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Glad you are having a nice time, even with the bed situation. I can so totally relate...in fact, that's one of our MUSTS when we vacation - big bed or we're not staying there.


Hope you have a fab holiday, even with sucky beds.

Just a thought - hows Adam's sleeping now? Maybe this holiday will be good for him sleepwise, maybe he just likes company at night and will settle with Kate in the room? If so, maybe you could move them in together when you get back?

N x

hi T. glad u r on holiday. think u all deserve a nice break. Good luck with sleeping arrangements. I must say that Natt has a point. maybe adam just needs company at nite? xxx

Can't you try 'top and tailing' with Marko in that bed. I do that sometimes if my husbands breathing is too noisy and it gives more of a sense of space - except if he nicks too much of the duvet.

Don't worry about it! When we go camping in our camper, we sleep in separate beds, 'cause they're so tiny. I used to feel guilty, but now we're used to it - and we get WAY better, more restful sleep. Which is good since we're on holiday.

sounds like a gorgeous holiday...are you feeling like a domestic queen?? having visions of living off the land (except the land includes king sized mattresses amd deep tubs with lashings of hot water?) have you roped the kids into helping mummy with the dishes?


Thought I'd let you know that - through a series of connections - I am visiting with Charles Caldwell in Hong Kong later this month. I understand that his wife Tess had something to do with your book? In any event, this is indeed a very small world.

Hope your holiday is restful, even if the sleeping arrangements are not!

-Howard Freeman
New York City

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