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I also get quite a lot of headaches and generally Adcodol works quite well. I will check the comments with interest to see if anyone has any good natural remedies.

It is really a small world. I met someone the other day and I don't recall how either you or your blog came up in conversation but she told me that she is an egg donor in your program! Really small world! Keep up the good work.

It sounds like Mel has a migraine. I get them sometimes and the quickest way to get rid of mine is to take two Cataflam D (Schedule 3 so i think you need a prescription) and you disolve them in a bit of water and hey presto headache better. They are anti-inflamitories.
I hope Mel feels better soon!
P.S. Im a fan!!!

"Rescue Remedy" works well for me (Bach Remedies)

Hi Tertia, my husband suffers badly with Cluster Headaches ... I know all about it. I suggest that she contacts Dr Ellio Shevel at the Head Ache Clinic, he is a genious and as he will tell her, there are 100's of different types of treatments for these headaches, it's a case of finding the right one for her.
I can sympathise with her, I've seen how it attacks Keith.
Take care.

THere is no need to suffer with migraines!! I hope she has seen a dr, but if not there are many prescrption meds that can help. if one doesn't work, then try another. I get migraines at least once a month but I take a prescrption medication called Relpax. It works wonders, and the headache is gone within 30 min. I was told by the doctor to immediately take 4 advil (ibuprofen 200mg each) at the beginning of a headache and if that does not work within 30 min to take the Relpax. You have to be very aggressive at the first sign. No natural remedy worked for me, and I am glad that I found something. I know there are many other migraine medications that there should be one that works for her. Do not suffer for a week!!! I could not do that, I have too many other things in my life that I could not be out of commission that long with a headache.

it's possible that her headaches aren't migraines. I get terrible headaches that can last a week too, but mine are related to sinus pressure and allergies. I can usually knock them out with two ibuprofen and a dose of decongestant. Sometimes I have to take that combination regularly for a couple of days to fully kill the headache.

yup my husband also has cluster headaches - and her description does sound like them.

here's wikipedia on them:

My husband seems to have a perpetual headache, and we've found no solution yet.
When we were living in Jo'Burg, I sent him to The Headache Clinic... He came back angrier and more headachey than when he first went... (I believe there was music blasting in the reception area, which he thought was not the best idea, and perhap colored the rest of his visit there ;)

She might want to check out this headache blog for some ideas:



I had that and found out like a year later that my neck is buggered and went for Acupuncture and Chiropractor 3 x a week to sort it out! He pulled and plucked my back and neck and the the Acu. It worked wonders! Maybe she should find out is her neck/back is ok!

Good luck!!!

I used to suffer badly with migraines for years, and nothing worked. Was thoroughly checked out by doctors and eventually a neurologist, who then suggested going off the Pill, and put me on a blood pressure medication called Catapres. I didn't have elevated BP, but the tabs had the wonderful side-effect of preventing any further migraines! Haven't had one for years, except when I've tried to gradually come off the Catapres, when they creep back. So I'm on it for life, but that's asmall thing to actually have a life again!

Your friend needs to have a full check-up and investigation into her symptoms, as many things can cause headaches, and they may be cluster headaches, migraines or sinus related etc. Even allergy headaches (chocolate, wine, smells etc.), so treatment has to be appropriate for the type of pain.

Certainly worth trying the chiropractor/acupuncture route, as stress may be a factor, or spinal/neck mis-alignment and muscle tension. Possibly ask the chiropractor if they use any Vagus nerve stimulation for headache treatments.

She has a migraine headache. The one side of the head, and beign unable to function are classic symptoms. ther are many many drugs available that will help her. They are not painkillers, and so she will not feel sleepy or doped up. Imitrex, Zomig, Axert, etc. Only Imitrex so far ahs a generic version available. The above advice to take 4 advil immediately is good, and caffeine with it may help. But she should go to a dr NOW and insist that they try everything. Some doctors take migraines more seriously than others. I wish her luck.

Like an earlier poster I would suggest sending Mel to the chiropractor to check her back and neck. 90% of my really bad headaches were due to my back and neck being "out". Once she feels the headache coming on, she can put pressure on her pressure points just above her ears (small hollow area just above the ear) for a few seconds, this normally helps me now to clear the headache before it comes on fully.

I suffered from frequent terrible migraines that caused me to be sick to my stomach and totally incapacitated from when I was in pre-school until I was pregnant with my first child at age 35. For the first 25 years of my life, I just found a quiet dark room, washed off all perfume or lotion (smells bothered me immensely), put a wet washcloth over my eyes, and prayed that I could go to sleep. When I finally had health insurance for the first time in my life with my first job post-grad school (yes, I live in the U.S. with its crazy health insurance system), I had a wonderful family practice doctor who worked with me for several years trying to figure out the best regimen of medicine. After much trial and error, we finally figured out that a daily calcium blocker reduced the frequency of my headaches from several times a week to several times a month, and then I took Imitrex when I got a headache (very expensive even with insurance). It changed my life! I no longer planned my life around headaches, which I had learned to do for so many years. Then when I got pregnant with my first, I went off both medicines and was extremely apprehensive that I would spend my whole pregnancy in bed throwing up (not from morning sickness) in a dark room and whimpering. Incredibly, I didn't! Somehow, pregnancy and nursing have done wonders for my headaches. I now have two children, and I almost never get a headache, and when I do, Tylenol makes it go away! Incredible! I still can't believe it. If I had known this, I would have gotten pregnant at age 14 and spared myself all those years of misery! (Well, I did have fertility issues, and I probably wouldn't have been a very good mother at 14, but you know what I mean.)

Jen W's advice is what my migraineur cousin swears by. There are also many prescription medications (at least, you need a doctor's prescription to get them in the US) that can be taken to prevent migraines--they're not perfect, but they help in addition to meds to treat the migraine. If Mel gets nausea with her headaches, there are prescriptions to manage that, too.

If Mel's regular doctor isn't experienced in managing migraine patients, she should see a neurologist instead.

Preventive drugs' names (in the US) include Inderal (propranolol), a beta-blocker; Topamax (topiramine), an anti-seizure drug; Lyrica, an anti-seizure drug; Cymbalta, an antidepressant. For treatment, the triptan class of drugs are those like Zomig, Imitrex, Relpax, Axert, and Amerge. For nausea, there's compazine or Zofran. For pain that doesn't get knocked out by prevention and triptans and ibuprofen, there are painkillers (including narcotics) that can alleviate pain.

If the headaches are maybe hormone related, taking Vitamin B6 Magnesium (combination for women) everyday does wonders. Worked for me! - no more headaches.

Wow... so many things can be causing that sort of headache. She should really be seen by a few different docs to rule out neurological issues, problems with eyesight, neck/back alignment, chronic sinus infection, hormones, stress, blood sugar, or whether they are run-of-the-mill migraines or cluster headaches. The above commenters have great advice IF she knew what what causing the headaches to begin with. Not knowing the source turns it into a crap-shoot.

Whatever it is, I hope she sorts it out. It's no fun walking around holding your head all the time. I suffer with migraines, sinus headaches, AND headaches from herniated disks in my neck. Each headache is its own lovely little mystery. :)

I saw this on a TV show - have NO idea if it actually works though.

My hubby is a migraine sufferer and has found that taking 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) has helped. Some people recommend taking it constantly, but he has found that taking two tablets when he feels a migraine coming on makes it much more bearable and may even ward it off completely. For more infor check here:

Doesn't sound like it works for everyone, but it could be worth a try. I don't think it will work if it's a tension related (like neck muscle spasm induced) headache though. Works on the theory that persistent headaches and migraines may be the result of low seratonin levels ...

I think determining the cause of the headache is an important step in choosing treatment. It's very possible that she could have a hormone imbalance, allergies, high blood pressure, etc. Pain is how our body tells us something is wrong. Taking a medication to alleviate the pain doesn't help one figure out the cause.

no advice, but congratulations on the success of the ed business in such a short time. well done ladies!

xo tess

I had migraines, up to the point where I got pregnant with my daughter. I have no idea why they were cured, but I'm very thankful. All I could do was hide under covers with extra heavy duty meds on board and sleep the pain off.

But for me, the best thing I could do to avoid them was stay out of the sun, and protect my eyes when I was out in it. Light was a big trigger.

Anti-glare screen on computer monitor and/or glasses also helped.

Just a thought...I used to suffer similar headaches (I called them my "eye headaches" and to me they felt like someone was trying to pull my eye out from the back of my head).

After I had a sleep study and found out I have obstructive sleep apnea, I was put on a CPAP for sleep every night. Those awful headaches disappeared, I haven't had a single while on CPAP.

Good luck to Mel, I hope she finds something that helps.

Craniosacral therapy stopped my migraines. It's very gentle and non-invasive.

I've had migraines for 7 years and have had treatment in some of the best hospitals and headache clinics in the US. The fact is, people are full of useful suggestions that don't work. Sure, they work for some people, but if there were a solution, there wouldn't be so many of us suffering.

I've had a lot of prescriptions. Some (Imitrex) made me believe I was actually going to die because the side effects were so bad. Others can sometimes make it go away. When they get bad, though, basically nothing helps. The drugs will tamp it down a bit, but it doesn't go away until it wants to.

Certainly if she can isolate some causes, she may be able to limit them. I don't take time off my bc anymore because the period weeks, even with low level hormones, lead to terrible headaches. But probably, even after very careful checking, she'll still get some anyway and nothing wil help it.

I don't mean to be all gloom and doom. It sucks to be in this position, but it's really irritating for people who had this problem to be given lame advice from people who don't understand, as though rubbing some pressure point on their hand will magically the headaches go away.

Hi Tertia
Adcodol works quite well, otherwise tell her to try a migraine coctail, it ranges btwn R10 and R35 (you can get it at any pharmacy in S/West), otherwise getting her gp to give her a Voltaren injection also works, a good 2 hrs sleep after any of the above is a must.

Sounds to me like Friend Mel is describing a migraine; I get them any time there is a thunderstorm and they're HORRIBLE. The worst part is that pretty much NOTHING helps--even strong narcotics barely make a dent in the pain. Relpax, Imitrex, etc. help IF you take them when you get the first sign (some people start seeing "auras" around bright lights; I personally get a terrible earache in my left ear), but if you wait until the migraine is in full force they don't do much good. The only thing I've ever had that helped was when I happened to have one at my pain-management doctor's office and he had me lie down in a dark room and breathe oxygen for about twenty minutes. That helped a lot. Generally all you can do is hide in a dark, quiet room (loud noises and bright lights make the pain blossom in your head like fireworks and also make you feel like you're going to puke). Sometimes I put ice packs on my head, since migraines are a vascular beast. I've also had some very limited success with soaking my feet in water as hot as I can stand, to divert bloodflow. But nothing really helps that much. Small, shrill children are TORTURE with their loud toys and needs and shrieking; when I have a migraine I want nothing to do with my own offspring or anybody really--everyone is too loud and I turn into a raging bitch and am curt with everyone (except the children) and generally unpleasant to be around. Computer screens are torture to look at (if I absolutely have to look at one I put on dark sunglasses). I will even go so far as to say that migraines are as bad as unmedicated childbirth (at least mine are), because the pain is CONSTANT and can go on for days or even weeks, whereas at some point in childbirth if you haven't delivered the baby they will give you a c-section and lots of lovely drugs and you'll feel better, because that is a type of pain that DOES respond to narcotics, LOL! Friend Mel has my sympathies.

This book changed my life. I used to get migraines (like sister Mel describes) a couple of times a month, felled for days at a time by pain, nausea and sensitivity to light/noise/heat. Now, I almost never get headaches except for when my period shows up, and then they are not too bad. I figured out that either caffeine or birth control pills are my trigger, so I just live without those things.

Yep, sounds like migraine. She should see a doctor. She could get a prescription for a med that will kill the migraine quickly, and if she has them frequently she could get a scrip for a different med that could prevent them. I get them too, and it SUCKS.

For the last 8 years I've been getting visual migraines every month or so. It always begins with a visual disturbance (like I just looked at the sun or something), progresses to a blind spot and then to an incapacitating headache. My eye doctor said that as soon as I notice the visual disturbance I need to take extra-strength Tylenol or ibuprofen. Now that I do that it rarely progress to the headache stage anymore. The key for me seems to be treating it very early in the process. I hope Mel finds some form of treatment that will work for her.

Your friend Mel needs to be seen by a doctor. Until she can get in though, she can do a couple of things that may help with the headache and help her doctor as well: cold packs on the head and/or forehead; laying still in a dark room or if that isn't possible wearing sunglasses both inside and outdoors to limit light exposure. Write down everything ! she has eaten or drunk just prior to the attack. Also keep a food/drink/activity journal and note when she is having the headaches. Many migraines are triggered by certain foods--commonly chocolate,dairy products, products with yeast (beer!), red wines, nitrates. Sometimmes too much of a grouping of foods, e.g.,lots of shrimp, cheeses and red wine together can knock me out but if I eat just one or the other, I'm fine. Other migraines are triggered by lights--too bright, flashing, strobe, etc. Smells are also triggers: perfumes, incense, scented shampoos, bodywashes, laundry detergents. Combinations of medications can also cause migraines. Some people can pinpoint their triggers easily and eliminate them; others cannot. But if you have a log of what you were doing, eating and drinking just prior to a headache it will help to narrow the field both for you and the doctor. Someone mentioned herniated discs and they too can be a problem; see a neurologist first if you suffer with that. My MIL, SIL and I all suffered many years with migraines. We keep Imitrex on hand in case of an onset but we've pretty much determined our triggers and rarely lost a day to a migraine since keeping journals. Best of luck to your friend Mel.

I would suggest that your friend see a doctor. I used to get blinding headaches and never went to the doctor with them because who is wussie enough to bother a doctor with something like a headache? Well, I eventually found out that I was busy growing a very large pituitary tumor that had eroded the base of my skull and invaded my sinuses. Tell Mel to see a doctor just to be sure it's nothing serious.

I've suffered from headaches and migraines since puberty. A few years ago it got so bad that I had daily headaches/migraines for well over a year. I finally went to my Doctor and said ENOUGH, I need help.

I was referred to a Neurologist and she prescribed me Topomax which is a daily medication and Maxalt which is used when the first sign of a headache comes on. We also began Botox treatments to kill the nerve sensors when pain is emitted.

The Topomax has some side effects, like nausea, but it can be a benefit too. It is also known to cause weight loss. I lost 20 lbs on it, but my doctor said the norm is only 5 lbs. After a year of taking Topomax I came of it and only use Maxalt when needed and get a 6 months Botox session. I still get migraines/headaches, but they are rare compared to before.

It seem to me that it would be smarter to try to prevent the headaches than treat them. My mom suffers from migraines often, and after years of them, finally figured out that they were caused by sensitivites (basically allergies) to certain chemical smells. Perfume, smelly lotion, new carpet, new paint, new furniture, smelly shampoo, and especially household cleaners all give her a migraine within hours of smelling them. It's difficult, but she makes it a priority to stay away from those smells so she doesn't have to suffer as often! It's at least something you might want to look into! Good luck!

I really like Excedrin Extra Strength when I have a "real" headache. The more caffeine in it, the better. I don't think that would be strong enough for a migraine, though. I have also heard that massaging the balls of your thumbs (is that a real term?) works. Never has for me, although like other things, I could have just been doing it wrong. I have enjoyed some cranio-sacral therapy too.

Also, password, please...

I think headaches are one of the most miserable pains out there, they affect so much of your ability to function. I had migraines from being a teenager - with aura, numbness down one side and eventually vomiting, after which I would be almost completely better each time. They went away in my twenties and started creeping back as I reached my 30s, and in the interim the clever chemists invented triptans (Imigran is the most useful OTC remedy for me) They made a phenomenal difference to me, I take one as soon as a migraine aura appears, and they allow me to function almost normally.

There is an intersting IF sidenote to this too. I had 2 miscarriages before my daughter was born, and another one afterwards before getting (so far) successfully pg again. After the third mc I wanted answers, but in the UK they like you to have 3 mc's before they really investigate (3 in a row - I think it's barbaric, but there you go). Anyway, a midwife friend suggested I look up anti-phospholipid syndrome, also known as Hughes syndrome, and one of its symptoms was migraines suffered throughout puberty, wearing off in twenties and returning in your thirties. Another is recurrent miscarriage, and I think poor circulation comes in there too. The treatment is heparin injections or baby aspirin so I agreed with my GP to give the baby aspirin a go and hey presto, I'm 23 weeks pg.

Sorry this is a bit off topic for friend Mel, but I thought it relevant to add in case and of your IF following read it and think it might apply to them too. (I should state that I still haven't been officially diagnosed with APL)

Hope Mel gets some relief.

Yah, it's a migraine. I use Maxalt. You can stop eating cheese, chocolate and wine but then you may as well kill yourself, so I recommend the Maxalt. And lots of exercise. And not too much stress.

I'm a migraine girl myself...never found any of the over-the-counter meds except Excedrin Migraine to do much of anything. No herbal potions ever touched it. And while the Exced. Migraine took away the headache pain, it didn't touch the secondary symptoms like nausea, flashing lights, and light sensitivity. Suckily enough, the only surefire cure for me is to fall asleep for several hours. It's like pushing a reset button for my brain. Obviously, with two kids, this isn't always possible, but as soon as hubby walks in the door I can shove the kids his way and flee to a darkened room.

i've heard the ginger thing too.....the chewing part anyway ;-)

my advice: wine. wine till you don't feel it anymore. you might not be too productive when the headache is gone, but at least you'll be in a good mood :D

That description does sound a lot like Cluster Headaches, called so because they come in clusters. My dh gets them seasonally, usually in the fall. For him, once they start they come every 48 hours or so. He decribes it like an ice pick in his eye.

Like the other commenters said, he has tried various treatments. Right now what works for him is Imitrex. The pills take too long to work and by then the headache is full blown. So he has injectible Imitrex. When a new cycle is starting, if he can nip the first few headaches in the bud, it seems to prevent the cycle from continuing.

But regarding Mel, it might help her to log them and find out if there are any triggers like diet, hormones, lack of sleep, etc. And it probably wouldn't hurt to get a doctor's checkup to make sure nothing else is going on.

I don't think anyone's mentioned this yet, but it might be best to try something else before going to the chiropractor for a neck adjustment. Research out recently suggested that neck adjustments raise the risk of stroke by a small but significant amount (see http://www.health.com/health/article/0,23414,1716889,00.html --I haven't looked a the primary research, but it seems reputable from this article). It's a small increase in risk, but it's worth considering.

I get migraines, and others have already mentioned what works for me: Imitrex and NO CAFFEINE (so hard... coffee so yummy...).

Stop eating meat.

Until a few years ago, I had almost daily headaches. I have three triggers: too little protein, too much salt, too little iron. If I take care of those three things, I almost never get them any more. The too little protein one was the biggest - I was so pissed that I had gone 20+ years suffering with such a simple fix.

If I have a migraine, which is really rare, 100 mg of caffeine works for me. I don't use caffeine otherwise, so it's not a withdrawal thing - it works some other way. Not sure how, but it does.

Sounds like a migraine which tends to be on one side of the head only. I used to get them so bad that the only thing that would get rid of them was an injection of Imitrix with an eppy pen.

A more holistic way that can help when a migraine is just starting: draw a very, very hot bath. As hot as you can stand it. Lay in the bath up to your neck. Put a very cold compress on your head and neck. This will help pull the swelling down from your head. This only works for me when 1) I can hop in the bath as soon as one is coming on 2) can stay in the bath long enough for it to work and 3) the migraine is just starting...as soon as it is a full blown migraine only medication will work.

Another trick is for her to track her headaches and match them to the weather (no joke). Whenever the barametric pressure drops I get one. If I pay attention to the weather and take an aspirin as the barameter is dropping sometimes I don't get a migraine- or it is not as bad.

(not a doctor- would definitely okay my methods with a doc before using them)

She might try going to a chiropractor. I used to get migraines but since I've been adjusted by a chiropractor I haven't had one in about a year. Something to look into if she hasn't had luck with meds.

Not sure if your friend has stress/tension headaches or migraines.

Origins Peace Of Mind On-the-Spot Relief worked wonders for me.


Another type of headaches I had was rectified by an opthamologist who finally gave me the right prescription and diagnosis.

Sounds EXACTLY like a migraine to me. I've had migraines for years but wasn't diagnosed until just this past December. I'd have them once or twice a week, each incidence lasting about three days. I was in pain more days than not. Now that I don't have them any more, I can't understand how I lived nearly 30 years like that! My life got INSTANTLY better after being diagnosed and treated.

I take a daily drug called Topamax, at a low dose (50 mg once a day, at bedtime). I sleep like a log, don't have migraines, except for once in a very great while (once every few months or so) and life is one damn sweet song. Seriously, this med changed my life. Topamax might not be the ticket for Friend Mel but there are plenty of migraine meds out there that work effectively and quickly. It's worth a go to try them out. Poor Mel, tell her she has my sympathy and I hope she finds relief soon!

PS~ My Dad, also a migraine sufferer, took my cast-off Immitrex (it didn't work for me, so I passed it off to him to try) and that worked great for him. That's an as-needed drug and it busts his headaches straightaway. Options! She has them.

I began having migraines after my daughter was born. I tried a ton of medications (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, fioricet, midrin, muscle relaxers, codeine, propoxyphene, and every triptan on the market). I finally got tired of the drug carousel and refused to take any more medication. My husband convinced me to see his chiropractor and I went, completely convinced that the whole thing was hocus pocus. To my complete shock, the chiropractor literally found the point of the headache and has been working the kinks out. After a year of increasing headaches and constant pain, I finally have whole days and weeks without a migraine. So, while I would usually say that chiropractors are crap, I've now revised my opinion. Some of the stuff you read makes them sound a little nuts, but a good one can actually get to the root of the problem. It's a much better solution than being constantly drugged anyway.

As much Coca Cola + french fries from McD's that I can stuff in my mouth + tylenol (if headache is in the Very Earliest Stages) - something about the caffeine + salt (acting as a vasoconstrictor?). And before anyone laughes, I've had headaches bad enough to send me barfing along to the emergency room. I've also done prescription meds - pain pills, maxalt (maxalt worked great, although as time went on, I started having headaches more & more frequently - when I stopped using it while ttc, the headaches went back to their 'normal' frequency). I recently read about mixing 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper with 4 oz warm water & swabbing that inside the nose with a q-tip - supposed to reduce/eliminate a migraine. I'll be trying that next time I have a bad headache....we'll see.

I would also agree that migraines are worse than unmedicated childbirth because the pain is unrelenting with no fun, fuzzy, yummy-smelling newborn to look forward to as a reward. I describe mine as feeling like I have an icepick thru my right eyeball, right temple & at the base of my skull. Also, in the the 10 or so years that I've been getting these headaches, I've noticed (actually, my husband was the one that brought this to my attn) that I am usually in a pretty foul mood before any symptoms set in.

One other thing that helps me thru the worst headaches - fill an ice pack (cloth hot water bottle w/ screw cap) with a mixture of water & rubbing alcohol & keep in freezer - gets very, very cold but doesn't freeze solid - also, stays very cold for quite awhile - I keep 2 in my freezer & alternate them as a 'pillow' when my headaches are at their worst. A cousin/dentist taught me this trick.

Triggers are a big thing - mine are: red wine, too much alcohol (of any kind), strong perfumes (everything in my house is unscented - laundry detergent, deoderant, lotion, makeup, etc), lack of sleep+stress, msg.

I had migraines monthly for years (20 or more) but have lately found they've gone away in the main by completely eliminating coffee. I've also started exercising quite a bit more so maybe the combination or maybe it was just hormones and they are petering out ready for menipause.

Good luck to her.


I get frequent headaches (especially "that time of the month"). Also from the back of the one side. Went to Doctor and was given a sheet with neck and back excercises (very gentle). But I do think they make a HUGE difference. About 10-15 minutes every morning. If all else fails I take Myprodol.

Up until 2 years ago I suffered from severe migraines and headaches – 1 or 2 migraines a month and at least 2 headaches a week. In my case, the migraines and headaches were triggered by my then sleeping patterns, particularly sleeping too long and taking too many naps. Simply by getting up earlier in the mornings and not having naps I have become virtually pain-free. Many studies have shown a strong correlation between headache disorders like migraine, tension-type headache and cluster headaches and sleep patterns/disturbances. Maybe your friend could take a closer look at whether there is a relation between how/when she sleeps and the onset of her migraines and adjust her sleeping pattern accordingly.

I suffered from migraines for a while...I went to see my doctor about and they gave me a list of triggers that can cause a migraine...told me try and eliminate what was on the list, one at a time, to see if I had a trigger...and sure enough I did!! Any artificial sweeteners, aspartame, splenda...pretty much all of them give me a migraine, which was wierd because I had been useing them for years. So, now I avoid anything with artificial sweeteners and take Excedrine Migraine...hope that is of some help.

One of my kids gets that kind of migraine. Used to fell her for a week at a time or until we went to the doctor for a shot of something (I forget what it is now) to knock it out. Imitrex would stop most of them if she took it immediately when she sensed one coming on. She now takes 10 mg amytriptyline every night and hasn't had a bad headache in over a year.

another headache sufferer here! Definitely sounds like a migraine to me. TONS of great meds out there. Here in the states, we usually use a "Triptan", which is a group of drugs now, the most common of which are Imirex and Relpax. Fabulous. I get migraines several times a week, and most of the time one of these drugs knocks it out within an hour. That's after going through days and days of constant pain, like your BF.

Definitely have her see a doc. I don't know what the drug companies call the meds in your country, but there are bound to be plenty of options. Migraine treatment has really gotten better over the last 10 years. How do I know? I've been suffering for 25 years! So, lots of help abounds.

Get her out of the dark room and into the doc's office. If she likes alternative medicine, acupuncture and naturopathy are nice options. I've done both, and while neither has cured my h/a, they have definitely reduced their intensity and frequency. As with making my baby, it turns out healing my headaches takes a combo of both Eastern and Western Meds.

Good luck to her! Migraines SUCK!

As said before, isolating the cause is a huge step. I used to have horrible headaches that started behind my eyes and quickly covered my sinus area and the top of my head. They lasted 2 or 3 days.
I started a fertility diet and, among other things, I stopped taking dairy, which is very difficult to digest for most people; it is also an unknown source of allergies. The nutritionist told me "try it 3 weeks and see how your body responds". It was hard because that meant no milk, yoghurt, cheese, anything!
However (and I did not expect that at all), no more headaches and my sinus were amazingly clear. I helped a couple of friends with this advice.

I get migraines too. Like others I didn't have them at all while pregnant which leads me to think it is hormone-related. But anyway, there's all kinds of drugs which people have listed.

For me, what helps about 75% of the time is taking about three over-the-counter migraine pills (Excedrine Migraine here) and rubbing peppermint essential oil on my temples and the back of my neck. Then I lay down with eyes closed somewhere quiet for about 30 mins. It helps me even when I've had the same headache for days. Relatively cheap and does not require a doctor's prescription.

Sounds like exactly what I suffered from. Went to my nurologist, and one brain scan later, discovered a SEVERE sinus infection that he said had been lingering there for "quite some time. maybe even years." That would do it. Some very strong antibiotics later, I haven't suffered from that specific kind of migraine in six months. YAHOO!

There is a teriffic doc in New York City (Alexander Mauskop) who does lots of headache reseach. He has written several books on alternative migraine relief. Check out their website


Julia - fellow migraine suffrer who found relief by eliminating dairy

Aside from buying pain relief medications, you can also try to used alternative natural technique pain relief such as hypnosis, massage and reflexology.

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