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You are bloody hilarious!! Thank you for cheering up my otherwise bleak day. *mwah*

P.S. Voted when you first put up your post - clever me. Good luck, I know you'll win!


Have loads of ladies wanting to be best friends with me and I thought that maybe, just maybe I could let you be one too. Only cos you asked so nicely!
I even went ahead and voted for you.
What will the prize be if you win?

Also done. Thanks for making me laugh. Love your blog.

Oh all right.. done

Heh, All I got was: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /usr/www/users/sablog/2008/server/vote.php on line 126", nice!

Okay, since you and I - some GROSS error must've occurred for allowing the likes of little old obscure bloggers such as myself to slip through the cracks and be nominated against seriously famous and brilliant bloggers such as YOU - are up against each other in one of the categories, but not in the two others, may I shamelessly kindly and humbly use your comments section to request all of your readers to at least then vote for me in the categories that you AREN'T in (also by some GROSS error that must've surely occurred... what an oversight. You are so good, you should have been nominated in the best bisexual/gay/lesbian/transsexual/transylvanian category as well)? Those categories are Best Writing (Yes, ha ha, I know) and Most Humourous (well, this isn't even funny...)


(Was that utterly shameless of me?)

*Sheepish grin*

Can't seem to stop reading you, I guess I must vote you

Off to vote!

Okay! All done. Hubby says you are vain. He just does not get it! He also says I am obsessed. I dont think so. I just think we are....."best friends foreva".

I voted because I care.About my bum.

do it for the yummy mummies, tee.

Ummm...I seem to have misplaced the email...?

Can I curse at you anyway?

done :)

hahaha! i claim the first comment from friends!

ps: apologies on not getting back to you re quote - am i too late?

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