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What a depressing post. I would probably lose all will to live if people took me on a last trip to say goodbye to family, and I'm a healthy, happy person. I really hope that all this negativity around Louis' condition will stop ASAP. It's really not helping him one bit. He can get better and even recover completely.

It's only in Western Medicine where cancer is often a death sentence. Doctors are mainly barking up the wrong tree to try and cure cancer and end up making it worse by killing the patient's immune system and thereby giving them little to no chance of survival. Please tell Louis' mom to get the book "Cure for all advanced cancers" by Hulda Clark and let her follow the program to a T. People are getting cured from cancer every day without chemo and radiation, even the ones sent home to die. And please, please don't let the poor boy believe that he is on his last legs. Please give the poor boy a chance to live, don't kill him with everybody's expectations....

Wow Ingrid. Way to place the guilt on the family. What mother needs to hear that her plan for her kids last months of life is going to cause him to lose all will to live? Was that really necessary? I'm sure it was possible to say what you wanted to say without suggesting that his mother/family/doctors are KILLING him with their expectations. That is so bloody cruel of you.

Rachel and Louis, I really wish you all the best. Whatever anyone says, this is not your fault. I'm sure you know that, but sometimes its good to be reminded. You look like a really lovely family, and I'm so sorry you're having to go through this difficult and heartbreaking time. Please know that I (and many other readers, I'm sure) will be sending all the positive energy and prayers that we can muster.

Hi Tertia
I totally understand the difficulty in posting these kinds of stories. Our compassion is natural. Its intolerable to think of the suffering of children - our own, friends and those whose stories touch us. With all this news of the cyclone and earthquake in Asia, I keep thinking of the mothers looking for their children or whose children are injured or ill after the disaster. Of course, I want to help.


(I bet you could see it coming). How do you decide who to help? I don't know this family and online I have become skeptical of causes that tug the heartstrings. How do you I this is real and not a fundraising plan?

I think I mentioned before that my baby has a serious congenital heart defect for which he has and is likely to receive more surgery (touch wood he needs it not!) As a result I participate in a number of national US and even some international CHD support groups. On a number of these we have come across individuals pretending to have very sick kids with heart defects. Their websites have pictures of the babies post-surgery (later shown to have been copied from member posts and care pages).

I would not say that this family is a poser. The point is that I just don't know. As a result I support major accredited charities and families who I have met in person.

In the US we have some fabulous accredited charities which help children who have terminal and life threatening conditions. These would fund the kinds of activities mentioned by the family.

Here is a list of approximately 20 Wish Granting organizations. Perhaps a friend or family member could help in applying to some of these.

Sadly and respectfully,
- Shannon

Tertia: You can't win here can you? I think this post shows your compassion and your big heart. Thanks for sharing Louis' story and his website. Dina xxxx

Poor kid :( That's my worst fear.

Louis and Rachel- I am so sorry for you. You are such a lovely family and I have one wish for you...MORE QUALITY time. I will keep you close to my heart.

Ingrid-See past your own agenda for a minute and think about the consequences of your words. If you can't, well then you are just evil.

Tertia - I think Chicago said it right, you can't win here. But from the bottom of my heart I thank you for posting this story because I am the one who asked you to do it and I know Louis and his family and friends. They are very real and struggling to deal with a hard situation.

Thank you to all who have offered prayers and love to Louis and his family. I would hope that folks would try to limit their negativity - as we have done with Louis. Every day is an adventure, an opportunity to have fun and make memories. As long as Louis' body will cooperate, he is living life to the fullest.

I had forgotten how comments about blog entries can really range from super supportive to something you have to take a deep breath to get through. Thank you, Tertia for being so brave to put things out in the blogosphere that you know will be controversial!


Wow. What happened to the rule we were all taught in Kindergarten?

If you don't have something nice to day, don't say anything at all.

My name is Patrick Burnett and I am the person who wrote the paragraph about Louis (though not the website or blog, that is his Aunt Judy's work).

I wanted to thank everyone on Rachel and Louis's behalf for prayers, good wishes, happy thoughts and any time you took out of the day to read and think about someone else.

If anyone wants proof, just write to me via the above website (it's reaslly just a placeholder on the WWW, a site dedicated to my cat) and I'll do my best to show you.


This is a nice story.

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