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Thanks for posting this!

All done! I don't know how much use it will be, but hopefully some. I'm only on my first IVF cycle so who knows how the feeling I have now will change with more cycles? (BTW, just as an aside, my period on Buserelin is an asshole!).

Anywho - thanks T :-)

Would love anyone else who sees this to take a few minutes to take the survey. I work for MomLogic and am going through infertility treatment myself...and I would love to see this issue get more attention so others can get a better understanding of what it's like to go through it--financially, emotionally, etc. But we need your help--we need a lot more survey respondents! Please spread the word! Here's the link, pass it on:


Thank you and all the best to all of you!

Do you create presentations for a living? Are you interested in finding out more about the profession, and how you relate to it? The Presentations Council is one of the most active groups within InfoComm, a trade association for the A/ V industry. The have been connecting those within the presentations industry with their collaborative blog, Visual Being , and now they are taking a big step to begin to quantify and analyze the industry as a whole. Below is a writeup that describes the survey- as a bonus, it...

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