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Not everybody hates you .. you did not ask me ... LOL

Marius, will you share with me? I swear I even thought of asking you!

Start asking the popular guys and mention things like blow jobs and you have a roommmate in now time.

(They don't need to know you are speaking of your hair.)

Now how can I say no to you ...

To be honest, I would just pay for my own room. Nothing would induce me to share with someone I don't know that well. It would be worth the cost to me.

Good luck...sorry you are last on the list! Don't you have a best girlfriend at work?? Must put that on your to do list.

Kathleen, I tried that. They said they were fully booked. Perhaps I should try again. Because I now work from home, I've kind of lost touch with most of my ex coworkers. I'll just have to share with Marius and hope Marko wont mind ;-)

i'll share with you. i won't even wear clothes in your bed.

Awww! I am sure you will find a roomie and have a lekker time. If s/he snores, make sure to eat beans so you can fart up a storm in revenge. ;-)

I am sure Marko will not mind ... and tell him I will protect you against all the other sharks out there .. not that you need any protection in any case ... LOL

Flicka, I do not snore ...

LOL tertia - i am sure everyone is feeling this way. believe me, the bunch here at city centre is shitting themselves looking for likely roommates. damn, a 2 day trip (with own rooms) would be preferable to 3 days sharing. anyway, never look a gift horse, etc... and by the way, what are we kids going off to camp that we have to share rooms. pennypinchers!

Aw, that sucks. I have been on company trips like that, and the roommate thing is awful. After the first year, I spent months ahead of time securing a good roommate.

eek! hope you find a roomie!

Clearly you are going with the wrong wave!! I also don't have a roommate and I am in the 2nd wave. As I did not see your name on the list I assume you are not going with me. Change your date and come celebrate my birthday with me!! I promise not to snore or fart in bed!!

If you ARE the very last person, you'll get a room all alone :-)

Your failing to look at this logically. If there is a odd number of people going, then somebody will get a room to themselves. I would say at this point to stop campaining and lay low. Maybe you'll get your own room! Have fun!

Sun City = casinos! Can I go?? Please??

Sharing is definitely the worst part of company getaways... actually company getaways are usually just bad. 'Lets all pretend to be great friends' even though you've never been round for dinner. I feel your pain.

BEG when you arrive at the hotel - be v e r y nice and BEG for reception to put you in your own room!

maybe there's an uneven number of girls and by being picked last you'll really end up the only one with a single room. now wouldn't that be great! that happens to me often since my team of folks has only 3 girls, so if we all go to an event/meeting then someone ends up with a room to themselves.

good luck!

I have to advise that you phrased your request wrong: "All the good girls are taken..." in other words, I'm stuck with the loosers that no one else wanted to room with, like you, so I guess you're the best of the leftovers.

You need to approach it like "Oh, I'm hoping you don't have a roommate yet! I'd love to room with you, but I'm sure you've got a long list of people who want to room with you."

Learn to lie/suck up a little!

No Tertia, you are looking at this ALL WRONG. Its good to be last .... cos if the numbers go your way you wont have to share at all...... And if u do have to share; just tell your roommate to bring earplugs and watch her find somewhere else in a rush!

This is one instance I wouldnt give a SHIT if I was the unpopular kid!


There is nothing wrong with how you phrased your request.

Well, when you come to visit us at IBM US you won't have to share a
room with anyone!
Actually, as I think back...I don't think I have ever
had to have a roomie on an IBM trip.

That's what you get for not working with me :)
I would have picked you before you sent that desperate 'note' out dear heart ha ha ha. Good luck with that! I hate sleeping on strange sheets, never mind with strange people. I have always said I am the worst one night stand EVER!!!

Adults having to share rooms is just wrong, wrong, wrong.
Hope the math works to get you a room of your own.

I wish I could be your roommate...what fun that would be! Sigh...

I hate this too. The last company trip I checked into the "villa" first and thought "cool" until my other two, yes two roomies arrived.
I also put a bloke's name on my form but the organisers called me to tell me someone had tampered with my form. They didn't think it was funny.

Huh, and to think I work for the same company (in the US though) and we don't get any trips. Heck, they are so stingy here that we have to buy our own highlighters. Hope you get lucky and it's odd numbers, so you get a room to yourself. I don't like to share rooms, either.

I am so jealous! I haven't been to Sun City for YEARS. You MUST stand on the wobbly bridge for me and say my name three times, whilst clicking your heels. Ha!

Ahem, yes. Maybe your analness scared the bejesus out of the co-workers? ;)

hahaha....they're just afraid you'll blog about them!!

You are brave. I would DIE if I had to share!

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