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SUUUUUCKS! But you knew that.

Just smuggle some S.A.-published copies of the books into the U.S. and other countries, and let your readers sell 'em on the black market. We'll be bad girls, all of us.

Awww man. That just sucks a lot.
I don't know anyone that can help, but if I happen to meet someone any time soon, I'll totally blow them for you.

Aw CRAP! I was so looking forward to buying it. I guess I'll have to turn to the black market, then. =)

no fskcing way! oh my word!

yeah, ill go with the black market plan, yeah


How bad does that suck!?

So sorry T...lets hope the book falls on the right lap soon...

Which kind of blow job? Because I'm not that much into messing with other people's hair.

Ah man - this sucks piles from the pits of hell!!!!

I re-read your book last week and have been feeling very emotional ever since. This just really pisses me off!!!

And in any case, I thought only South African companies went into liquidation - shock/horror that is happens in the U.K!


I pre-ordered your book last year from Play.com and have been chasing them for a few weeks now as I was told it was due to be released on March 12th. I thought it was just late so I am gutted to know that it's not coming at all!

Bad luck Tertia - is it possible that whoever takes over the company may continue with the publication?

I hope it all works out.


I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and oh do I agree with you on the hubby and kid time!!!

Big Bummer but let's see how to get this book over there.....

I am asking my bro who is sort of in the biz for any contacts he may have. Or else self publish 1000 copies over there and get someone (or go visit your brother or better still make him to do!! :-) to flog it to the bookshops and then the big ones will come running I am sure!

I will see what else my little red book of info comes up with.

You will make it across the seas and oceans to conquer the shores of the UK. Now what about translating into other languages? ;-)

Failure isn't final, it's only a stepping-stone to success.

Oh no!! Tertia, I can't believe it! That is really awful. I hope you find another publisher lickety-split.

Oh Tertia...I wish you wouldn't take this so hard, I just know that another publisher will pick up your book.

Hmmmm...with only one month until release, wouldn't they have to already have most (if not all) of the actual physical printing done? Are there hundreds (thousands?) of copies of the book sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Not sure how these things work, but I hope you're able to get your book out there, no matter who the publisher is.

Im so sorry to hear this--I am very, very hopeful that another publisher will be picking up your book ASAP.

Oye- that sucks! Hopefully your agent will find another publisher!

Just curious... how did you go about finding a agent?

So sorry Tertia; what a bummer!

De-lurking to say that I ordered it as soon as it came out in SA and I THOUGHT I used the Amazon link but maybe I clicked on the Kalahari link...
Anyway, it came in a couple of weeks and it was great, Tertia, by the way- I read it in one sitting, LOL
However, I am in Canada, so maybe it is different if you live in the States.
Just my two cents worth.

Damn it. I ordered it from Amazon.uk for myself for Xmas and have been waiting for it to arrive in Canada ever since. DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT. Hope the mess gets sorted out quickly.


Why don't you try Lulu press self publishing??



I have got a Lulu press published book for a doula course I am doing and the concept is great.

There's a good escription of how it works here:

Good luck!

hope that it doesn't take you until your nineth publisher until SO CLOSE finally goes international.
very very sorry. xo tess

That totally sucks, so sorry T. I personally bought and read the book when I was in SA for my cycle. I loved it. It is on my US bookshelf right now and I treasure it. I know something else will fall in place for you overseas T. hang in there!

That really IS a bummer. I hope you pick up another, BETTER, publisher real soon...

mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.... you ask so nicely tertia!

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