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They get better, I promise :) Right around age 2 they will calm down a bit! If you don't have many, I totally recommend getting a mountain of rawhides. They let them get out a lot of energy. When the energetic of my adult golden retrievers gets too insane, I give her one and she's happy for hours. Plus - it helps prevent them chewing other things.

lmao at the first casualty. our children's stuffed animals and forgotten toys have been greatly reduced since the addition of our pup. plus, i found that old teethers and other used baby rattles suddenly had a new owner. of course once pup got bigger i had to graduate him to a KONG chew toy (the only chew thing he still can't destroy) ;-) good luck in managing all of those little ones, it will get easier, hang in there

I am CONSTANTLY treading where angels fear to, and my terribly kind husband never EVER says "I told you so", so you won't hear that from me. I think you totally have the right attitude here: because things WILL get better. How great will that be? And luckily puppy toddlerhood is super brief.

Someone who knows better will probably chime in with a sensible suggestion like puppy socialiszation/obedience classes as well as when these would be most appropriate.

We have always "free fed" our pets - we just leave a big bowl of food somewhere where they can get at it, and we fill it when it's empty.

Animals know better than to overeat, most of the time, so you don't have to worry about weight issues, most of the time, and it totally eliminates the, "Hey Mom, it's 5 am, the sun is up and so am I! Where's my breakfast?!?!" barking/whining.

I get enough of that whining from the kids - I don't need it from the pets, too!

Heh. Just wait. When the dogs start to outweigh the kids in a couple of months, there will be more dog->kid injuries.

And whoever told you that animals know better than to overeat I don't think has owned labs. Regulate their food intake. A puppy puppy is about the only creature that will eat until he/she vomits and then do it again. They have NO SENSE.

Good luck, I would really REALLY strongly reccommend that you work hard with the kids now on how to properly treat the puppies... super-gentle, like they were fragile babies is one approach, which usually works well teaching the kids an off command and how to carry themselves around the puppies to avoid the dog thinking they are a giant chew-toy. Trust me, if you run from a puppy, he will chase you. If you squeal at a puppy, he will jump and nibble at you because you are playing, and while it's okay at 10lbs, it's NOT OKAY when the puppy is 60lbs.

Anyway... good luck!

My toddlers "helped" me raise a syringe-fed kitten - now that was fun. Good luck!

I would be sure to give BRUNO extra loving care!
He may be feeling a nose out of joint so to speak and feel as if you are trying to replace him rather than bringing him some friends.
Just like kids that suddenly have a sibling they didn't want... BRUNO'S feelings and reactions to the pups will be similar.
Good Luck!

You MUST get those puppies a KONG. It's a solid rubber chew toy with a hollow core for storing treats. My 7 year old Pug loves them. We put a schmear of peanut butter instead and a couple of treats. He'll chew for HOURS trying to get it out. It's the perfect way to entertain a smart dog that loves to chew.

You can even pop them in the freezer with a bit of yogurt inside. Pefect for teething pups.

what the hell was that thing to begin with?

It does get better sooner rather than later. In six months you will be wondering where those little puppies went. Do you think you could have Marco feed the pups on his way to work at sparrow's fart? (I love that expression! Here in the states we say at the crack of dawn.What crack I don't even want to think about!) That way you have at least another hour of quiet in the am. Another suggestion is to get a feeder that is on a timer that opens at a preset time. That will also buy you an extra hour to sleep in. If it survives pupppy hood you can use it while you are out of town etc. They are a bit pricy but worth it. If you just use it on the weekend mornings you might even get an extra two hours to sleep in on Saturday or Sunday morning.
Do be leery of free feeding. Young puppies will overeat to the point of illness and and very expensive vet bills.I once found my 4 month old puppy passed out in a 40 pound bag of dog food. He had eaten so much that he had vomited and aspirated into his lungs. He was very ill and did survive but was ill and required much medical care. Not something you want to risk with your puppies. Anyway, enough assvice!

You will only grow to love them more and more- what a joy! Know I've said this here before but my George is the absolute love of my life, after my husband of course, but it is close!

Poor Bruno

Tertia you are right, just dont loose the hope!!
Bruno will love them, they will outgrow their puppy stage in a few months and he will have 2 new best friends!! and your kids will just have to be monitored around them, get them to tell other people to handle the puppies gently and they will remember it more.
Just enjoy the ride....., you will look back at this one day and say "aahhhh, that was fun".

I work with a girl called Shelly and her husband is called Peter!!

Oh my two puppies and 2 kids is probably too much :)

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