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or get the friends to twitter ...

EXACTLY!! I was just thinking about this yesterday - I almost want to block those friends from seeing my blog until I get a little something back!

Urgh! And then you get told (by my friends) that online people seem more important to real people, so what was the point of letting me know how they were, anyway....

Absolutely! I never write e-mails to my friends anymore, since I figure they can catch up with me on my blog!

My blogger friend and I were talking about this at church today, how we miss each other, because we've been communicating through our blogs, also, I had another friend nag me about never calling her and I asked her, "why don't you just read my blog" (bad, so bad of me).

The sad thing is, when I do call my blogless friends, and start to tell them something that's new since the last time we spoke, they always cut in and say, "I know, you posted about it, remember?"

Your boobs are lovely, by the way. Looking at them made mine feel even droopier than usual.

I have exactly the same complaint! All my friends and family love being so up-to-date about what we are doing but I never hear the same kind of chatty news back from them!

I have a blog, can I be your friend???

The more public I get with mine, the more often I start out a story with "Did you read my blog today? No? Okay, then I'll wait."

No point in repeating myself when it's up there on the intarweb to be seen. ;-}

I refuse to let my IRL friends read my blog. It's all very Top Secret. But, this definitely holds true for my virtual friends.

GAH! One of my biggest complaints of ALL time. Well, that and the jealousy it can cause to run amok in relationships.


"Reclaiming my bosoms" was the best thing I ever did, although my mother would prefer me not to profess my love for them so blatantly on my blog.
Another negative to add to the above list. :S

i find that people ask me 'how was that occasion' or 'have you sorted out this or that' or 'how did you deal with xyz?' then i'm surprised, because i do not remember telling them. turns out they read it on my blog, and i didn't even know they read my blog. (lurkers!)they know all about me, and i know nothing about them...

Yeah, if it weren't for blogs, my family and friends would never hear anything from me. I used to spend a buttload of money in long distance keeping up, but no more. Ironically, nobody else has one, so I get an obsecure email from time to time.

Good post! And don't take this the wrong way, but your boobs look good;)

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