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Those pictures are great—Rose looks positively radiant. It's good to see that taking care of your twins has not ruined her!

It is because I regularly allow her to steal glimpses of my naked feet. Its part of the perks of the job.

Wow, her skin almost glows. Beautiful.

Marko should have married Rose. See? No toilet paper between her glasses and her nose ;-) Lovely pictures!

What a beautiful, strong woman!

I don't know Rose but she looks absolutely radiant. I love the pictures.

Wow, she is simply beautiful.

Wow, she is simply beautiful.

She is beautiful and looks very vibrant & self assured. She sounds like a real gem.


i think rose is awesome, you are truly blessed!

What a lovely picture!

Tertia, OT, but you so need to put this on your blog:

I already rated your site and it was high! LOL. I mean LO damn L. Or LO effing L.

that's a stunning pic! go Rosie go!!

She is gorgeous!

Those are stunning photos.

Also, as I was browsing your photos, I finally figured out who I think Marko looks like: David Beckham!

OMG...could her skin be any more beautiful??? Gorgeous!

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