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Yey for partying up a storm. I still LOVE a good night on the town from time to time. Pity M couldnt be there too - thats the best. Jolling like you are young again with your hubby - I love it.

Enjoy the trip back, hope its not too cramped.


'fess up - was it a girls dancing with handbags in a circle or sitting chatting and laughing progressively louder ..

and of course .. this explains why you had the pimple earlier this week - it was easing you back into your youthful image. clever you!

Party on, Tertia.

Glad you had such a great time. We moms need to cut loose every now and then, don't you think? Good for the soul.

On another and totally unrelated note, have you heard from Naked Ovary? Last she posted, she was on strict bedrest, which you would think would allow for plenty of posting time, but, erm, nothing.

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