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May all your report cards be as accurate
and enthusiastic!

Adam looks very grown up!

I am an occasional reader, but I swear the last time I saw a picture of Adam he looked about half as old as he does in that picture. So grown up! So young man-like!!!

Enjoy the champagne, err, I mean, the braai!

My poor niece! Boring Kak lunch every day, homemade haircuts, comfy ungirly clothes.... don't you remember ANYTHING!

Have a fantastic weekend - drink some bubbly for me!

I thought Adam couldn't look more liek Marko then he did. Apperantly he could! Funny that!

Wow -- like the others so far, Adam looks so young-manly and like Marko!
So glad school is working out and that they are starting to take on the world!

Hi Tertia! I've been reading your blog for months now after a friend gave me a link, but have never commented. Just thought I'd say that I love it, can relate so MUCH to you! My boy/girl twins are two, and very similar to yours. I find it very comforting to know other children are feisty and particular, too. :)

very nice post! what beautiful kids!

aw. i get a little tearful when i see these report cards. how fast the twins have grown. this is so wonderful. thank you for including us and letting us in X

What a lovely post! The joy in your daily life with your family, your pleasure in ritual and your genuine affection for your family, as well as your love of South Africa -- all these things shine brightly in this simple, elegant, brief little post. Thank you for writing so well, Tertia. (Also -- I didn't make this explicit yesterday -- but I am SO SORRY I was insensitive to the trauma you experienced when you had braces put on as an adult. Thank you for educating us about SID and helping us to understand that not everyone is wired the same way.)

That is so cool the teacher put that together, I'm sure they will have pleasant memories years to come looking at the pics and notes from the teachers.
Easter here is always on a Sunday. It's a pretty big deal, most people put their kiddos in pastel colored dressy outfits and get pictures taken. Kids hunt for plastic eggs with treats inside. Most kiddos get a visit from the Easter Bunny who drops them off a basket full of more candy maybe a game or an outfit. When I was young we would have a large family get together and have a BBQ aka Braai.

Enjoy the wonderful weather. I live in Nevada USA and the weather is beautiful here too!


SOOO nice to see another little girl in shorts! Nellie REFUSES to wear a costume, so I'm left feeling like a heel everytime she goes swimming and there are other kids around. In fact, if she wears shorts we're doing well - usually she strips off as soon as she's in the water. She's taken to refusing to wear shoes for most of the day too...I think I have a nudist in the making.

Isn't it amazing how siblings can be so different? My brother and I are like night and day (he says he got all the good qualities and I was created to teach people patience). I will soon find out just how different twin siblings can be since I recently learned that I have not one, but two healthy babies growing in there! (I'm 10 weeks now). I was thinking of going back and re-reading your posts from the first few months after Adam and Kate were born, but then I remembered how exhausted you were and thought I'm already freaking out enough as it is. Tell me it will be alright! Plus I'm going to have a 18 month old by the time the twins are born!

Yes, Easter Sunday is celebrated here too with easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. But we don't get time off from work on Good Friday. People who want to spend the day in church or whatever have to use vacation leave.

My mom used to dress me in brown cords and red satin joggers with white piping and she always cut my hair in a heavy fringe that ended mid-forehead. I looked like one of those kids whose parents were first cousins. So, don’t be so hard on yourself, I think Kate looks like a trendsetter in her funky retro swim shorts. Your sprogs are gorgeous – well done on their excellent report-backs!

So glad that they are doing so well! You see, your fears were all for 0... :)
Have a great Easter... Hope you get lots of Lindt Bunnies!

I think Kate looks very modern in her shorts. :-P

What a lovely touch from their teacher! I think if I had been able to find someone like that, I would have been more comfortable sending him off to Pre-School. As it is, it seems as though he is the only 4 year old not attending and it makes me second-guess myself. *shrug* Too late now, I'm afraid.

Gorgeous children!

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