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Too funny- my husband works for Boeing up here in the Seattle area. He loved the saying- found it very apropo!

In my neck of the woods we say "was that the train?", to indicate time for a drinkie-poo. It's dangerous because we live quite close to the busiest commuter train line in the NorthEast US! Looking forward to giving the book a read.

In the southern US we say that "the bats are flying" to indicate it is late enough for drinks cause bats tend to fly about around dusk.

Round these parts we usually say "It's five o'clock somewhere" to justify weekday afternoon booze. I've also heard "The sun's over the yardarm" but that one seems rarer.

Locally, when someone was being partcularly dense, we'd say "Piedmont!" (a regional airline name), as in "that went right over your head."

Not sure how much sense that makes to anyone who's not local though!

"It's gotta be noon somewhere in the world" is generally our thing. Or maybe it's my thing. Is it noon yet?

Sounds like an interesting book! I too, sadly, don't have time to read much these days. I do read blogs though. All day. All the time. I think I'm obsessed.

Promise me that if you ever come to Seattle you'll look me up so I can take you out.

Is the expression not from the days when the flight from Cape Town to London flew over around sunset, hence signifying it was okay to start drinking?

that's interesting..

I live near the Atlantic Ocean here in CT, and the saying is "When the sun is over the yard arm" (time to start drinking). I think this roughly translates to anytime after noon :) Of course, we waspy types are not above having a gin and tonic, bloody mary, or mimosa at brunch...they're healthy breakfast drinks, after all.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you ended up liking me in the end. I try not to try too hard but maybe the trying not too try is trying...hmmm...I don't know what I'm talking about since I'm still in my post twin haze. But thanks again. Nice to be recognized by such a popular blogger!

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