste of it!

In looking at your daily schedule, I'm wondering if you've considered the possibility that you have a slight addiction to the internet? As long as you're enjoying your addiction, I guess there's no harm in it.

Thank you - this is just what I needed. My daughter is about to go away for a three day (two night) school camping trip, which she absolutely loves but I tend to miss her and am always worried until she gets back... But, maybe I will look at it as an opportunity for some glorious alone time? My boss hasn't given me a trip away, but I did get some spa certificates as part of my christmas bonus - I'll think of you while I get loofahed and then maybe go try that new wine bar!

Hate you. There, it's over now.
Next time, stuff me into your luggage, I don't eat much.

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