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I think the pretence of perfect mother-being has done a lot of harm... hallelujah for honesty! We need more of that. Don't be sad. Be proud. Those "perfect" moms need to be bitchslapped until they tell the truth!

Oh yeah, I'm a yeller too. I hate that I do it, and I hate when I hear myself reflected in my children. I also lie about the treats being gone so I don't have to share them with the kids.

Our group of friends has a motto, No Perfect People Allowed. It was such a relief to not have to put up a front. Friendship used to require such an effort on my part, so much of an effort it wasn't worth it ands hubs and I because loners. It took years to find a group of couples that shared our views. I

When I think of all that time I wasted being phony surrounded by other fakers, it makes me sad.

My Dirty Little Secret...my kids are underweight because I am overweight. I don't want them to be fat. Not because I am vain, but becuase I know how cruel this world is to overweight people.

You MUST check out http://www.truemomconfessions.com/

but plan ahead, you will be reading for HOURS....

I hate crusts too, always cut them off. Complete waste of chewing time as far as I am concerned.

My twins are younger than yours (two and 3 months) but they also still drink from bottles. But I don't care. They won't drink milk if I don't let them, so I just figure oh well. They'll grow out of it eventually! I agree, though, about "dirty little secrets". It really is just called life, plain and simple. Our differnces in parenting, even the things that aren't our brightest moments, are what make us unique, and what make our kids unique.

Plus, there's no proof that perfect parents would equal perfect kids, right?

This damn book and all the reviews is what made me write my post about being a yeller:


For some reason, I find myself wanting to hear you yell in your South African accent. Because somehow the accent will make it sound so decent. LOL.

Nevermind, I was a kid raised on crustless bread and I not only survived but turned out pretty well. When it comes to yelling, that doesn't do so much harm. In other cultures, like Africa. It's quite common to yell at its hands, even slap them lightly on the bottom, but they turn out well -- because live also yells at you when you grow up. And it's good to learn how to deal with yelling when you are still a child, because it makes it much easier when you're an adult.
Great review thought!

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