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I am on my way over to congratulate you - we will need more wine!!

Congratulations Tertia!

well done, bebe! you're delish.

and...you must be very smart...you went to uni when you were nine years old?

I am so pleased for you! Well deserved, Tertia!

Tess is rude ;-) I was thinking you must have only 5. Congrats!

Fartbags...such a sweet term of endearment. I know what to call my husband when I see him later tonight.

Congrats, Tertia. Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl.



What was I doing 20 years ago.. hmm.. oh, that's right, gestating. Hehe. Okay, sorry, done teasing you now.

Good work, sister.

Congrats; well deserved! And thanks much for your blog. I enjoy it immensely!

Congrats, asshole! :)

You are just so g and d! Of course she was just 9 when she graduated! That explains why Kate and Adam are just 3. She had to wait until Marco was old enough to legally marry as he is a trophy husband so is a bit younger than her. ( Enough silliness on my part, huge congrats on your award it is just hugely deserved.) And congrats for taking those fur babies to puppy kindergarden, I know it is not your thing, but it is good for you and very good for the puppies.

Gosh, does that make me partly responsible? :o) Sounds like you had a deep crust evening, well done!

Congratulations from one of your dear Fartbag readers who voted for you.

Congrats, you old bag... should we get you a walker to take with you next year?

Just kidding!


Congratulations fellow WINNA!

You rock.

VERY proud of u! Well done Michael, love Latoya-Germaine.

Well done Tertia, big congrats. Thanks for a great blog. It's the first thing I read when I get to work. Keep up the good work.

Congrats on your win! I just started reading your blog and you are hiLArious! Look forward to more posts.

Hey there, well done T. but what's this I read here...unceremonious????? the fact that you beat those little whipper snappers is most ceremonious indeed!!

well done girlfriend! well deserved!


If you hadn't have done the high heels and cleavage thing, well it just wouldn't have been the Tersh that we know and love through this blog, dahlink :)

...plus you had to do the cleavage thing with the brand new boobs, for god's sake! ;-)
(and i might have some questions about that... talking 'boob safari' ;-)


Congrats you majesty :)


Ah Tertia - shall I tell everyone how delightful you looked? And the fact that that there were a few other 'snapped whips' there too?

Congrats on your award, you remain at the forefront! But remember, it takes years to get style, and we're all following you!

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