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It is very sad. x x x

Thinking of you x

Aw {hug} Tertia {hug}, I'm {hug} so {hug} very {hug} sorry {hug} he {hug} surprised {hug} you {hug} with {hug} so {hug} many {hug} hugs! {hug-hug}

There. Did THAT get you used to being hugged? No? {{{hug}}} How about now??

I'm amazed that you didn't shout "BACK OFF!" the second time he tried to wrap his arms around you. ROFL Maybe you should have run away screaming?

Glad to hear that the appointment showed the best case scenario, under the (very sad) circumstances. Yet again, So Close. I wish things had turned out differently for you this time.

Hope you are able to enjoy your vacation - you've MORE than earned it!

How do you feel about deception, Tertia? I say you ought to howl in pain and exclaim, "Ow, my back! So sorry—no hugs, please."

He was SO glad to see you!
A loss is always sad. :(

How can you have me in hysterics and almost in tears in one post? So funny, wish I could have been a fly on the wall...
{{{{BIG HUG}}}}
Thinking of you. Hope you have a good holiday. And enjoy Sun City, hope you found a roomy!

PS: Can someone tell me what ROFL means? Just started noticing it recently on blogs(really, and I thought I knew all the blog acronyms!). Rolling on floor laughing perhaps??

V - ROFL means rolling on floor laughing
- ROFLMAO means rolling on floor laughing my ass off

Tertia - I am so very sorry for your loss :-(

Thinking of you xx

Tertia, I'm so sorry about another loss for you- have really felt so sad for you about it! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!
On the hugging note- thought about it after I saw you in Woolies the other day, it was so natural for me to hug you and afterwards I thought you IDIOT- she's not a hugger!! Sorry, won't do it next time-xxx!

Nothing like an accidental knee in the groin to set the record straight.


LMAO! Maybe he reads your blog and was fucking with you? I'm not a big hugger unless it's a family member or very dear friend, in which case I'm as huggy as the next person, but strangers? WHY??? You should watch "The Family Stone" with Sarah Jessica Parker. It's a really good movie but the highlight, for The Patriarch and me, was when SJP meets her boyfriend's family and they're VERY huggy and she is not at ALL huggy and tries to take evasive measures and is bobbing and weaving...my husband was laughing so hard, he backed it up and made me watch it again, crowing "you SEE? THAT is what you did when you met my family!" I said well, if I'd known them better...then I would've busted out the pepper spray!

Glad to hear the Errant Embryo wasn't anyplace sinister, although it's still sad :( BIG HUGS!


Thoughts are with you - not easy but you seem to be handling it well? xxxx

looking on the bright side, but still sad. xox (hands on shoulders while giving you kisses on both cheeks).

Yet... if this guy were to have slapped his spit on your cheek, that would have been acceptable? I'm so confused.

I'm glad your sac was not in a location that would have caused more complication. I'm sorry seeing it made you feel sad. I can understand. I have one picture of the sac of my 2nd pregnancy... a small black smudge on a grainy sono picture. It's the only picture I'll ever have of that child.

At least you know he was pleased to see you.

The husband tells me that I have a hilarious 'touch me and you'll die painfully' look that I employ to ward off all huggers other than a select few. Want me to send you a piccy of it so you can practice your own? ;-)

another little precious person so close and so wanted. i wish i could make it different for you.
no hugs, but many warm thoughts for you all.

LOL. No more o's for you from me; x's only. I used to find the social hug thing awkward; have acclimatized though. But once I found myself around people who gave virtual strangers social kisses ON THE LIPS, as a matter of course! I really had trouble with that.
So sorry about your little sac, but I am glad it wasn't in your nostril or kidney or any such odd place. xxxx (but only on the CHEEKS for godsakes. Or maybe your hand or something very courtly. And not THOSE cheeks, you perv!) --Louise

Oh my. You told that story so well, I felt like I was there, LOL! You and I are in the same boat. Keep your damn hands off me!

Glad you found the little bugger in a "normal" place. I wish it had gone differently, though.



Sorry for your sadness. It is a relief though that it was seen in the right place. In my case, it was easier for me to handle the m/c knowing it was an empty sac leaving. But I have to say, the hormone swing after took me to a very low place. (not for long though)
Hang in there,

Oh no... I've only just read all about this. I'm so sorry. One should think you've been through enough pain already.

So sorry. Sending kisses your way, even though I like hugs, myself. xxx

Dear Tertia,

Blog hugs are so much less awkward, no? I am so very sorry for this pregnancy sneaking up on you then having a sad outcome. You are in my prayers.


I had been living overseas for a while with a boyfriend when my mom decided to come and visit. Before their visit I gave him STRICT instruction - Under NO circumstances hug her! He was a hugger and I knew she was not.

Armed with this information we headed to the airport. She came out and promptly threw her arms around him. After all my instruction NOT to hug he did not know what do do and stood there arms and his sides looking panic stricken. It was the funniest thing. Turns out in the 5 years since I had been home she became a hugger.

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