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Oh wow, that pic of cupped hands and the little foot is just awesome.

I happen to think the peeing pic is fantastic!!!

Lovely book and lovely blog too. i will be visiting it more in future

What a wonderful idea. I absolutely adore the peeing pic!

The peeing bit really caught us unawares when it first happened when OS was born.

Awww lovely book, great resource.

I love the peeing pic, but the disembodied foot is slightly disturbing. Cute, but disturbing.

Thanks for the shout out Tertia! Glad you liked the book!! When I look through Christopher Briscoe's magnificent photographs I get all nostalgic for the baby days. Funny how you forget about the sleep deprivation, spit up marathons, crying jags, and all the rest once your babies are older (mine are 4, 7, and 8--how did that happen?!) Love from southern Oregon to South Africa, Jennifer

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