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Mixed feeling about the beta - wish you had a happier ending, but certainly glad nothing medically dangerous seems to be going on.

LOL about your comment on the scan. Just what KIND of sex were you having, to potentially lodge an embryo THERE?! SHEESH!

Your anus comment reminds me of a comment I saw on another blog once. She had rising betas with no sign of a sac. She shared the news this way, "The medical pronouncement was Pregnancy in an Unknown Location. Perhaps in my handbag???"

Glad it's the best of the 2 bad scenarios...

Great news that you can conceive!
Sorry about the loss though. That must hurt.

You attitude and pragmatism is incredible. I love your sense of humour.

I hope you really are ok though *huge hugs*

I've registered on Nurture btw. SO EXCITING!!!! LOVE Melany too!



Mee too. I wish it was good news, but better to have good bad news than bad bad news hey! If that makes sense!

Enjoy the wine and have a fab weekend! Keep us posted monday morning OK!
Hahaha, anus! My husband always says: Lets go do the thing we used to do before we got married...

My poor, lovely Tertia. You SO didn't need or deserve the mind fucking -- AGAIN. It's a testament to your strength that you can actually tell us all about this in pretty good humor. I guess the wine helps (I know it always helps me). You're in my thoughts -- Stacey

Hope you are REALLY ok! Celebrate the good bad news with a fishbowl of wine!! Hope the scan finds the location of the rogue embryo! (In your stomach, maybe??) And next time - spit, don't swallow!! : )

Re: the first comment and then your addendum to your post: You might have them scan your tonsils too, no?

*mwah* (air kiss so no germ contamination)

Married people don't do *what*?

Hey, sister. Get offa my cloud.


Oh lord, no I don't think it could be attached in there....unless you had oral sex, washed it down with wine, and it slipped through your stomach etc? hehe

Enough with the sick jokes, I am very very sorry and hope you are physically okay. Mentally I know it will take some time, you have been through a reproductive hell in your lifetime sweetie, feel free to have several glasses of wine.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Glad that the beta numbers are trending as you had predicted and not messing with you head anymore.
I'm so sorry for this wacko week - hope you can manage to enjoy the weekend in spite of things. I admire your honesty and strength.


((hugs)) about the numbers falling. You're awesome.

And I am freaking cracking up about the anus. Hi, I'm 12 years old.

Good bad news indeed.

Good bad news indeed - HUGS!

I've been offline for a while. Missed the whole beta thing. Sorry to hear. The dissapointment is the worst. xoxoxo

Well, I am sorry about the miscarriage, but I am glad it's not going to be a huge health scare for you. Thoughts and prayers and love your way...

Hate this damn rollercoaster.
thinking of you...

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