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Nutter! The things you (used to) stress about?! What are day panties and night panties?


Day panties and/or night panties?
Please explain?

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE LAUGH!!!! Day and Night panties??? REALLY?? Still laughing!!!!

Oh my! well I didn't think you were that anal (I speak from no experience, but I'd think that routine suits kids) until I read the bit about the washing! just go buy some more panties :-)

Day/night, light/dark panties??? Wow. I just have one big bin, and wear whatever. I do try and coordinate the set (bra/panties) I'm wearing, but that's about it.

I just need to say I love your blog - love it. It is absolutely my favorite and if I am ever lucky enough to be in Cape Town again I am looking you up. Good luck with the panty reserves.

What happens if you have an accident requiring an ambulance at home and you are wearing your night panties?

The shame of it! ;)

I totally understand! I have day panties (thong) and night panties (no way would I sleep in a thong! gotta have the comfy ones).

Congrats on doing your part for the energy crisis. :)

Funny, I work from home so my night panties turned into day panties and then... just sort of chucked the idea of night panties.

Am sort of paranoid about a fire at night, and would have to grab some emergency panties (a new breed!) to run outside.

New laundry policy might call for an excuse to buy more panties, though!

LOL...Day and night panties. That's priceless.

I wear the same pair of (granny) panties all week - day and night. Cuts down on the washing that way.

(Kidding. I'm just trying to make your head explode.)

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

Day and night panties??? You are hardcore. I'd never do it, because that's twice the panties I'd normally have to wash.

I usually go for a balance of comfort and "style" which takes me from day into night. In the case of a real emergency, I'd probably pee myself out of fear, so why bother wearing anything super duper nice?

night panties = no panties ;-) Much more comfy that way!

I can't believe all these people who wear panties at night! Goodness I'm MUCH racier than I ever thought..

Holy Frijole! Day and night panties? I'm cracking up! Just go commando!

Good lord woman!! I am a long time lurker but I just had to comment on the day and night panties thing - obviously (and I thought this was obvious to the entire world but maybe not) you have to let your bum 'breathe' during the night!! Thats what my mum told me and she was a nurse so I'm sticking with it!

You are one funny woman! I'm not sure why I'm chuckling at this post, nevertheless I am...and thanks for that. Ahhh...I think I know why...my big sis has these typa panties and I for the life of me can't imagine wearing them! Anywhere! Anytime or anyplace...my anality would just not allow!

I have very special BIG, yet sexy night panties/pants? those things that look like 1950's swimwear, very comfy indeed! And dare I say, most firemen will find them oddly attractive...so my night time fire fears are under control. Have all my bases are covered...

Suppose i'm not making as much progress on analness as you... *sulk*

No day or night panties for me -- just 24 hour panties here. I wear comfy panties pretty much all the time (Hanes Her Way bikini cut -- cute and comfy. And $6 for a 4 pack.) I do have to admit though, when I'm forced to wear a thong, I do change into comfy panties at night. Maybe that's what you're talking about?

Me too, have day and night panties!

Are you sure that those "Night Panties are not "Safety Panties" in disguise? My girlfriends call those big comfy granny panties safety panties - keeps the drooling hubbies at bay when you're not in the mood;) I personally refuse to wear anything at night - too uncomfortable!

I honestly never knew that people wore panties at night??!! Do you mean to mill around the house or actually sleep in?!

I honestly do learn something new every day!

Night panties? You mean you wear panties under your pajamas?

Day and night panties - my word woman! I'm with Lisa - good looking comfort all the way!

Day AND night panties. It's a good day if I wear any at all. Commando all the way.

Another commando sleeper here.

You cracked me up seriously this time!!!! so I went off in my day panties to vote for you.

LOL day panties then night panties....i'm rolling on the floor in laughter. That IS priceless:) So cute...love reading your blog!!

Huh....I usually just go commando--day or night! I can't stand thongs (the butt-floss feeling) and I hate VPNs (visible panty lines) so there you go.

You crack me up!

OMG you have entirely too many kinds of panties. I used to have two kinds: Sexy Panties and Panties Suitable Should The Curse Strike Unexpectedly or With Unexpected Vengeance (Sexy Panties past their prime). Then for a few years I had three kinds: Sexy Panties in a box, Panties Suitable Should The Curse Strike, etc. (worn until half-way through a pregnancy, Just In Case), and Maternity Panties. Then I had an intrauterine ablation and got too sick and/or grouchy all the time for sex OR pregnancy. No babies, no Curse, no worries, except for whether there will be A pair of panties should I need to leave the house and go on a planned outing to the doctor (god help the ambulance man).

This is a wonderful thread. I am all cotton, all the time, but cute cotton, and NO thongs. EVER. Of course, here, sometimes the ambulance man is a woman, so...

With all the love I have, you're still a nut! LOL Day and night panties?? WTF? lol

At first I thought the night panties were like evening wear. Which seemed very impressive, because if you have to worry about having enough clean evening wear underwear, then you must have a very glamorous life!

I think I will ask the same question everyone is asking about the panties? What was up with that? That old habit was pretty crazy. *grin*
I just grab whatever is on top the drawer, unless I am wearing light color pants and the top one is dark colored, then I choose something else.

hmmm.... grandma taught me i had to "breathe" at night...and i've believed her ever since.

I can understand those of you not wearing panties at night if you wear "shorty payamas". But surely not if you wear a "night dress"?! Especially short ones...

What if the ambulance man had to see you at night for an emergency :) ??

I only wear panties when I leave the house!

so, if you don't shower before bed, do you change your panties?? I have not heard of day/night panties. I personally don't wear any to bed (what's the point? except to dirty another pair) and certainly do not have different ones for different times of day. Did you really do laundry EVERY day? Wow! I do it about 2x a week and I have 2 kids and myself and my husband. If i did it every day I'd probably go crazy.

You wild woman... living life on the edge.... You inspire me to exotic heights! I think maybe I'll sleep on the other side of the bed this week. I don't know though. Sounds risky. I'll think about it whilst I'm alphabetizing my spice cabinet. Yes. I really do that.

I HEART this line: "...I am perfectly sane. I am just in touch with my inner crazy." I will have to remember that one!

And if it makes you feel any better, my 6 yr old has Day and Night panties. Although I'm pretty sure her reasoning has nothing to do with ambulance drivers. ;-)

Thanks for the laugh!

The panties thing = hilarious! I have only two kinds of panties, clean ones and in the laundry ones. Much simpler!

you make me laugh but you know what, I am struggling with letting our schedule "go" for a day for a special outing...you're my hero!

next step: washing lights & darks together. I know, not ideal but it definately saves on water around here.

day and night panties...ok, lol.

i don't wear panties i wear thongs, well mosttly g-strings actually (so much more comfortable). i'm surprised so many people hate thongs, i love love them. and i don't sleep with underwear on, just pyjama pants and a tank top or some other shirt depending on how cold it is.

what i don't get though is how people wear underwear that isn't cotton. you know the lace or satin stuff? blech, hate it.

oh, i also wash lights and darks together and only do laundry once every 2-3 weeks, yeah, that's right. although i live by myself and have too many clothes so i don't really expect anyone else to be able to do that, lol.

I'm another no panties to bed girl- even if wearing a short nightgown. Sure the gown may ride up but I have a sheet/blanket over so what difference does it make? I used to sleep nekkid before kids but once I had to wear a nursing bra at night I could not see wearing just that to bed:-) I thought "night panties" referred to sexy panties you would wear for your partner! Ha!

Day panties and night panties...? Uhh, no, I just put on whatever I have available in the morning and wear that until the next morning. I guess it's a "Tertia thing." ;)

And I can't believe you wash clothes SIX days a week!!! We wash our clothes whenever our laundry baskets are absolutely FULL and we are running out of clean clothes to wear...say every two or three weeks. You won't believe how much money you will be saving if you go this route. ;)

I am totally with you on the daytime/nighttime panties. I wear my attractiv bikinis or boyshorts during the day and then at night I go straught for the comfortable stretched out granny panties. They are so comforting and I swear, they help me sleep better :)

Just because George Clooney used to play an ER doctor on TV doesn't mean he's going to be ripping off your panties in an emergency.

Ok. I'm going to throw a spanner in the works, Tertia.

What happens if the ambulance man needs to cut your clothes off AT NIGHT???? What if he sees your night panties anyway????

That's just going to fester now, isn't it? lol. ;)

Oops. Someone else got to that first, lol.

My dear, you are seriously wrapped too tight. You need to go commando and let your bum flap in the breeze.

I thought I was the only one with day and night panties. Pretty ones for day, comfy ones for night. :) It just doesn't seem right any other way.

*snort* Day and night panties? *snort*

Although, having said that, I am kinda looking at my undie stash to make sure I can get through my first IVF cycle (!!) with fifty five million people only seeing my good undies. Not that I'll be wearing them much ... but, you know, the thought is there.

Oh, and June ...? *blissful sigh* Just imagine if he did though!! :-)

My mom was a nurse too and she was a firm believer in "airing it out" at night. So that's what I do now. :P

I just try for complete panties. As in - they don't have a hole in them. I suppose your bra has to match the panties?

if i have on pants i don't have on panties - commando for me....all day every day

I don't have day panties and night panties. I have "gonna get laid" panties and "don't touch me" panties and "period" panties... But I don't have day panties and night panties... I may need to get some IVF Panties, though. Not thongs, not huge granny panties, and not period panties.

Granny panties all the way...if my husband can bear it, I am sure the ambulance man will get over it too.

I absolutely have day and night panties. Sigh... I'm not alone and it feels great!

Thank god there are some sane people out there! Of COURSE one has to have day and night panties.

As for those smart alecs who ask what about the ambulance man seeing you at night, like DUH! You wont be driving in your car at night, and if you were, you'd be wearing day panties for that portion of the night that you were out.

AND as for those brazen hussies who wear NO panties, well DON'T COME CRYING TO ME WHEN THE AMBULANCE MAN SEES YOUR NAKED BUM!!!

Lastly, if George Clooney was the ambulance man, I'd rip my own panties off, give him a blow job AND swallow. And I don't even like olives!

This post cracked me up...but I must agree I also have day and night panties...

Well done on living on the wild side


Well, I have to agree with Tertia here - I also have day and night panties. I even have panties especially kept aside for when aunt flo comes to town and some brand new bright white panties that I only wear to the gynae....It's like having sexy strappy sandals, your reliable yet nice work shoes, your comfy house shoes/slops/flip flops, and then your trusted comfy slippers. Wearing day panties to bed would be like wearing your sexy strappy sandals to do gardening at home...it just wouldn't be right. And to all those people who go commando - here in SA the burglars sometimes break into your house at night and the last thing I would want to worry about at that momement if it ever happens to me (God forbid) is to worry that I am standing there without underwear.

T, while I completely "get" the day/night panties (have also had "hot", *hopefully* ambulance man visions...not fantasies....ahem) What I DO find disturbing is that you have light and dark ones :)Pls don't tell me you even colour code your jammies???

I have never thought about it like this, but I actually do have day/night ones. My night ones are my old stretched ones, but they also double up as day/period panties.

OMG - imagine if I was in an accident, during the day, while having my period - OH THE SHAME!!!!!

PS. Pre-kids, I used to sleep in the nic, all cuddled up flesh on flesh against hubby. But once breast milk started wetting the bed, that all changed. Now I have babies in the bed with me at some stage in the night and being karlies just doesnt feel right. :-(

Never mind the night panties, I don't wear anything to sleep in at all! Gee, I really do live a wild life after all! LOL

*Chuckle* Oh boy, commando sleeping rules! With another poster on the "breathing" bit, much fresher in the morning ;)

I cannot sleep in a g-string or in the buff - just too uncomfortable. Give me my granny panties for sleeping in any time(much to hubby's disgust). If I am wearing something that shows a panty line then I will wear a g-string else full panties, but going out ie to a party or dinner, always a g-string.

And my laundry gets done 3x/week, usually whatever is dirty gets washed. That is mainly because neither of us has enough work clothes to last a full week!

Oh my word! I nearly wet by day panties reading this post and the comments! Definitely night panties = no panties. I bet you have matching nightie and gown sets from Woollies.... :)
Now if George Clooney was in the ER, the queue around that hospital would look like the queue at Home Affairs or the Traffic Dept!! :) Mix those darks and lights, girl - take a walk on the wild side....

Separate laundry? Day/night panties? Who are you people? Do you also coordinate your paper towels to match your kitchen decor? Really? And, by the way, if my ambulance man is more worried about the state of my panties than the state of my aliveness, I want a new ambulance man!

Right now I'm in big saggy maternity panties. Even new, they are big and saggy. Hopefully no one but my husband will see them, but at the cost of these darn things, I won't be buying a set just for night any time soon :)

Obviously, everyone else beat me to the dark day vs. dark night panties question. Because wow - no. I do have my pairs of granny gitch, but those are more of a monthly visitor than a nightly exchange. I imagine I'd feel differently if I actually wore clothes to bed, but I don't. If I did, I imagine I'd still let some air pass by my nethers and just wear pyjama bottoms or shorts, and skip the inner layer. But that bit is just speculation.

Unfortunately, I don't have the body for day panties so I have to wear night panties all the time. Tragic!! I hope for the medic's sake I'm never in an accident. ;)

I knew we were long-lost sisters! I have day/night panties, too! Thong during the day, more modest coverage at night. I can't sleep if I wear thong to bed at night!

While I do not have day and night panties, I do wear a thong 24/7 - love them! So comfy and not panty lines. It's all about finding the right thong, so don't give up on them ladies - there are many uncomfortable ones out there. Also, I have had a hot ambulance driver have to cut my clothes off, thank goodness for the cute thong! My best friend and I (after hitting a telephone pole) were both trying to out do each other with the whining so we'd steal his attention away from the other one. Ahh, good times! Special thanks to Ste. Jean sur Richelieu, QC, Canada for the hot ambulance driver!

Oh, and FYI - I've moved myself over to my own website - added you as one of my few blogrolly bits - hope you don't mind!

Still a work in progress, but it seemed time to give up livejournal and take the plunge!


Nighttime is NO PANTIES. Let the girl parts BREATHE for crying out loud.

I wear a night shirt around before bed and then toss it off and wear nothing betwixt the sheets. Nothing nicer than being free with a nice soft duvet to snuggle up in. No-body is going to break into our house at night as the windows don't open easily and the rouladen is down at nights and no one can see in either.

What if the ambulance comes at night?

OMG, you are SO FUNNY. No, I guess all of my panties are day panties. If they get stained or holey or frayed, I just throw them out and buy new ones. I mean hell, they cost what, two bucks? If you think you might run out, buy more.

Your laundry schedule is hilarious. You are lucky that Rose has complied with it! I'm amazed that you have taken the time to think it through so thoroughly. I keep a family laundry basket in the laundry room, and when the basket is full I do laundry. That's about every other day.

BTW, I have been having dreams about dating George Clooney, so hands off, Tertia!

You must check out jezebel.com's pot psychology...it's all about airing out the hooha while sleeping.


I was laughing at the day vs night undies then realised I have them too. I have terrible baggy ones with dodgy elastic that I'll think "oh they'll do" and put them on at night...if I wear undies at night. Mostly I don't. During the day I just try to find a clean pair and I've never thought about someone else seeing them! Most embarrassing was going to the physiotherapist, I'd never thought I'd be getting my gear off at that session and I had a beige bra and gross purple undies. And I was supposed to strut around, bend over, contort. Oh the shameful shameful shame of it all.

Truly, my husband thinks it is exciting if I wear matching underwear. Matching white cotton bra and undies send him wild. How sad!!

Never found a comfortable G string. A doctor told me once they help transfer bacteria from the anus to the urinary tract. Gross dude.

And do people still wear teddies?

Am I the only person who finds the excessive use of the word "panties" in these comments amusing? Maybe it's an Aussie thing.

Put me down for the no *ahem* knickers at night time group... you need to air out!!


I used to not wear any panties at night, until the Northridge earthquake happened, though personally not effected, it was a bit tough trying to find clothes in the dark and get dressed. After that I always wear panties, PJ to bed. I don't have day or night ones. If I have a shower before bed, then of course I change it. Then there are some reserved specially for Aunt Flo, and some for gym. As for g-string, I find the brand Hanky Panky is so comfortable that I don't even feel I am wearing one.

solved the panty problem ages ago!!
GO COMMANDO!!(all the time)

I wear underwear/panties at night, just because I feel better that way, (sort of like always wearing my seatbelt in a car) but in a radical change from several posters here--I wear whatever is clean, I don't own any awful panties, because I THROW THEM AWAY!

Yes, I believe I am worth new panties on a regular basis. If it has a hole or a stain that can't be removed, it goes in the garbage!

And yes, I've had to get up in the middle of the night for emergencies and I like to be wearing something when the cops, ambulance, and fire station guys show up. So buy some new panties Tertia!!! Throw the skeevy ones out baby!

No night panties, nor day panties. And no pyjamas to sleep in, either.

Makes life much easier.

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