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Whow- i know this has bnothing to do with your recent post, but i just started blogging and you are such an inspiration, how did you get through something like that and you still are- you empower women! Thank you for being who you are!

Maybe you should get a new 'do and pull out the leggings and Madonna-look-alike outfits...


Aack! I'm having sympathetic heart failure on your behalf. I've always said that going out without my phone was like being without an arm. Hope it's waiting for you safe and sound at home.

PS Copy your phone numbers over to somewhere on your computer, at least that way you'll have a backup. (Not that I've done this mind you, I'd be as lost as you are.)

those were the days... pre 1990! i also don't know anybody's number off by heart... shocking! be sure to kiss and cuddle your phone when you re-unite!

Agree with you on that one. Over here it's quite expensive for line rental if you want a house phone so I know a lot of people (including me) who just have a mobile phone and pay monthly for that cos it works out cheaper. Plus it means people can get hold of me even if I'm not at home and there IS the safety bit as well.

On the other hand, some people do abuse the fact that people have mobiles. Sometimes they phone me when I'm at work and can't answer, then get irritated if I take a few hours to phone them back - I work 2 or 3 days a week in a call centre so really I have to have my mobile on silent then. Some people also have a very very bad habit of texting people when they are in bed. I was quite pissed off on Tuesday night when a friend text me at 11:10pm (I was in bed cos I'm quite an early bird) just to find out why I hadn't been on messenger for a while. But on the other hand, I would never put my mobile on silent at night cos I would worry that if I did that it would be the time someone REALLY needed to get me.

So yeah they have good and bad points.

VERY true this.............. x

I hate the damn thing. Its always forgotten somewhere....quite often in the car.

But its useful as an alarm clock in the morning......and emergency light (as you said) when the power goes off...AGAIN!!

Ah damn.. i missed the whole debacle that unfolded the last few days with your stalker story. How very very disturbing, T!!
But as for the cell, I'm so with jette on this. I hate it. Heaven to me is when it's switched off for an entire weekend. I love that I don't have to take calls. It irritates me how we have become so readily available ALL.THE.TIME. Obviously the benefits outweigh this, but it's still nice to switch it off when I get home and know that nobody is going to be calling me.. :)

I must agree, I'm completely lost without mine. I always have to know where my phone, sunglasses, wallet and keys are, I check repeatedly that I have them with me. My life is in my phone and wallet. I've become so used to having a means of communicating when I'm on the move, it's hard to be without it.

I have the same problem as you, I love my blackberry and I have no backup for my phone numbers so if I lose it, my right arm has pretty much fallen off. I however have no tech people to help me, why don't you just ask some techy people around you at work? I'll bet they could do it in a flash...you know when you find it and bring it back in to work.

Enjoy the solitude and quit complaining.

Ooooh...MC checks in and slaps T's hand.


I didn't even know there were cell phones in 1994! Sheesh, we had the rotary phone in the house until 1997. I must be old. Let me go get my abacus and count the years....

Power outages in Cape Town??? Mmm... I will be having a FET in a couple of weeks and I am not happy to hear about regular blackouts...
In the dark, all embryos must look pretty much the same...

hells bells, i can still remember my phone number from when i was a kid (i am coming up 47), but i can't remember my own cell number, my husband's or my kids' . . . is it because in the olden days we physically dialled numbers, and our brains became imprinted with the memory of the turns of the dial?

Am I the only person that doesn't carry a cell phone? It would be nice to have one for an emergency but it would drive me batty to have anyone be able to reach me any old time they felt like it.

eeeeekkkkkkkk!!! I feel for you, I would be totaly lost w/o my cell phone, have had one since about the same time as you. My battery died on me on Sunday because I forgot to bring home my charger from work, and talk about lost!! I couldn't even remember my best friends number as she is speed dial 4!!

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