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Tertia, are there any South Asian or Middle Eastern brow-threaders in your area? I scab from eyebrow waxing too and have sworn never to do it again. Threading isn't exactly fun—when is yanking out hairs en masse ever fun?—but no hot, sticky goop is applied to your skin. It's more like tweezing on steroids, and easier on sensitive skin.

Oh my goodness - can you rather stay away from doing all those things? Tell the internets to go play on the highway (in the fast lane) next time someone comments on your brows/hair/face/house/whatEVER and don't put yourself through so much pain! ;-)

I'm sorry the bitch sang, but I'm glad you have your resolution.

And your family, and a holiday.


Fat lady?

Oh, you poor thing, Tertia! I've had the same injury from a careless waxer who slopped wax practically down to my eyelashes. You do have a pair of really big, glamorous sunglasses, right?

As for your PS... damn. I was really hoping for a come-from-behind victory. I'm so sorry.

Good heavens! If she did that to your brows, I don't even want to imagine what she must have done to your "bikini area" (not that I spend a lot of time imagining your bikini, of course).

Yikes. Hope you have some nice, soothing lotion of some kind to put on that.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

Ouch!! Cheaters never prosper...a hard lesson to learn, especially in the eyebrow department.

Glad the resolution feels good, sorry that it had to be this way. Take good care of yourself, okay?

(am adopting SA kissing philosophy)

Wow, I never knew that could happen. I think I had a bruise the size of a football between my legs after my first bikini wax. Isn't that perfect for vacation, having what looks like a giant purple/black birthmark protruding from your swimsuit.

Youch!! That looks painful!!

I second Orange's suggestion on using the threading method to keep your eyebrows trimmed. It's a very simple procedure which takes just a few minutes and doesn't hurt as much as waxing. Since threading is very common in India, you may have to inquire within Indian communities in your area.

Ouch. On both the eyebrows and the fat lady. But glad that it is resolved and you are on holiday! Yipee!

I learned the hard way that one should not wax one's eyebrows while using Retin-A cream. Apparently Retin-A makes your skin fragile, even if you don't apply it to your eyebrow area (who knew?), and your skin will rip clean off along with the wax. I actually have a scar on my left eyebrow because of that. Gah.

Damn, I thought we were getting pictures of the bikini wax!

Well that just sucks. If I were there I'd give you a cold compress and try very hard not to say, "I told you so."

My eyebrow lady was on leave after brain surgery to remove a tumor and I wouldn't go see anyone else. For a YEAR!!!

Now THAT'S loyalty, for ya'.


It seems that the wax was too hot! Plus it was the first time for your eyebrows. By now without the swelling and scabs you are even more G&D and the next time it won't be so bad. I am sure you are looking like one hot mama.

It is also usually much more painful/sensitive when waxing/threading in the second half of one's cycle. It gets worse the closer to a period one is. The first two weeks (or before ovulation) is the best time to schedule waxes and threading etc.

Ouch. I'm so sorry you went through this. A wee suggestion - apply vitamin e oil to heal the skin. it will also help prevent scarring. a small bottle of vitamin e oil will go a loooong way.

I am SO sorry. I was really hoping........hope you are okay.

Hang in there, Mrs A. No pain, no gain....

Dear Tertia (adopting the SA way, which used to be the way here, too);

I just cringe looking at these pictures. And I want to punch whoever did this to our dear T! That's where I go when I feel someone I know has been wronged. Immediate physical violence (in my imagination!) to the offender.


I'm sorry the Fat Lady sang....crap.

Please don't tell me you went to the 5 star "spa" at Mont for your wax?

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