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You and sister Mel are v. cool. My kind of girls.
You are right. People must either like and accept you for who you are or just f*** the hell off!!!
If they don't like you then why do they bother to read this blog?

Even if you do include all of those things no doubt you'll have missed one out and so you'll still get a comment. I can't stand having a dog's snout in my crutch, like f.off dog, its not that smelly is it?

I'm hardly one to talk, I had maybe 20 faithful readers when I shut my blog down. 1/1000th of your readership. I would also squeel with glee when someone said something stupid. Obviously we are of a different mind set. Sometimes someones going to be an idiot. Sometimes someone will have their own cross to bear or their own issues to deal with and what you say will bring that out in them. Just like in life, you cant let that get to you. It will eat you alive and you wont see the 200 comments supporting you.

You said it so well. What I like about blogs is the way I can see through somebody else's eyes. I'm a Christian, but I read a few blogs written by atheists. I'm Republican, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying blogs by Democrats. I'm straight, but I've found some of the most interesting blogs belong to gays and lesbians.

If I only wanted to read mirrors of my personal opinions, I'd read my own blogs. How dull that would be.

That's why I like coming over here.
No one knows me.
(and I am a spanker who hates dogs)

LOL at blackbird...

T you and Mel rock - you are fab girls and fab sisters :) To hell with the rest of them :)


I fkn love you. fuck the rest.

You and your sister rock and to hell with the crotchety so and so's. You and sister Mel inspired me to start my own warts and all blog!!

They can fuck right off. Simple, really. Like that!!

T, has anyone pointed out to you that you're still pissed off about last week?

And for the record, I agree, it's brutal that you can't be yourself in your blog unless you're prepared to face the anony-wrath.

In my last fight with my husband, my words were: I don't WANT a fucking dog!

People suck.

Like I said at Mel's, I seem to have broken all the rules myself somewhere along the line. So I too, must blog with balls and simply do not know it!

Wyliekat, I am not pissed off, I am embarrassed at how I reacted. So I keep punishing myself by bringing it up. Because I am an asshole like that.

Mel's very brave to be an out-of-the-closet kicker of puppies. She eats them too, doesn't she?

I wouldn't mind a dog if it would clean up its own poop outside and promise never to pee, poop, or puke in my house. Does anyone have a dog like that? I will buy it.

LOVE your post. Rock on, blogging-with-balls sisters!

Can we go back to talking about sex now?

Well - bloody stop that, T! Enough with the superwoman cape. Isn't it due at the drycleaners yet?

Well stop that, T! Enough with the superwoman cape. Isn't it due at the cleaners yet?"

Charles is right, more sex posts please!

And Orange is right too!!


Couldn't help myself, I went straight over to Mel's and scolded the troll. I know you're not supposed to feed them like that, then they keep coming back. To my blog, now, I suppose.

Another blogging no-no: feeding the trolls.

Gasp- the trolls will delurk to set her straight.

i say let them sniff! what else do they have?

I like dogs, but I hate the snout in my crotch and will NEVER own a dog.

But screw all that. What I want to know is how things with Rose are going. I got emotionally invested in that storyline.

Put simply.. I agree!!

Enjoy watching the banter between you and Mel in your blogs! And wish I could blog warts and all but I have too many relatives and coworkers reading ;-)

I <3 you, Tertia. Haha....

My blog, I pay for it and I will write whatever the hell I want. If people don't like it then they can stuff it. And who the hell like to have a dog sniff one's crotch anyways?! Good grief.

Just get Bassett Hounds, like I've got. They're so low to the ground, they can't REACH anybody's crotch! LOL

Love ya, Tersh. Just the way you are.

Maybe if she wears a helmut while the dog is sniffing her crotch she won't mind so much. Hmmm it's possible...maybe??


I've never commented before, I'm from the UK and have read your book (Fabulous by the way!)after a friend had treatment in SA and bought your book. She has passed it onto many infertiles in the UK - so thankyou!

Re: the blog - Well said!!!! F*ck em if they don't like it! ;-)

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