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What a DIVINE lunch. My husband would be stoaked if he got that. All he gets is 3 ham, cheese and mayo sarmies every day. Poor thing.

So glad my husband doesn't read your blog! I'd be in deep, deep dwang!

Now I feel so guilty :( My husband often tells me how he had NO time to eat and i'm like "who doesn't have time to EAT!?" Will start packing him lunch from Monday!

I do the same for my hubby - most days, unless we oversleep. Unfortunately it does not make him want to cook supper when he gets home - like 2 hours before me. You do rock!!

Well thank goodness my hubby's work has a canteen, coz I don't have the time to be the domestic goddess. Well done Tertia, the lunch looks great. Marko's a spoilt man. Keep it up. I'm very jealous.

As my husband would put it "Holy snapping duck shit". That is VERY impressive. And I love that you took a photo of it. One disappointment though, I had imagined you having twee containers with separate little compartments for anal arranging of various foodstuffs. You know, in case an apple touched a piece of cheese or something ;)

And we don't get mini pringle packets in Australia. So jealous. Just the big tubey thing.

ummmm, where i come from, rusks are for babies - to teethe on - is there another name for them? and, oh yeah, domestic goddess, but you need to tidy up that lunchbox - waaaaaaaaay too much inappropriate touching going on. a NEW super organised lunchbox is what that man needs. :)

Ruth - rusks are practically a staple here. There is FAMOUS brand called Ouma's (Granny's) and they are DIVINE. All different flavours (meusli, wholeweat, sweetmilk, orgional) and they are a really nice snack with a cup of coffee. Hmmm - think I am going to have one now. :-)


PS. And, we also give them to our babies to teeth on.
PPS. Hope you dont mind me explaining Tertia

way to go T. I *slave* every morning making the kids lunches and started getting cross eyed looks from Mr. Hubby...Ya no wot I mean.....so I make him his very own special lunch too, and now he really feels like one of the kids :)))
(Love the anal compartment comment jelly!!!)

Am bad wife, hardly ever pack hubby lunch, but sometimes do make him a delish tuna salad to take to work? Does that count as domestic demi-goddess?

Dear Tertia, will you please move to Washington D.C. and be my wife?


You do, indeed, rock, girlfriend. To work, take care of the kids, AND feed your husband a homemade, handpacked lunch? Where is all of this energy and drive coming from? I need it!

What, the man can't make himself a sandwich and pack his own lunch?

Well, that should get you a nice shag, eh? ;-)

My husband will assemble his own lunch, but if I don't put the stuff in its' own individual containers (pasta salad, cut up fruit, etc.) and just leave it in one big container, it would sit and rot in the frig. Marko is a lucky man!

How sweet and thoughtful. You may not be able to cook but you can throw together a nice arrangement for lunch.

I'm a big fan of leftovers for lunch. In fact, I plan my weekly meals around having enough leftovers to use for Rosebud's lunches. I loathe having to create something from scratch.

Additional irritation - why do all the decent quality cold cuts expire before a week is even out? Unless you're cold-cutting for the masses, this guarantees that you have to throw some out AND that you're stuck without deli meat mid-week.


(In short - lovely looking lunch. Can I have some?)

Lovely indeed.
But let's not spread this around the internet.
K seems very happy with his cheap Cuban lunch joint.

Now that he has a new job and is working soooo hard - is he getting the new car?

Beautiful. Do you take lunch orders:) But what is a rusk? and is that homemade banana bread!!??? Wow you are becoming something else:) What would he say if you packed a pair of 'day time panties' in the bottom, you know for extra cushing.

I hope D doesn't read this post. He may start expecting sex AND brown bag lunches from me. I use the braces as an excuse for blow jobs...

I really enjoy reading your blog. de-lurking to say, Could you make my lunch everyday too??

That is incredible. I mean, the betrayal to and alienation from your fellow sisters, us, loyal to providing for our families with all they need between corn flakes and woolies tv dinners, is appalling, but still...

I'm ashamed, yet strangely proud...

Lynette - excellent comment on the braces, unfortunately mine come out, so no excuse there! LOL
Tertia - Domestic Godess of note, but please keep it down, I wouldn't want my man to get any ideas!

thank God my husband works at a luxury hotel. He is getting picky at home though...

That lunch looks divine! I can't complain too much though - my husband packs my lunch everyday while I am getting ready for work. Of course he does it out of guilt because I am the one who has to commute (we live 3 blocks from his work), but I'm not going to complain!

Now here is me being anal - about the plastic wrap! There has been many scares about all the plastics our food come into contact everyday. Many contain endocrine disrupters, which amongst other cause low sperm count etc. V scary stuff. Just go search plastic wrap and hormones. Even an article in the NY Times today. For many moons now I've been wrapping all lunches in wax wrap.

Tertia already linked to a wikipedia definition of a rusk in her post but I think the closest American (well Italian-American) equivalent is biscotti. E.g. A hard bread that you dunk in a hot beverage.

Will you come be my wife,Marko has him a winner!

Ever since a show about modern day, suburban polygamy called "Big Love" has been on Showtime here in the US (do you have it there?) by husband and I have been joking about getting ourselves a sister-wife. This would definitely be on HER to do list.

Wow, I have never, ever made my husband of 10 years lunch. I think if I did he would fall over in surprise.

Can you be my wife? I'd eat that lunch! Once upon a time I used to make my husband's lunch, I was known to iron his shirts too...and occasionally pick out his tie. The good ole newly wed days ;) Marko has got it good.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I have those "I am such a domestic goddess" moments too. They're fun aren't they? At least, until he starts to take the service for granted, and the effusive gratitude starts to be replaced by complaints when the service you've been providing doesn't meet his expectations. (I can only blame myself: by doing this kind of thing for him every day, I created a sense of entitlement.)

hey wyliekat - try freezing cold cuts - saves heaps of money and you ALWAYS have meat on hand. always good to have meat on hand. so to speak. ahem.

V nice, Tertia. What is apple cheese?

Ruth - that would be one apple (the fruit) then T has a comma, and one wedge of melrose cheese (the best spreadable cheese ever!)

Ooooh! Thanks for clearing that up. Spreadable cheese does have a yum factor.

He is really lucky, I would kill for a lunch like that!

OMG, rusks! I come from Dutch stock, and have fond memories of rusks for breakfast with chocolate spread. Mmmm.

That looks so yummy...can you make me a packed lunch too please.........


I'm late. Tertia, hope you see this. I believe it will please you on many, many levels.


I'm a lunch packer by necessity - food allergies. This laptop lunch box is large enough, by far, for a hearty daddy lunch.

ug, you make me sick! you set impossibly high standards, and make domestic slackers like me look bad...

Can you come to the states and be my domestic goddess for a good week or two? Please? I'm the mommy and I STILL don't pack a decent lunch for anyone, and I certainly could use it!

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