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Congrats to A & K on the big achievement!
Thanks for sharing the photos!

So glad that Adam is feeling better! They look very cute on their bikes!

LOVE the pics - the kids are having a BLAST!

Gorgeous, but, um, Tertia, how about some helmets?

I can't believe they're three already. It never fails to amaze me how long the days are, and yet how short the years are.

Love Adam's hand on his bike... Noticed the kidlets had no sandals/shoes on. I advise the wearing of footwear, I remember the bloody toes my kids had when they forgot to wear shoes and scrapped their feet on the road while pedaling. Yeow! Helmuts are mandatory here in Victoria, BC, not sure if they are there or not, easier to get kids to wear them if you start them young and make it a condition for riding. Soon you'll be taking the training wheels off and they will be "two" wheel'in in no time. They sure are growing fast.

I thought the bed next to Adam's was yours? ;-) You've been replaced by the bike?!

Congratulations on your bike riding kiddos ^_^ So sweet

I agree with the people calling for safety. My brother damaged his Achilles tendon once riding a bike without shoes on. I've been a bit fanatic about footwear ever since. And helmets? Since the time I was hit by a car while cycling and knocked over, I swear by them too. I know somebody whose boy got a serious head injury falling off a skateboard, so I think helmets are good even with small bikes.

A C Kermans! HILARIOUS! I remember that my sister used to say that. Too funny. Also, sleeping next to the bike, thats just gorgeous.

What a lovely picture of Adam and his bike!!

I also have days like this. These are the ones where I begin to consider having another baby. Cos everything is so Brady Bunch and I am sooooo happy. Fortunately they are few and far between. Most of the days I just survive. With a giggle here and there!

Oh dear...did you forget to buy the helmets?

It's only 3 feet to the ground, but if one of them falls and conks their head, you will kick yourself for the rest of your life.

They are adorable!

The pic of Adam sleeping with his bike is a riot! Love it!

What a wonderful milestone! I felt the same way when our little ones learned to ride. So proud, almost as excited as they were! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.
Now you will get lots of exercise, jogging along behind them!

OMG I nearly wet myself when I saw Adam in bed with his bike!! What a precious memory to have of your son!

Oops, I forgit to tell you that I love the "babies designed by..." and "Boobs designed by...." photos on your blog! Cheers to your medical staff!

I love days that feel like that! Glad to hear you had one. May we all have many many more!

Lovely post. I haven't read the comments, but I am guessing you've been reamed out about the kiddos' helmetless state?

It's funny how the comments section on your website so often turns into a chorus of "what Tertia did wrong today," even though all those commenters are totally in love with you and your kids and mean their comments in the best possible way.

It's also funny, I think, how rule-bound and prescriptive childrearing in the U.S. is compared with other countries. It's like there's this set of mandates that all Good American Moms MUST follow . . . . I wonder if this is a tradition that began with Dr. Spock and why it took root in this country but not others.

Victoria, it's called basic safety. Adults should wear helmets too - it has nothing to do with the kid's age.

I love how everyone loves to point out "faults" Sheesh! Your kids look so happy, and thats what matters most!

sara, "basic safety" is a cultural construct. Ours is different from theirs.

I love AC Kermans!!!!

Ignore the preachiness. Most of us rode bikes with no helmuts and somehow survived. Yes, I think helmuts are grea, but these kids have training wheels for crying out loud and their dad standing right there. Its like there is no common sense anymore about what is an acceptable risk. Its just mindless obey the rules. The truth is, its just not possible to make everything safe. What if they wore helmuts and shoes and then fell and broke their legs? Maybe your kids shouldn't be riding bikes without full body armor and a stand by ambulance. PS: adorable kids, beautiful neighborhood.


Oh Tertia, just tell them to go F*CK themselves. Your family is gorgeous, and anyone can tell what a lovely day you had, and THANK you for sharing it! (And, by the way, all of you judgemental harpies, I spent a whole childhood riding a bike without a helmet, or shoes, or freaking using the *handlebars*, and was NEVER injured until a car ran me off the road - I had to swerve to avoid the 'caution bicycles' sign, I kid you not - and I broke my freaking collarbone (at the age of 19) which would have been protected by NEITHER a helmet nor shoes. So there. Put THAT in your "I'm smarter than you" pipe and smoke it.)

You go Tertia. You're an awesome mom.

LOVE those pictures! Your kiddos are gorgeous and it looks like they are having a wonderful time. I laughed out loud at the picture of Adam w/his bike. Kids! Last night my daughter had to sleep with 2 plastic easter eggs.

Ignore the a--holes, please.

Well, what is there to expect from someone who photoshops smiles on her kids faces on teh Easter pic?! (Google is a wonderful tool, found her blog because of what you quoted from her description of herself...)

BTW, her boy is sledding without a helmet - how's that for safety?! ;D

I'm a longtime lurker that just had to comment on this. PHOTOSHOPPING SMILES ON KIDS? Is that woman SERIOUSLY for real? That's bigtime nuts...

Love your kids, love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, in some ways Americans can be rulebound. Sure, its way more fun to drive without speed limits, the wind blowing in your hair and no seatbelt wrinkling your fabulous outfit, for example. But they save thousands of lives a year.

And as for me? My 7 year old wiped out on his bike last summer. He skinned one whole side of his body. And later that day, when I picked up his helmet. I found a big, rock-shaped dent in the back of it. He'll wear his helmet even for neighborhood riding, no matter how "american" that makes me.

However, that doesn't change the fact that the pictures are gorgeous and it looks like a lovely and memorable day.

Thanks for sharing your lovely day.

I'm only coming here late in the game, but I must say that when I saw these photos I thought "oh what fun! they're having a blast!!!" and didn't even give a thought to the helmet/whatever situation. (and I'm an American! gasp!) sure, helmets are good, but adam and kate look fine and safe. I hate that you even have to defend what was clearly a fun, lovely time.

Good heavens people, chill! Tertia was nice enough to share awesome photos with those of us interested, thus we read her blog. In my view it's like somebody sharing with you that her husband has just landed a great job with a wonderful company and you pause and say: "Oh that's great but just make sure he is not lured by the really beautiful and intellegent single women that work there. And he may get prostate cancer due to the huge pressure and stress he will have to endure in his big shot job. And the route he has to travel to his new job is renoun for murderous highjackings..."

Really guys, just enjoy the blog..

As we speak, my kids are in the tub... without me. Because I am too busy commenting to care for their safety. ;-)

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